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Chilliwack Lake Area British Columbia Canada Bright UFO Casts Light Onto Trees

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date: May 18, 2009

Time: Approxamtlty 11:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Chilliwack Lake area, BC, Canada.

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of Objects: 1

Shape of Objects: Orb.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: Hi, I'm (name removed) and I'm 24 years old. I was camping over the long weekend with some friends and we were sitting around the fire for the night. We're originally from Vancouver, so being able to see the sky clear enough to actually see so many stars was amazing for us. 

We were all looking up at the sky at the stars. My friends went back to their conversation and the campfire and I continued watching. I was trying to spot satellites when I noticed a huge white light (Orb shaped) beam across the sky. 

At first I thought it was a shooting star, but there was no tail. Also, the light coming off of it was a little "hazy" if that makes sense. It travelled towards the direction of the lake. I'm usually pretty skeptical (I'm a Catholic high school teacher) but, this event has really shaken me. 

I kept trying to tell myself that it wasn't real, but the light would change speed, traveling slowly and then gathering speed, and then slowing down again until it finally disappeared behind a mountain and I lost sight. 

As the orb went over the ridge, it cast a lot of bright light on the surrounding trees on that ridge.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Chilliwack British Columbia Canada More Eye Witnesses To Objects And Aircraft Circling

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date: May 29, 2009

Time: 2:08 a.m.

Location of Sighting: Chilliwack, BC Canada.

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of Objects: 2

Shape of Objects: Round.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: I was thirsty in the night and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water when I saw some bright lights outside my big bay window. My eyes were half open as I just got out of bed, so I went out onto the patio for a closer look, and hoping the fresh air would wake my senses as well.

What I saw was shocking to me. Two very bright lights that appeared to be round, but were so bright and a little bit far away to tell for sure. So I grabbed the digital camera to take a video or two. Being a little too far away for a night picture to be any decent, I decided video was the only option. With Canon Powershot I could zoom in 12x to see more clearly and up close what was out there.

The object to the left was closer, so my first video started with it up close. It was orange and red, but more orange with lights around the outside of the circle. 5 lights I believe. Neither object made a sound. These round objects appear to be spinning fairly fast in a clockwise direction. I got my girlfriend out of bed to show her as it was exciting and something you just don't see everyday.

The object to the left that was closer faded out as it moved southward. These 2 objects were seen to the west, actually just north of the silhouetted Chilliwack Mountain.

As I filmed the second video, I could see several airplanes to the south circling from over the Chilliwack airport and over Chilliwack Mountain, and it looked like they were keeping these objects on their radar. One plane, seemed to pass just past it. I was thinking, from up there it must be blinding. The other object that was more distant was the exact same, spinning clockwise, but near the end of the fourth video i took, the object started whipping back and fourth in the sky and up and down and then took off to the south where the other disappeared.

I witnessed 5 planes that I could count follow the object in what seemed to be a pursuit. Then I decided to go on the internet, found your site and was shocked to read blogs from May 22nd and May 24th and such that the exact same thing happened, down to the airplanes chasing the objects! Not sure what is going on out there, but it seems since May 22nd, almost everyday this has been going on.

I am putting the videos on the net as we speak and am going to pixilate them. Maybe a more up close will show or tell more. Were they military planes? Is this an experiment? Have UFO's come out of there dimension into this one through a fabric in time and then disappeared back? I will see if in the next couple nights more happens.

Interesting note: On May 28th, 2007 UFO's were spotted at UCFV in Chilliwack and mine was just into May 29th, so I basically call it the 28th. Seems like May is a hot month for activity strangely enough.

Thanks and if you could let me know your thoughts that would be great. Oh, one thing left out, the objects actually turned very bright white with light as if it were a giant flash and then went back to it's orangish reddish color.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

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Bigfoot Roaming Lummi Indian Reservation In Bellingham Washington

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  October 21, 2010

Time:  Daytime.

Hello Brian, I am not really sure of who to contact, but I hope that you might be the person that can help me. I live on the Lummi Indian Reservation in Bellingham Washington. My husband and myself live on my grandfather land for about 12 years now.

Our encounter with bigfoot when we first moved in our new home was 12 years ago.  I had not seen or heard of bigfoot in my life, until we moved on my grandfather land. I am very upset because no one will investigate this stranger. It makes it self known almost every other day. If you can contact me it would be greatly appreciated.

So far there are three in this small community which I have heard on several occasions. Today while I was outside, I heard noise in the woods, soon after an eagle started making noises as well.  Then out of no where, I seen Bigfoot come out of woods. It has taken me by surprise and I screamed and ran back into the house.

My husband asked me not to bother Bigfoot and leave them along. I get scared because I am alone most of the time. Please Help.

If any Bigfoot researchers/Investigators in Washington State would like the contact information for these folks, please write to me. Just researchers thank you.

Since I am posting this report, I will get going this weekend and write up the Sasquatch experience that took place between Prince Rupert and Terrace, B.C. It is a dandy.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

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Beam Of Light Witnessed Over Wynndel British Columbia

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  October 1, 2010

Time:  Approxamtlty 9:31 p.m.

