Sunday, December 22, 2013

From Brian Vike Retired UFO Investigator - Merry Christmas And I Hope You All Have A Wonderful New Year

 Well I have to say I am enjoying all the free time I have on my hands. I do miss looking into the UFO cases that came in, but honestly I started giving up the passion I once had for the topic. This was mainly due to the amount of sighting reports that were coming in before I pulled the plug.

I always believed If people are kind enough to write up their sighting report and send it along, then I should most certainly reply and do some checking into the sightings that have a little more meat to them. It finally got to the point where so much was pouring into the inbox, I through my hands up and said to heck with this.

Last January 2013 just a hair over 700 sighting reports came in for that month. Plus health issues had me thinking it was time to quit. So I did.

Since I packed it in, sighting reports still rolled in, not near as much as I once was receiving, but still a lot of sighting reports. What I did with these reports was to send them directly to William “Bill” Puckett in the United States for the American sightings.

Bill can be found at: UFOs Northwest and then all the Canadian sighting reports I received went directly to Chris Rutkowski at: Ufology Research of Manitoba

From there I started playing computer games. –:

Anyway, over the years in my province of British Columbia, Canada there was a major UFO wave that took take place in 2002 and 2003 with sightings of all kinds of odd UFOs being witnessed by one person, up to over 200 people who observed one huge UFO event. What I have decided to do is to write up a large detailed report on the two years of amazing sightings and I will post the report later in 2014.

Other than that, I will be sitting back and reading what others are reporting. Again I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming New Year.

Brian Vike.
Canadian UFO Investigator. (Retired)