Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Circular Silver UFO Hovering Above Three Witnesses In Field Wilmer Near Windemere British Columbia

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Date: 1973 - No month given.

Time: Daytime close to dusk.

One afternoon three girls were in a farmers field on their way to the hayshed to enjoy a cigarette unbeknownst to their parents. After their sojourn to the shed they thought it was time to go home again and walked back down the field where there was a hole in the fence close to Sandy Bend Road. 

Before they got to the fence they heard a sound like a vehicle trying to start, similar to the engine turning over and over. They all looked in both directions, but there was nothing to be seen. 

The same noise happened again, but they could see no vehicle anywhere. Suddenly they realized that the sound was coming from above their heads. Looking skywards they saw a circular shaped craft with different coloured lights around the circumference, and the object was silver/metallic in the center

All three girls were stunned, scared and spooked and ran as fast as they could towards their homes. One of them doesn't remember exactly how she got back to her parents, she had no real recollection of the path she took but when she arrived she told her mother about her experience. 

The other two girls were so scared they got the first girls dad to take them home. None of them seemed to realize how long the occurrence was, but realized it was way longer than they planned to be away from home, in fact it had become quite dark.

The whole episode was never talked about again and the mother didn't want to discuss it.  

This story was recalled to me by the first girls' sister (and I also took a telephone interview with this witness). I plan on contacting one of the other girls to get her story of what happened, but so far I've been very busy and will endeavor to do that as soon as I can. 

I would like to thank the witnesses for the report.

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