Hello. At approxamtlty 2131hrs October 1, 2010 I was traveling north on highway 22 between Trail and Castlegar at 49.08'36.81"N 117.44'20.85"W. I observed a bolide overhead that tracked from my six and appeared to break into at least two pieces.

One large and one smaller trailing piece that disappeared first. Using Google Earth today I estimate the track to be almost a perfect, 0 degree, South to North directional.

It appeared to be 10-15 east of zenith to my O.P. and disintegrated or became unobservable at approximately 45 degrees horizon.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

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Beam Of Light Witnessed Over Wynndel British Columbia

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  1990s

Time:  Evening.

Hi, I came across your website regarding the beam of light in B.C. in 2003. In the 1990's my family saw this same thing and I was reminded about it earlier today while at a bookstore. 

I was leafing through an old book called Ogopogo written by Mary Moon in 1977 and in the back there was a chapter about other Okanagan phenomena.

One was called the 'Okanagan Arch' which exactly describes this beam of light. I was intrigued that it was a recurring albeit rare event so I thought I'd look it up online. 

I was surprised that your website was the only one I found that mentioned it. In the book, the author tells that this beam of light has been reported throughout the years, 1900's, 1920's, 30's etc. and at the time of writing it was still a mystery as to it's cause.


Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

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Beach Ball Sized UFO Over Witnesses Home At Thornhill/Terrace British Columbia

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  Around 1993-1994

Time:  11:10 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Thornhill/Terrace British Columbia.

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of Objects: 1

Shape of Objects: Round.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: I believe I have written this once before on this particular site but, I have had difficulty with sending my e-mails. Could you please call and leave me a message that you did receive this message. I worked evenings as a custodian with (Brian Vike removed personal information) I had just got off shift and was about to open my trailer screen door when I looked up too see a large beach ball sized object, very slowly moving over top of my and the adjacent trailers.

I could have easily jumped off my porch and touched this object with a 8 foot stick. I watched this object hover over every trailer to the end of the court, it slightly changed direction to maneuver in-between the trees and maintain the same height crossing the Skeena river. As I mentioned, this beach ball sized object was dark with a shimmering thin vertical light too the center. I could not believe how slowly this thing moved and it did not make a sound.

I realize it sounds like a probable beach ball but too maintain the same height during entire sighting(which took approximately 5 minutes) only too move amongst the trees, then continue on it's way never too change height or speed. Again, if you could please confirm you received this message it would muchly be appreciated. Thank-you.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

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Ball Of Fire Speeds Up And Disappears Over Spring Hill Florida

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  August 30, 2010

Time:  8:43 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Spring Hill Florida.

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of Objects: 1

Shape of Objects: Fireball/Round.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: My husband and I were sitting on our front porch at 8:43pm last night and a round ball of fire floated in a straight line from the back of our house not too high over our heads. It was about the height and speed a helicopter would fly. There was complete silence. We were the only people outside. He knocked on the window for my 14 year old son who then came out as well.

It flew in a straight line over the street and over the neighbors house, it never went any higher or lower in altitude and it was moving pretty slow. As it got further away, my son who is 14 said it curved sped up and then disappeared. We are not a family of believers in UFO's or aliens so this was pretty shocking.

Online people try to pass these off as Chinese lanterns, but those tend to float or hover and are usually in multiples. This was alone and did not hover or stay still at all. It did not go up or down, just straight. We went inside and 15 minutes later we heard a helicopter.

We went outside and it was flying over our house and circling in the area in which the ball came. This happened 2 more times. They never flew in the direction the ball went as far as I saw. Coincidence? I just don't know.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Ball Of Fire Over Mission British Columbia

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  December 25, 2010

Time:  7:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Mission British Columbia.

Number of witnesses: 6

Number of Objects: 1

Shape of Objects: Round.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: After dinner I went outside for a smoke. In the northeast sky noticed a bright light. It appeared to be a ball of fire, you could even see flames. It moved about the speed of a small aircraft and given the fact that it was completely overcast and raining. I figure it was at approximately 2000 feet as it passed from east to west.

The ball of fire was obscured by the back of what ever it was. We watched the news that night expecting to hear of a small plane catching fire and crashing, but nothing was reported. Any ideas as to what this was? Thanks. 

Thank you to the witness for the report.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at: houstonbri7@gmail.com

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email: houstonbri7@gmail.com

The Vike Factor Blog.

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UFO Sighting In Fort St. James

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

Rebecca Watson - March 23, 2015.

Vanderhoof Omineca Express.

More than one person saw the unidentified flying object.

The day started out normal for Fort St. James bus driver Frances Honeywell, 47, who began her route down Tache Road. It was just before 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 18 and she had already picked up a number of kids when she noticed an eerily strange looking object in the sky.

