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8 UFO Sightings In Cork

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article.

Written by Christine Allen

Thursday, 06 January 2011

Cork people may have experienced close encounters of the third kind this week, with eight reported sightings of UFOs in skies above the city.

While there are no reports of aliens in the attic, body snatchers or extra terrestrials that come in peace, witnesses reported seeing yellow and orange lights in the Cork skies from New Year’s Eve to Sunday 2 January. 

Canadian UFO explorer, Brian Vike, told the Cork Independent that he has received a number of reports from Cork. One report said, “The light is yellowish and moves steadily. It’s not a plane, as the light is slow flashing and it’s much larger that the lights on planes. The light then stops and moves away. When the light moves away it can still be seen fading away in the distance.”

A second report of a sighting after midnight on New Years Day said “…saw some really strange lights over my house tonight. Went out the back to take a call and saw a red light in the distance (my back garden faces towards east Cork). I see a lot of planes, this was no plane, it was a rich red which changed to orange, was moving under the clouds and passed over my house.”

The witness continued, “I called my girlfriend, obviously wouldn't have called her for a plane. The shape was oval almost egg like changing from orange to red went into the clouds and appeared again. I'm just a normal guy but this was something definitely out of the ordinary.”


Clair McSweeney of Cork’s Blackrock Castle Observatory (BCO) said she had received eight reports this week also. “We have had a number of mails in this regard and it is an interesting question and quite a tricky one to explain. The experts here at BCO Labs have narrowed the sightings down to a number of possibilities,” she said.

They did not rule out the possibility of spacecrafts, but said the sightings could have been due to Chinese lanterns, flares, international military aircrafts, weather balloons or meteors. She also said the recent activity in the sky could have resulted in some upper atmospheric reflections.

This time last year there were also a number of similar sightings, with multiple UFOs seen over Cork and disc and triangle shaped items seen above the city skies and surrounding fields.

A witness told one UFO sighting website, “My husband was looking at the moon through a telescope on the patio, (it was the blue moon and we had observed the partial eclipse earlier in the evening). I was in the house when he called me. His eye had been caught by a large orange/red disc in the sky. It was moving from North to South over our house. I didn’t arrive quickly enough but then another object, identical to the first, appeared. I saw the orange/red disc like object travelling silently across the sky towards the south,” the witness recalled.

“Initially we thought it was a meteor about to break through the atmosphere but it was much too large and the height was difficult to determine as it was a very clear night.

“The second object when I saw it was about a quarter the size of the full moon and became redder in colour as it moved. It continued southward, to the west of Cork Airport, over the sea until it faded from sight. It did not burn out, as a meteor might. It did not appear to drop in altitude as a falling object would. It had no navigation lights but moved at sort of helicopter speed (faster than a satellite would and much larger anyway.) Our 2 younger children 15 and 10 also saw this object.

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