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Germany Former Military Man Tells His Story Of Disk Shaped UFOs

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Date: Around 1989

Dear Brian, This is a report told to me by a former military person who was stationed in Germany. Back around 1989, along with two military colleagues, he saw three oblong discords moving across the sky in broad daylight" in Germany. Having been trained to calculate aircraft speeds in the field, he and his colleagues estimated that the three craft traveled at 3000-5000 mph. He says they moved in pulse-like jumps of energy, nearly disappearing at some point in the pulse cycle.

Also, one of his military base-mates told my contact and his military friends about how he had been sent, circa 1984-86, to do daytime guard duty in a remote, desert area of the US Southwest. On one of his guard postings at a remote, empty stretch of road in the desert, he said he turned at one point and saw the ground open up and a fairly large disc (I think the quote was that it was at least 50 feet diameter, if not more) which rose up out of the ground and soared off, almost soundlessly, then the ground closed back up. Whether it was a retractable door, I cannot say.

Months after telling my (enlisted) contact and his (enlisted) military friends of the incident, the given soldier was arrested by his Army superiors and taken in on reportedly trumped up charges. He was never seen again. The story spread that he had hung himself while in Army prison, a story that his colleagues didn't buy. His case was marginally suspicious because he had acted almost like a kind of planted Intel. agent in the military, the kind who was suspected to report to officers about everything.

There were other paranormal incidents that further piqued my contact's colleagues on such subjects. Further complicating the case is the fact that my contact's military colleagues (all enlisted) had long been interested in anything that smacked of alien-related doings in the Army.

Their officers had been quiet, if not offish, on the subject. This was during a time when murder was the recourse for secrecy---before Disclosure was a household word, before Corso and so on. Hence, the uniformed disposition was typically repressive and cold. I can give you the person's email address if you like.

Thank you to the gentleman for this interesting story.

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