“It looked like a jet stream but very short and there where three symmetrical tails with a light blinking at the top. The thing that puzzled me the most was it wasn’t moving across the sky, it stayed in one spot,” Honeywell said, who included she watched the object for nearly 15-20 minutes. “It was so odd and very unnatural looking.”

At first she thought it might be a cloud but kept her eye on it for a few kilometres. She described the top of the object as an eye with an upper and lower lid, similar to what most might call a flying saucer.

“I’ve gone to many air shows since my dads a pilot but I’ve never seen anything like this from the ground or from in a plane. It definitely was not a plane or a jet. I thought about a helicopter which can hover but I’ve never seen a helicopter with jets underneath it and three jet streams at that.”

Environment Canada meteorologist Matt MacDonald said it may have been a lenticular cloud. A lens shaped cloud that is seen at sun rise or sun down often confused as a UFO since clouds at that time of day will take on optical affects from the sun.

“After looking at the archived weather observations from that morning I see there were a few alto-cumulus clouds (mid level puffy clouds) but couldn’t pick anything out in the sky,” he said.

There are a number of automated weather stations that read wind, humidity and temperature but, the closest human weather observer is in Prince George.

“It would be almost impossible to know for sure,” MacDonald said.

Many kids on Honeywell’s bus saw the object and talks about aliens made one little girl cry.

“I didn’t want anyone to be scared but it was bizarre,” Honeywell said. “It definitely wasn’t a cloud.”

Craig Houghton, the principal of Fort St. James Secondary also claims to have seen the un-earthly object.

“I did see something in the air from the window at the high school. It looked like when you see a plane but it had three prongs coming off of it and certainly didn’t look like your standard jet,” he said.

Brian Vike, 63, is a world-renowned UFOologist from Houston, BC. Since he started recording sightings of crop circles and mysterious flying objects in 2000, Vike’s received more than 1,100 reports from all over the world.

“I would say maybe it was a jet but not in that position and not for that length of time. Cloud formations dissipate… it could be something military or something coming back from space but it wouldn’t stand still for that length of time. I don’t know what it was,” Vike said in a phone interview, noticeably boggled by Honeywell’s drawing and description.

The northern lights have been visible for the past few days and were visible the night before the sighting. They are however ruled out as a culprit considering the sun had already come up by the time the object had been spotted.

“You could clearly see a blinking light at the top of it and at one point I could actually see the movement of the plumes. I later googled what I saw and the only similar thing was a plane that had gone through a cloud mixing the plane’s exhaust with the cloud’s vapour water but it didn’t explain the blinking, twinkling light on top. You have to take everything with a grain of salt but I’m not one to say there’s not something out there. Hey, it would sure be a good time to come with all those [beautiful] northern lights,” Honeywell joked.

If anyone has seen a UFO they can contact Vike at houstonbri7@gmail.com

Vanderhoof Omineca Express - https://www.ominecaexpress.com/

The Newspaper Article - https://www.ominecaexpress.com/news/ufo-sighting-in-fort-st-james/

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UFOs Rising

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

By Thom Barker

Houston Today News.

"The whole province has been really busy." - Brian Vike

After a very quite year, the Northwest is once again becoming the hotbed of UFO sightings.

"The whole province has been really busy," said Brian Vike, a world-renowned ufologist from Houston.

 "I haven't a clue why, 2005 was really dead."

Vike says he gets hundreds of reports a year from all over the world to his website www.hbccufo.org, but the sightings that really get him excited are the local ones.

The most recent of those occurred just three weeks ago in Hazelton. Three witnesses reported seeing a green object rise above the mountain, dash across the sky then disappear.

A week before, two reports came from Topley and Moricetown of very similar incidents on the evening of April 24. And on Feb 12, three people from Houston reported watching an egg-shaped object hover above Mount Harry Davis for two or three minutes before dropping out of sight.

Although Vike is a believer in extraterrestrial life, he said he ends up debunking most of the reports he gets. That was the case April 24 when numerous residents of Terrace witnessed brilliant blue lights in the early evening sky.

Vike tracked that incident to a meteor breaking up low in the atmosphere. "What residents of Terrace saw is a rare event and not to many folks get to see such a fantastic sight in broad daylight," he said.

Then there are the completely inexplicable cases like two Kelowna women who are unable to account for several hours of their lives after they sighted a mysterious object in the sky.

Both women sustained mysterious scars and have reported unceasing nightmares since.

That case is the subject of a segment on CTV's Creepy Canada May 26 and 27. Vike appears on the show as an expert.

Houston Today News - https://www.houston-today.com/

Inside The Mind Of Brian Vike

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

From The Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Main Entry: para·nor·mal

Function: adjective

* Not scientifically explainable*

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" - William Shakespeare.

Brian Vike, Director of HBBC UFO Research, has kindly taken the time to answer a few questions for our PROOF readers. A web search on Brian reveals hits in the thousands. He isn't a ghost hunter,  if your home has a spirit, contact PROOF.  But, if you have seen some unexplainable lights in the sky, or perhaps a large hairy beast strolling in your back yard, he is the man to tell. Virtually everyday, you will find him at his keyboard, typing as fast as his fingers can type.

