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UFO Sighting At Nanoose Bay

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

By Neil Horner 

Parksville Qualicum Beach News.

Researcher Brian Vike says a record number of sightings have come from Vancouver Island this year.

Vancouver Island continues to be a hot spot for sightings of unidentified flying objects, says a Houston, B.C.-based researcher.

“There were a lot of sighting reports from Vancouver Island,” said Brian Vike, who runs the UFO research website The Vike Factor. “I don’t think it would take a lot more reports to have that area in the top 10 at year’s end.”

Last year, he said, there were 1,000 reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in all of Canada, but this year he has posted 799 himself — and he has more than 200 more reports sitting in his mail in-box after being away for a month.

“That is phenomenal. The most I’ve ever got was 400 for a whole year,” he said. “This is a huge, huge spike.”

One of the most recent sightings, he said, came from Nanoose Bay.

The report described the passing of a strange, brightly lit object near the Schooner Cove Marina.

“I was standing out on my upper deck in the dark to cool off at about 9:45 p.m. on Aug. 18, when an extremely large, low-flying object appeared just over the tree line from the west,” the report said. “It moved eastward at a very slow rate of speed. It was square in shape flying on a diagonal with brilliant bright white, red, green and blue lights underneath. It had white strobing lights running from the middle to the back end which clearly outlined it’s square shape — as opposed to an airplane with wings.”

The object moved in complete silence until it disappeared from view behind the trees to the east.

“I quickly ran down the road to where there is an unobstructed view eastward across the open ocean towards Vancouver where I expected to still see it flying, but it was nowhere in sight and had disappeared.”

As a policy, Vike does not release the names of the people who report to him. The sighting, Vike said, was an odd one.

“The weird thing is the shape,” he said. “It is pretty strange. The lights sound like navigation lights, but he couldn’t see any wings on that thing and I don’t know of too many square airplanes. It’s a really weird kind of beast.”

Another strange sighting was reported the following morning over south Nanaimo. “I got a call from my boyfriend at 9:45 a.m. to say he had just seen a UFO by the Country Club,” the report said. “It was as bright as a street light. So I went outside of my house and looked up and saw one light that was much farther away than what he saw, six zagging back and forth towards the ocean.”

The light faded and disappeared, only to be followed by another that looked exactly the same, zig-zagging towards Port Place Mall, before disappearing.

Skywatchers got an eyeful on Aug. 12 as well, when a Courtenay resident reported seeing something odd in the night sky. “I noticed the light on Monday … around 10 p.m. It was moving slowly, in an eastern trajectory. It was much brighter and larger than any other star in the sky. I only noticed when I noticed my neighbours outside, pointing up at it. The object went straight over my house and towards the local airforce base.”

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