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UFO Witnesses Sought

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

Marshall Jones - Jun 26, 2007 / 1:00 pm | Story: 31168

A well-known UFO researcher is looking for information about a possible sighting on Okanagan Lake in May.

Brian Vike, who is a frequent guest on radio shows and the host of his own program about UFOs, says he has a report from three members of a film crew who were on board a tour boat north of the Okanagan Lake Floating Bridge on May 18.

They saw a slowly moving aircraft in the clouds while filming, but didn't catch the action on camera.

“It was white, like plastic, so I pointed it out to my acquaintance and I then noticed the craft had no wings, windows, tail, vapor trail or sound,” witness Mark Redsky says. “And it was traveling north, something that I have never seen a commercial flight do over the Okanagan lake.”

Vike has been tracking UFO reports in B.C. since 2000 and is a director of HBCC UFO Research. He says Kelowna has been a hot spot for sightings of late, including a series of bizarre tales from 2003 witnessed by several independent parties.

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