Getting reports filed & online. Folks from literally all over the world, find their way to Mr. Vike. He has provided a safe & well ­ established site for UFO reports. Everyday average folks like you & me, as well as a vast number of reports from the military & government officials end up on his site. From Argentina to Nova Scotia, & everywhere in between. A regular guest on the Jeff Rense show, The Wayne & Jayne show, and has made appearances on countless others.

Proof Tracey:  Brian, I would like to thank you for taking the time to let our PROOF readers get to know you better.

Could you share a little bit about HBCCUFO.org & what you hope to see accomplished from it?

Brian Vike: HBCC UFO Research was formed due to the interest I have in the UFO topic. This going back many years from watching Sci-Fi movies, etc. I later got into astronomy and belonged to two different organizations. One being in the United States called the American Variable Star Observers and the other The Royal Astronomical Association of Canada. Actually I was going to focus mainly on investigating UFO sightings from here in British Columbia, Canada. But due to the large amount of sighting reports that came in, I soon moved HBCC UFO Research to covering sightings worldwide. Of course the idea is to try to solve the many cases that arrive here. Most are explainable, and then there are the ones that leave me scratching my head. Right now I am taking HBCC UFO Research International with hopes of offering people a better service.

Proof Tracey: At this point, all we can do is offer our opinions, theories, thoughts on life beyond this planet. Keeping that in mind, & going through your archived reports & comparing that to more recent years, it seems the UFO reports are on the rise. Do you think UFO activity has increased in current years, or do you think it is just a matter of more people coming forward with what they have witnessed, as when in earlier years, they might have seen something, but not come forward in fear of ridicule?

Brian Vike: I certainly do believe UFO activity has increased and is increasing every year. I guess the population is growing each and every year by millions, more folks to possibly observe something. Also I do believe that people are becoming more open minded to the idea that there may be life out there somewhere. But of course, if there is life, do they have the means to travel the great distances to get here? Always more questions than answers it seems. The internet has become the tool of choice by many filing reports, it is easy to file a report, plus they still can keep in the shadows from others, who may ridicule them, but the ridicule factor is still here and we loose a lot of reports due to people not wanting to get involved.

Proof Tracey:  Brian what advice would you give to someone that has encountered a UFO, but is hesitant or embarrassed to report it?

Brian Vike: My advice to anyone who has been witness to a UFO sighting would be, look around for someone in the field you can hopefully feel comfortable with. Someone who will protect your privacy at all costs. Not passing your personal information "to anyone" for any reason. Matter of fact I have run into just this, other UFO people believe my privacy policy is wrong to some degree and believing I should pass a witnesses private information along to them so they can look into each reported sighting, this of course without a witnesses prior permission. But due to my privacy policy, which is strict, I will not give out any witness's information. I state this on my site and follow my own guidelines. If we want people to file a report, then we better respect these people and get permission from each of them to pass their personal information along to someone else. I believe this is one of the most important areas of UFOlogy. Speaking for myself, anyone who sends their UFO report to HBCC UFO, they can be assured that their personal information will stay here with me. Also people shouldn't feel hesitant or embarrassed about filing a report, if you see something then I would suggest reporting it. Like yourselves, I am looking for the answer to what you saw, and I am sure you also would like to have an answer. Plus millions are seeing unusual sights, you're not alone.

Proof Tracey:  Indeed excellent advice & a wonderful policy Brian!

Proof Tracey:  Could you give us your personal definition of UFOlogy?

Brian Vike: I guess my definition for UFOlogy would be trying to solve the large question, is there life out there and are or were they here.

Proof Tracey: What got you interested in UFO research?

Brian Vike: My love for astronomy and the unexplained is what pretty much got me into UFOlogy, I like a good mystery. Plus if hard evidence could be provided to say they are here or visiting our planet, this would be earth shattering news.

Proof Tracey: Have you ever encountered a UFO?

Brian Vike: Yes I have been witness to a UFO; certainly it was and still is an unexplained event. This sighting took place here where I reside, in Houston, British Columbia and was witnessed by others and excellent video footage was taken. When one watches something such as I did that is so unusual, it really can be a life changing experience.

Proof Tracey: Amazing!!

Proof Tracey: Looking back on some reports sent to you, & taking into consideration, that there are several different types of reported UFOs, what are your thoughts on whether there may be more than one type of life beyond our galaxy?

Brian Vike: There is the possibility of there being more than one kind, or type of life form out there. We hear stories on just this topic all the time. But once again, these are stories related to us and as it stands right now, I have no proof to back up any of these claims people make. Until we do receive the hard evidence, we will still wonder.

Proof Tracey: Brian, are there any current projects you are working on that you would like to share with our readers?

Brian Vike: I haven't anything big in the works; I am slowly putting together a yearly magazine which will carry only the best of the best cases. I am also trying to put together a documentary, having the best of the best cases told. Other than this, just keeping busy with looking into the many reports I receive.

