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UFO Researcher Contacted By Airdrie And Area Residents

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

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While far from being Alberta's version of Area 51, a Canadian UFO investigator and researcher says Airdrie and area has been a veritable hotspot for reported sightings of late.

Brian Vike, director of HBCC UFO Research who has appeared on countless radio shows as a UFO expert, says he's received numerous calls on his toll-free UFO hotline reporting sightings of strange flying objects in the immediate area.

We have started receiving a number of telephone calls and e- mails from (Airdrie) area residents reporting many strange lights and objects in the night skies, Vike said.

I do know that (UFO sightings) is sometimes a very strange topic... but I honestly do look for rational explanations for such sightings, he added. Most times, I can offer an explanation of what the folks witnessed, but then I have many cases which also go unsolved.

According to Vike, there have been three reported sightings in the Airdrie area over the summer of 2003.

They are:

"July 30 - 11:50 p.m.: An Airdrie woman preparing to turn in for the night e-mailed the following to Vike: I noticed a bright blue object in the northwest sky. The object was pulsating a bright blue-white light and moved very slowly then stopped for about 10 seconds and then it vanished like the lights went out. I've lived in this area for 10 years and never had seen anything so strange. Thought I should report this to somebody.

"Aug. 23 - 11:23 p.m.: According to Vike, an Airdrie family reported watching a glowing orange coloured object shoot from east to west at a very low level.

From what I was told, this object travelled very low, then came to a sudden stop and stayed stationary for approximately 30 seconds. Then it shot almost straight up and slipped into four different objects which changed from orange to white. They sat stunned as all of the objects vanished into the night.

"Sept. 15 - 1:15 a.m.: The most recent sighting is the one which intrigues Vike the most, as the woman reporting it said she wasn't the only witness to the alleged event. As such, Vike is hopeful that others who may have shared the experience will also come forward.

While the witness was on her way to Calgary (on Highway 2, north of Airdrie), she saw an object at a low level which then shot up into the sky very quickly and then came to a complete stop.

The woman told Vike that she pulled her car over to watch the spectacle, as did other drivers.

There were two cars and two freight liners which also had pulled over, and in her rear view mirror she could see others doing the same, Vike said.

The woman told Vike that she initially thought the object was an aircraft departing from an airport, but then realized that was unlikely because she was not in proximity to such a facility.

She realized that there wasn't an airport in the area, he said. The object, when travelling up into the sky, made a sharp climb and once it arrived at a high altitude, it came to a complete stop and then shot toward the northwest and stopped again.

According to the witness, the craft emitted an extremely lustrous, bright light, moved side to side for a period and then started to flash.

The witness did contact RCMP to see if others had made a report about the sighting, but no one had come forward, Vike said.

As such, Vike is hopeful that by going public with the reported sightings, other potential witnesses will come forward.

Sometimes, we just have to inform the general public that there is someone out there investigating these sightings, Vike said. I know I can have an investigator on the scene really quick if I'm contacted.

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