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UFO Sightings Down In Northwest

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

By Rikki Schierer.

Houston Today Newspaper.

UFO activity has been fairly slow in the Bulkley Valley recently, ufologist Brian Vike said, however UFO reports elsewhere have picked up, especially in the United Kingdom.

The region from Vanderhoof to Prince Rupert was once known as the UFO capital for Canada, Vike said, due to a sharp increase in activity from 2002-2003.

Yellow  orange glows are usually a good indication of a UFO, Vike said, which have been highly reported in the U.K. After posting one such report to his blog, Vike shut his computer off for the night and in the morning he had 170 reports of the same thing.

“Pretty soon you could figure that one out as being those Chinese lanterns that people let go for New Year’s… but you still got a lot of people who will swear it was a UFO”, Vike said. “I must have had about 600 reports of these orange lights in the U.K., and then it started in Eastern Ontario.”

He’s fairly certain these light have been these Chinese lanterns, Vike said. A lot of the reports he receives are like that, leaving you to sort fact from fiction, but it’s those instances where there’s no explanation that he’s really keen for.

Vike said that he’s been interested in UFO’s since he was a kid. From there, it just sort of grew, until he started the UFO sightings website HBCC UFO Research in 2000.

“It was supposed to be a little hobby… because I enjoyed the topic a lot,” Vike said.

“So they’d send me a report … and eventually over time it just got bigger and bigger.”

His bigger cases were of Crop Circles in 2001 in Vanderhoof, he said, and there was some cattle mutilation elsewhere in B.C., where he worked with local RCMP to help sort that out.

“There was a lot of weird stuff going on,” Vike said.

He’s since sold the website earlier to someone in the States. Featured on radio shows, a T.V. documentary, an extended segment on UFO’s on Creepy Canada, as well as taking in thousands of reports of UFO’s world-wide, it just got to be too much, Vike said, so with regret he sold his domain name in 2009.

“It just got to be too much, there was just so much to do,” Vike said. “It was growing and just never stopped”

He was looking to retire from the business, but when a good friend of his asked him to partner up and bring back the domain name, he was all too happy to agree, he said. Now he and Jeff Rense run the domain, and now it’s just “insane, with the number of reports,” Vie said, but the workload is more manageable because Rense has a full-time webmaster to look after the site. Vike’s and job is to receive the reports, post to a blog, and speak to the people who do submit reports.

“I try to get more information on what day they saw it and try to figure out what it was they saw,” Vike said. actually began in 1992 as a television program, built around a strong paranormal theme. From there, Rense created an award winning radio program in 1994, covering the UFO and paranormal field. By 1996, Rense had been signed to a five-year exclusive contract with Premiere Radio Networks. It was during this time that was developed, to expand the radio program into the internet, one of the first radio shows to pioneer into the internet active use of the internet in connection to a radio show.

In 1999, he shifted focus a bit, and instead of putting his efforts into worked on developing, however now, 11 years later, he has teamed up with Vike to bring back, which he’d always retained.

“There’s a lot of stuff coming in, it’s incredible,” Vike said.

With, the reports are coming in steadily, Vike reports, who had 150 reports come in, in a two week time frame. Reports come in from all over the world, he said.

Types of sightings being reported include lights in the sky to fly triangles, cylinders, or spheres. Witnesses have also recorded a blimp-like object. There does seem to be more triangles reported nowadays than the once-popular disc-shaped UFO.

“There have been so many that I just haven’t a clue what they are,” Vike said.

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