Proof Tracey: In all the years of reports you have received, what are some consistencies & similarities that you have found within these reports? I.e. no sound when UFO was present.

Brian Vike: Of course there are a number of different objects/crafts being observed, but still there are similarities. You noted about the sound, most unknowns witnessed seem to not produce any sound. Lights on objects are similar in color or shape. Many objects around airports and military bases look close to being the same shape and having the same features. I guess there is a good variety of them out there, but still many carry the same similarities.

Proof Tracey:  In the past, I have watched documentaries that have dealt with USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) Have you received reports of USOs?

Brian Vike: I may have received maybe two reports on USOs, many above water, but not much has come in where a craft is observed going in and out of a body of water.

Proof Tracey: What drives you to keep going with your research?

Brian Vike: Basically trying to find the answer, are they here! Also I really do enjoy listening to someone tell their story of what they saw. This can be amazing.

Proof Tracey: Can you tell us a little bit about The Vike Report?

Brian Vike: The Vike Report is the actual eyewitness retelling what experience they had, either a UFO sighting or a Missing Time event. I placed 127 of these audio reports onto two CD which I have for sale on my website. I had them free for everyone at one point until there got to be so many MP3 clips that I had to remove them from the website due to the clips taking up a ton of bandwidth. But these are the eyewitnesses telling me their stories in a telephone interview.

Proof Tracey:  Any advice for the avid sky watcher?

Brian Vike: Any advice I would give to a sky watcher would be when observing something strange, make notes. Try to remember as much detail as possible about what you saw. If others are with you, please have them file a report as well. Someone always sees something just a little different and their information is so helpful. But the main thing is to have the date, time and as much detail as possible. Anything that may be left out, I will write the witness back to see what other information they may not have provided in their report.

Proof Tracey: Excellent advice Brian.

Proof Tracey:  Do you have any reports that have really stuck with you, & why?

Brian Vike: Gosh yes, I have a number of report or cases that I am still baffled over. One for example is the * Missing Time case out of Kelowna B.C. It really is frustrating when one spends so much time and can't get the answers to solve the mystery. There was and still is lots of physical evidence to say something weird happened that night. Many witnessed watch objects in the sky that night and even in the area where the missing time took place.  But to this day, this has to be one of the most frustrating cases for me, all due to never getting answers from the ones who would know. If it military or some other official. There are also many more cases like this I haven't a clue over as to what happened, or I should say what caused the event.

Proof Tracey:  Many of our readers might be intrigued to know, that in addition to UFO reports that you also deal with Bigfoot sightings as well. Along those lines, you yourself have taken an active role in the past in the hunt for Sasquatch. Have you collected any significant evidence?

Brian Vike: I really enjoy the Sasquatch/Bigfoot topic. I will certainly investigate a report if it should come into me. I do have some good reports from different areas. But as for significant evidence, no I really don't have this. I do have photos of areas where the critter was alleged to have been seen, alleged droppings of the critter. But no hard evidence.

Proof Tracey: What are your thoughts on whether or not, a Sasquatch species might possibly exist?

Brian Vike: Sasquatch like UFOs, they have been seen for years and years. Our native people talk about the Sasquatch for generations. Same goes for UFOs, I guess if I am to believe in the possibility of UFOs, then I should have an open mind to Sasquatch.

Proof Tracey: Well said Brian.

Proof Tracey: Mr. Vike, in closing, I would like to give my sincere thank you. This has been an enjoyable, & a learning experience.

Tracey H.

Proof Paranormal - http://proofparanormal.com/brianvike.html

The photos shown in the missing time case in Kelowna B.C. may be graphic to some of our readers, & viewer discretion is advised.

Sasquatch Are Here Says Outdoorsman

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

By Bernice Tick.

Prince George Citizen Staff.

A Prince George man whose greatest passion has been hunting for big game admits he's hooked on proving the existence of sasquatch.

Leo Selzer, who has spent 41 years hunting in the bush around Prince George, is convinced the illusive creatures are around, and he spends as much time as he can in the bush area where he believes they live. He says he's had one pretty clear sighting and several occasions when he's convinced he was communicating with his" furry friends."

In the mid- 1980s when Selzer was moose hunting in the Gregg Creek area west of the city, he did his loud moose calls that bring in the bulls during rutting season.

After a few calls I heard a response -- like someone banging on a tree about a kilometer away. I would call. The right away, bang, bang. A small black bear appeared, wandering towards the banging sounds. The bear stopped and stood up on its hind legs looking towards a tall fir tree, and then all of a sudden it hightailed in the opposite direction toward me, veered off and went over the ridge."

It was then that Selzer saw a tall, dark-coloured creature step out from the cover of the fir tree into the open, and then quickly stepped behind the tree and was gone," said Selzer, noting that logged-off has little human activity. In 2000 Selzer was again hunting at Gregg Creek when, at about 400 metres, he spotted what he first thought was a large bear standing on its hind legs watching the hunters.

"It was standing next to a large, broken-off fir tree and was about the same dark colour, maybe greyish around its shoulders and on its chest.

