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Recent UFO Sightings In The Bulkley Valley

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article

Houston Today Newspaper.

It seems the Bulkley Valley has become a crossroad for interstellar traffic.

Last week the Houston Today ran a story by T. Schafer about unidentified flying objects sighted in the Bulkley Valley.

Brian Vike is a ufologist and UFO field investigator based in Houston. He says this area has drawn national and international attention from ufologists because of the high number of sightings here.

February 2002 was one of the most active months of UFO sightings in the Bulkley Valley in some time. It seems the Bulkley Valley has become a crossroad for interstellar traffic.

Space did not allow the inclusion of the following accounts in last week’s paper, so here are some reports of recent sightings:

- Houston (July 2001): A fellow walked into the Houston Food Market telling of an object hovering approximately 500 feet above a transmitting tower on Mount Harry Davis. The object was emitting sparks off it’s bottom side, shooting down toward the tower.

- Houston (January 1999): Several snowmobilers on the Telkwa Mountain range watched a black/silver disc shaped object hover in the distance.

- Houston to Smithers (September 2001): A man driving west to Smithers from Houston saw a white light streak low over the valley below him, near Grouse Mountain.

- Houston to Smithers (August 2001): Husband and wife watch a large white light (object) east of Telkwa. It was reported to be very large and glowed brightly before disappearing rapidly to the north.

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