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Additional Witnesses Watch Red Light Over Kings Island Mason Ohio

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Date:  September 19, 2010

Time:  Approxamtlty 9:30 p.m.

I work at Kings Island in the Rides department. As I was leaving one of the rides around 9:30 one of our maintenance guys told me that he had seen a UFO. I asked him to point it out for me and so he pointed to the sky between the moon and what he said was Jupiter.

He was unable to find what he saw, but after a few minutes of looking I spotted the light. We watched it for another 5 minutes or so. The light seemed as if it was not moving. It looked as if the light was blinking at an odd interval.

We thought the clouds might have been moving in front of it. When I got back to the office that night about 30 other people I worked with were talking about the same light. My boss had actually tried to film it with his cell phone, but the low quality made it impossible to pick up.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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