Thinking it could be a grizzly, I kept a close eye on it, watching it shift its weight from one leg to the other a couple of times for about a half hour.

"All of a sudden it was gone, but later I realized a bear would never stand on its hind legs for that long without getting down and back up again," said Selzer.

After studying that area closely, he's concluded the creatures leave landmarks and directional signs by piling trees into X marks behind closely knit trees, and bending and shaping spindly trees into arches and shaped pointers carefully threaded through willow tops.

He believes Sasquatch eat bark from trees like aspens, and has seen markings showing large fingernails and teeth were used to remove bark.

He's also seen large footprints, but hasn't been fortunate to be able to photograph then fresh or complete.

"One footprint, going up a grade, was pretty clear, about 13 to 14 inches long, eight inches wide at the heel, and about six inches wide at the top of the ball of the foot. There were indications of possible toe impressions about one to three inches beyond the ball of the foot."


In 1994 on the Hoodoo Lakes road he could hear three individual voices give out a holler or two which was responded to by" jabbering type of language."

"I thought it must be some drunken people back there on a bush road or something, but I later found out there is no road or clearing in that area."

In mid-June, Selzer came across an area in the Gregg Creek, about 300 to 400 yards long, containing a series of blinds and shelters, and tepee-like frameworks he believes were built by a sasquatch.

The blinds are waist to shoulder height with logs and trees pushed together to form a lean-to like structure.

"The frameworks, up to 50 feet high, are made with long spindly trees intricately intertwined to form the structure., "said Selzer.

Brian Vike in Houston, who reports on unidentified flying objects and such matters, has received reports from residents about sasquatch sightings in the Buck Flats area.

"Two Houston women, driving up Buck Flats road, were startled recently when a large animal walked upright across the road in front of their vehicle.

"The animal, described much like a sasquatch, mad long strides into the forest, but did not turn to look back at the women."

He said a camping party at Silverhorne Lake reported hearing chilling screams in the night coming from around the lake, which cannot be associated with the known animals in the region.

"One other sighting was reported on the Morice River Road when two people fishing witnessed a large two-legged animal on the opposite bank of a river walk slowly into the forest and disappear," said Vike.

American William Dranginis, said he saw a bigfoot once - hairy, 7 feet tall, and sprinting through the woods of Virginia.

The 12-second sighting changed the life of Dranginis, who outfitted a 24-foot mobile veterinary clinic as a Bigfoot Primate Research lab.

Equipped with scopes, radios and a Night-Sight camera that can detect an animal in the dark at 800 yards away, he heads out at least two weekends a month. But still no second sighting for Dranginis, who would like to push legislation to protect the creatures.

"Do not shoot it," said Selzer.

"They mean no harm, but they are curious, and incredibly intelligent beings."

Selzer's latest reported sighting on July 20 came from a visiting couple from Saskatoon.

They told Selzer that, while driving Highway 16 East at about 8 p.m. near Tabor Mountain, they saw what they first thought was a large man crossing the highway.

Describing the creature as about 7 1/2 feet tall covered with hair, thick barrelled shoulders and narrow waist, they said it crossed the road about 100 yards ahead of them in about three steps.

The couple, who have never believed in the sasquatch theory, were so haunted by the experience they couldn't sleep.

After they got home they contacted Selzer, who has added his investigation of the area to his website: http://sasquatch-pg.net.

The Prince George Citizen newspaper - http://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/

UFO Sightings Down In Northwest

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

By Rikki Schierer.

Houston Today Newspaper.

UFO activity has been fairly slow in the Bulkley Valley recently, ufologist Brian Vike said, however UFO reports elsewhere have picked up, especially in the United Kingdom.

The region from Vanderhoof to Prince Rupert was once known as the UFO capital for Canada, Vike said, due to a sharp increase in activity from 2002-2003.

Yellow  orange glows are usually a good indication of a UFO, Vike said, which have been highly reported in the U.K. After posting one such report to his blog, Vike shut his computer off for the night and in the morning he had 170 reports of the same thing.

“Pretty soon you could figure that one out as being those Chinese lanterns that people let go for New Year’s… but you still got a lot of people who will swear it was a UFO”, Vike said. “I must have had about 600 reports of these orange lights in the U.K., and then it started in Eastern Ontario.”

He’s fairly certain these light have been these Chinese lanterns, Vike said. A lot of the reports he receives are like that, leaving you to sort fact from fiction, but it’s those instances where there’s no explanation that he’s really keen for.

Vike said that he’s been interested in UFO’s since he was a kid. From there, it just sort of grew, until he started the UFO sightings website HBCC UFO Research in 2000.

“It was supposed to be a little hobby… because I enjoyed the topic a lot,” Vike said.

“So they’d send me a report … and eventually over time it just got bigger and bigger.”

His bigger cases were of Crop Circles in 2001 in Vanderhoof, he said, and there was some cattle mutilation elsewhere in B.C., where he worked with local RCMP to help sort that out.

