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Cariboo Airspace A-Buzz With UFOs

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

By Neil Horner

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The skies above Quesnel and the rest of the Cariboo area have been relatively crowded lately, and not just with airplanes and helicopters.

In fact, says UFO researcher Brian Vike, nobody is exactly sure what they are.

In an interview from his home in Houston, B.C., Vike said he’s amazed at the number of sightings in the Cariboo over the past summer and fall.

I have been getting stuff like crazy from your area, he said. All kinds of things are happening. It’s been very busy ever since mid-July.

One incident, he said, involved some Quesnel women who said they saw an object that looked like a giant plasma ball moving slowly across the sky one night.

It took about eight seconds, which is a very long time, Vike said. They watched it from their kitchen.

In another incident, he said, a Wal-Mart employee working a late shift, saw a great big red object shoot across the heavens.

Vike said he received reports of a fireball coming down in the Quesnel area recently, which was seen from Vanderhoof to 100 Mile House.

It was very bright, very low, he said.

These are just a few of the local sightings that Vike has had reported to his web site.

I have had reports coming in about just about every shape and form of unidentified craft you can think of, from triangles to crescent shapes and cylinders, he said. I had reports of a really dark object, really low over Okanagan Lake. According to witnesses, two jets flew over just after this object went through, although that’s hard to verify.

One of the most disturbing elements of any UFO report is the possibility of missing time - where witnesses find they can’t account for several hours just after seeing something. This, too, he said, has happened in B.C. this year.

In Kelowna on July 31, two women were out star gazing and they pulled over, and got out of their vehicle. When they did, they saw three white lights come together to form a triangle and then drop out of the sky, Vike said. They tried to run, but they said it was like running through quicksand. One of them said she felt like she had been zapped with electricity, and the other agreed. They managed to get to a house, with the lights still following, and that was it.

Or was it? The women reported between 25 and 35 minutes of missing time.

Interestingly, Vike said, the women’s tale was bolstered by a report from someone else living in the area who said they could see where the ladies were and could see the lights over the highway.

In the morning, one of the two women was sitting at a table and all of a sudden said, she felt awful and then blood started trickling from her right nostril. As well, she found she had a burn mark on her tailbone that she couldn’t explain. The doctor, Vike said, suggested it looked like a radiation burn.

Those ladies went through hell with this, he said.

In another local incident, a Quesnel area resident was looking up at the stars when a number of them all of a sudden moved and fanned out in different directions.

In all, there were 150 reports of unidentified flying objects in British Columbia over the past year. That, Vike noted makes up about 50 per cent of the entire crop of UFO sightings in the entire country.

Vike has been working as a UFOlogist since mid-2000, following up a lifelong passion for astronomy. When he moved to Houston, he set up his web site and started posting some old UFO pictures, and people started calling in their reports.

One thing I would like to stress is that if people make a report, their personal information will not be given out, Vike said. This is very important.

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