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A UFO Experience At Mt. Laguna AFS

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Brian, Enjoy reading your articles and thought I should "chime" in on the following: Re: There were also some guys who did a night time "Close Air Support" drill at Yuma Marine Air Base in Arizona who told me a great UFO Story.

If any of you who actually experienced that sighting and are reading this, please relay your story.    

I had an experience while in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Mt. Laguna AFS which might be related to the above. The 751st Radar Squadron was located about 12 miles north east of Pine Valley California on the edge of the desert and mountains at about 6,000 feet elevation. The time period was in the mid 1960s, probably 1965, in the mid summer evening about 20:00.

Still light and clear skies and from that height over the clear dry desert you could sometimes see the Salton Sea. I was walking over to the "Ops" building from the AN-FPS-26 tower just as one of the "ops" officers was arriving.

He was looking east out over the desert and pointed to a light about the size of a green pea held at arms length. He asked me what did I think it was. I initially thought it was a naval military aircraft flying out in the area of the El Centro Naval Air Station which was in that direction about 45 miles east, and in the line-of-sight of Yuma, Arizona.

After about 30 seconds, the light started to strobe and change colors with green, blue, red, white and yellow. Then I didn't think it was a Navy plane because I would only expect to see green and red position lights and landing lights. I don't know if strobe lights and a white tail light were required at that time for aircraft.

I do know that Blue and Yellow were colors in the unknowns changing light scheme and those colors are not used in aviation. There were other incidents at this radar station during my tour of duty, 1965 - 1967. Some I personally experienced and some I heard from others. Very interesting times indeed.  

Thank you to the gentleman for this interesting story.

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