“There was a lot of weird stuff going on,” Vike said.

He’s since sold the website earlier to someone in the States. Featured on radio shows, a T.V. documentary, an extended segment on UFO’s on Creepy Canada, as well as taking in thousands of reports of UFO’s world-wide, it just got to be too much, Vike said, so with regret he sold his domain name in 2009.

“It just got to be too much, there was just so much to do,” Vike said. “It was growing and just never stopped”

He was looking to retire from the business, but when a good friend of his asked him to partner up and bring back the Sightings.com domain name, he was all too happy to agree, he said. Now he and Jeff Rense run the domain, and now it’s just “insane, with the number of reports,” Vie said, but the workload is more manageable because Rense has a full-time webmaster to look after the site. Vike’s and job is to receive the reports, post to a blog, and speak to the people who do submit reports.

“I try to get more information on what day they saw it and try to figure out what it was they saw,” Vike said.

Sightings.com actually began in 1992 as a television program, built around a strong paranormal theme. From there, Rense created an award winning radio program in 1994, covering the UFO and paranormal field. By 1996, Rense had been signed to a five-year exclusive contract with Premiere Radio Networks. It was during this time that Sightings.com was developed, to expand the radio program into the internet, one of the first radio shows to pioneer into the internet active use of the internet in connection to a radio show.

In 1999, he shifted focus a bit, and instead of putting his efforts into Sightings.com worked on developing Rense.com, however now, 11 years later, he has teamed up with Vike to bring back Sightings.com, which he’d always retained.

“There’s a lot of stuff coming in, it’s incredible,” Vike said.

With Sightings.com, the reports are coming in steadily, Vike reports, who had 150 reports come in, in a two week time frame. Reports come in from all over the world, he said.

Types of sightings being reported include lights in the sky to fly triangles, cylinders, or spheres. Witnesses have also recorded a blimp-like object. There does seem to be more triangles reported nowadays than the once-popular disc-shaped UFO.

“There have been so many that I just haven’t a clue what they are,” Vike said.

To check out the new site, or to provide a report, check out sightings.com.

Houston Today Newspaper - https://www.houston-today.com/

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Truth Is Here

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

By David Connop Price.

The Interior News.

The UFO Triangle – Houston – Smithers – Terrace.

The sun’s first rays were creeping into the morning sky September 22, when Beverly Evans saw a strange object in the sky heading toward her. Little more than 100 meters from her car it changed direction, flying up and out of sight.

Beverly is not alone in seeing mysterious objects in the sky. So many have been seen in Houston-Smithers-Terrace region in the past few years, that Houston ufologist Brian Vike has called the area the UFO Capital of Canada.

Houston and Terrace have had the third and fourth highest number of UFO sightings in Canada for the last two years. In 2003 Houston’s 33 reported sightings were just one less than Toronto and just eight behind Vancouver, the leading city for UFO sightings.

The following are eyewitness accounts of some of the events that have some calling this area… the UFO Triangle:

Mellow Yellow – Wednesday September 22, 2004 6:40 a.m.

Beverly, a Telkwa resident, told her story to Brian Vike. Beverly was on her way to work in Smithers. As she came to the Babine Lake Road turn, she saw a bright yellow-white light coming in a downward motion from the Telkwa Mountain range.

It crossed Highway 16 about a hundred meters ahead of her and at an altitude of two-to-three telephone pole lengths. As it passed she noticed the object appeared round in shape and glowed light-green underneath.

Just as she thought it was going to crash, the object rose up and disappeared into the clouds. The object had made no sound and left no trail. She reports the incident lasted 15-20 seconds and that there were two vehicles behind her that may have seen the same light.

Bright Light of Houston – August 11, 2004 2:45 a.m.

Eddie Westgarde was having trouble sleeping and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. He noticed a strange light through his kitchen window.

“It was strange because the light that came behind our place didn’t seem like it was the moon, it seemed like a different light and it (was) kinda startling, “ said Eddie.

“It was standing in behind the trees, but it came through the trees so that you couldn’t see any trees, because the light came right through the trees. But there’s heavy trees and there shouldn’t be light coming through there.”

The light wasn’t high in the sky. “It was right down more towards the horizon. It went down there, disappeared in there.” The light caused no visible damage to Eddie’s yard. “There’s nothing there. I couldn’t see nothing around.”

“It’s just seemed like an awful strange thing that the light can shine through trees.”

The Pink Think – April 8, 2004 11:20 p.m.

This bizarre phenomenon was seen by two different Smithers residents. One was retired teacher Anne Lauderdale. “I just went out to give my dog some dog biscuits before I went to bed, he has a dog house right on the deck, and I just turned around and there was the thing in the sky,” Ann said. It was a large pink spherical object, very bright pink, a colour all the girls like.

“It was not above the mountain it was hovering above the ski hill road and then it moved towards town in front of the mountain, you could see it moving down the valley and it just sort of disappeared. I only saw it for a few seconds I guess.”

There were no sounds coming from the object nor did it have a tail she said. But it did have “a dark blue aura around it.”

