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UFOs Down But Not Out

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

George Douglas - Apr 25, 2006 / 7:30 am | Story: 18022

“Early this morning I was outside watching a pair of raccoons playing and I noticed a "satellite" like object trace a path from the west to the north west in a horseshoe shape. The object was traveling slowly as though drifting. A few minutes later another one went from the north to the south at a slow pace. Then there were about four in the sky within 30 seconds of each other going the same direction.”

The above is a UFO sighting report from Vernon BC, April 22/2006 3:30 a.m. - 5:00 a.m. posted on the HBCC UFO Research website.

Craig Rutkowski, an independent UFO researcher in Manitoba, recently released his 2005 report.

The report noted that Canadians registered 769 UFO sightings in 2005.

This was a drop from 2004 when there were 882 sightings noted.

Ontario topped the 2005 list with 214 sightings. Calgary and Vancouver tied as the urban centres with the most sightings- 29.

Brian Vike ( lives in northern BC, is a noted Ufologist and is regularly featured on the X Zone, a late night radio program aired on Kelowna’s CKOV.

Vike says there have been numerous UFO sightings in the Okanagan over the years, and that there was a “rash of sightings” in this area in 2003. On July 28th of that year, Vike says there was a “big sighting” in the Okanagan when two hundred people witnessed the same UFO.

“Most people aren’t convinced that what they see are spaceships,” says Craig Rutkowski. “Many have reasonable explanations.”

But he said some reports just couldn’t be explained.

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