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Moon Sized UFO And Missing Time For Husband And Wife On Holidays

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Date:  Late August 1977

Dear Brian, here's a experience involving the moon. We left for vacation driving at night from Vegas to Colo, this happened in late August 1977. We left the house about midnight, took the old Salt Lake Highway out of Vegas and had just crossed from Nevada into Utah. I was watching the sky as usual and I remember it was full moon and things were very bright, for some reason the desert really lights up in moon light and we could see a long distance. 

I had been looking out the back window, (at this point in my life I didn't actually know for sure why I was always so watchful of the night sky.) I did know there were a lot of sightings in my life from the time I was a teenager and later remembered another when I could been no more than 8 or 9 years old.  Once I remembered the abductions it really went back to pre school, with what I thought was skeletons around my bed at night. I think it would be easy for a child to mistake greys for skeletons.  

At any rate I was looking at the Big Dipper laying low in the sky and the moon was coming up farther to the east. When I turned back facing forward I noticed for a second what looked like the moon to my right higher in the sky, I realized it should not be in that position. I spoke to my husband, he didn't answer, he stared straight a head like he was in a trance. I grabbed the arm rest and rolled down the window to see better. It wasn't the moon as it was descending at a pretty fast rate, but it was a large round white light that looked to be the shape of a ball coming down toward us. 

The next thing I remember was waking up with my head laying on the bottom of the window as it was still down, at that point all I knew is it was still dark. I thought I had fallen asleep, we shortly found out that may been true, but it was no where near normal nap. What ever time of night it was, I don't recall, I do recall it was pitch black, there was no moon and we were still in the desert. 

We soon discovered we were lost, we went for miles in what appeared by the stars to be the wrong direction because there were no other roads we could find to get any bearings what so ever. We certainly were not on the highway we were on previously, we didn't know what state we were in, I guess we drove for fifty miles before we saw a sign that said Utah on it, we were on some back road still with no direction as to where we were.  

About the time the sun was coming up, we found out we were headed east, instead of west still in Utah and had to drive another fifty miles to get back on the highway we had been on when the trip started. We got back on the highway we started on, then stopped and got breakfast about seven I believe in Cisco Utah. That's not real far from our destination in Colo, so we drove on there arriving about noon. The friends we were visiting, were about frantic, they wanted to know why we didn't call and let them know we were going to leave a day later than we told them, in other words we were a day late.  I checked their calendar and sure enough, we were some where for a full 24 hours neither of us remembered anything about. 

Try explaining that to people that know nothing of UFOs, at that point I knew we had been abducted, problem was I didn't want to face that and just dropped it, saying we must have sent them the wrong date of arrival. Now it's one week later and as usual my husband wanted to drive at night because of less traffic, I wanted to leave earlier and be some where by dark to stay the night, we ended up leaving after dark. I've wondered since, if that thought was put in his brain and certainly not by me. 

We got to Cisco, Utah about midnight, for a half hour or so before that a bright, white round light had been moving with us on the horizon to our left side above the canyons, we couldn't tell how far away it was at night. My husband suggested we stop for some pie and coffee in Cisco, we were there maybe half hour forty five minutes. We came out on to the main highway and shortly we saw this object again in the same location following us along and we were driving way over the speed limit. 

Neither of us said anything. When we woke up, we were driving into our house about two AM, how we got from Cisco, Utah to our house in Vegas two hours later was something someone needed to explain. Well turns out it wasn't just two hours later, it was a day and two hours later, we went to bed not knowing that and about seven the next morning the phone rang. They were wondering where my husband was, as he had to be at work that day, thing is we left a day early so we would have a day to rest before going to work and believe me I'm very sure of that. So as I said, we were a day and two hours later getting home on the return trip. I to this day have no memory of what happened in those two days, I'm not sure he did or not he refused to speak about it. Take real good care my dear friend.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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