Anne, 62, laughs saying, “I haven’t lost my marbles yet so I wasn’t imagining things!

“I was fascinated. I’m , what am I seeing here? You know it’s really strange.”

The Pink Thing 2 – April 16, 2004 10:45 p.m.

Eight days later Ruby Charlie, 42, saw something remarkably similar. She said she saw a “big pink light” in the sky. At the time she had not heard of Anne’s sighting.

“I was going to work on graveyard (shift) and I seen it in the sky on Biliter Road there,” said Ruby, a house care worker at Bulkley Lodge. (The UFO was) coming west above Biliter Road, towards me. Then it backed up and disappeared.”

Ruby estimates the distance from her to the object was “a few blocks” and it was “three tree lengths” up in the sky. It was “about the size of a full moon.”

The object made no sound, but Ruby admits she may not have heard anything because she was in her truck. She said the pink light had no distinguishing features.

“I just couldn’t understand what it was,” said Ruby. “then I went on to work and told one of my friends that I just seen a UFO and she was jealous.”

The Bulkley Valley Speed Ball – July 29, 2002 10:20 p.m.

Mike Hill, a Canfor employee in Houston, stepped from a forklift to examine a phosphorescent-like white ball of light with yellow undertones, which appeared to hover, before slowly crawling across the skyline.

Mike called out to two co-workers, who caught sight of the glowing light. “I called them over because I wanted to prove that I saw something and that I wasn’t crazy,” Mike explained.

The object grew a tail as it gained speed towards Tweedsmuir Park and shot out of sight, ending the 20-second display.

“In my mind it looked like a meteorite, bit it was like no meteorite I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen meteorite showers before, but they never looked anything like this. I really don’t know what it was,” Mike concludes.

10:40 p.m. -  Dina Hanson, a teacher in Quick, saw a white ball of light travelling silently in a south-westerly direction, from Quick to Telkwa. Her son Ryan Hanson also saw the object.

10:45 p.m. – Gordon Stewart settled down to watch a movie after spending a day on his Telkwa farm. The bay widows facing his chair overlook the valley. A bright light flashed by his field of vision and he was astonished by its peculiarity and speed.

He walked onto his porch, where he was greeted by only silence and a sky with light and cloud cover.

Gordon, who used to drive 200-mph dragsters, estimated the speed of the object at 650 miles per hour. “if you blinked you would have missed it,” he said. From where he sat, the light appeared the size of a pickup truck. He woke his wife Joanna and upon sharing his description of the round, white light with a yellowish hue, he learned his wife had seen the same light in the same location a few months earlier.

“I didn’t want to tell him because he’d think I was crazy,” Joanna recalled.

The flat trajectory and lack of sound would rule out a meteorite. A comet was spotted the same night, but it’s glowing green light, arc-shaped flight and Hudson Bay Mountain location do not tally with Gordon’s sighting.

Gordon called the RCMP and learned there was no air force activity in the area. Central Mountain Air reported there was one training flight aloft from 10:07-1104 p.m. However a Central Mountain Air spokesperson saw no connection between the occurrences.

She speculated that the tiny Cessna 185 would not emit a bright light of that magnitude and it’s engines would be heard at a close proximity.

Dina’s observation in Quick shared many of the characteristics with Gordon’s. Their phenomenon also moved silently, but at a speed exceeding the propulsion of a man-made object. The description of size, awe-striking brightness and the white-yellow hues of the light are similar too.

Dina’s light was an elongated circle shape, whereas Gordon’s was round. Dina also noted a slight downward trajectory on the object she saw, but Ryan contends that because the object was moving away from them, it may just appear to be dropping because of their perspective.

Although Gordon admits an open mind to the possibility of other life forms existing in the universe, he talked himself through the possible explanations and still came to the same conclusion.

“I knew I saw something out of the ordinary”

Ufologist, Brian Vike believes all these reports can be classified as high-quality unexplained events. For example, he thinks the pink object descriptions appear to rule out usual suspects like aircraft, meteors and planets.

Hoaxes aren’t common either, said Vike.

“I would say the percentage is pretty high that people are credible and I’m not saying they’re UFO’s, some of the things are very explainable, but the majority are credible.”

Chris Ruthowski is the Research Co-Ordinator for the Canadian UFO Survey. He collects data on sightings from across Canada and is the repository for UFO reports received by the government.

He said the activity in the Smithers-Houston-Terrace area is “very significant for the population.”

While noting sightings are down this year, Ruthowski said, “We’ve had many dozens of reports from British Columbia, particularly the Smithers,  Houston, Telkwa area, compared to other regions over the past number of years.

“In fact, for the past five years or so it appears that British Columbia has had far more than it’s share of UFO reports than we would expect, based simply on population.”

If, as the saying goes, the truth is out there, it may be right here in the B.C. Central Interior towns of Houston, Smithers and Terrace.

*The names Beverly Evans and Mike Hill are pseudonyms.

 The Interior News -  https://www.interior-news.com/