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Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

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By Joann Livingston

Daily Light Managing Editor.

A more than 30-year-old report has surfaced alleging UFO sightings in southern Ellis County - an area that has also seen rumors in the past of having a “big foot” type inhabitant.

In a radio interview Sunday on the Canadian-based Vike Report, a woman identified as “Kathy” said she and her husband had several encounters of the first kind - sightings of a UFO - during about a six-month period when the couple lived in a farmhouse in Milford.

“It’s a fascinating report and seemed a very credible report,” Vike Report founder Brian Vike told the Daily Light in a telephone interview Monday evening.

Describing himself as a “pretty-level headed fellow, although I’m into UFOs,” Vike said, saying what he does is take in all reports sent to his site without judgment. “You have to leave everything open. ... Anything’s possible. It sounds nutty, but again, anything’s possible.”

Of the hundreds of reports Vike has received since he started researching UFOs in mid-2000 - 900 from 2006 alone - the majority are from the United States.

“I just love talking to these people,” he said, noting the popularity of his Web site, which at any given time can have upward of 100 people online and visiting.

“The response and the interest in the topic is just incredible,” he said. “I was quite shocked, too, when I started. I just wanted a hobby (and) boy, did I get surprised. From the photos and the stories, I didn’t realize it would turn into what it has.

“It’s just nonstop, but it’s really nice to get the interest into this and have people put their reports in,” he said, saying the majority of the reports are explainable, but “a small percentage is really wild.”

Kathy’s report is one of the latter at this time, with Vike hoping that other people who lived in Milford at about the same time contact him with information that might provide some explanation for what she says she experienced.

Under its privacy policy, the Vike Report doesn’t identify anyone by last name and does use a pseudonym upon request, with Vike saying Kathy is a pseudonym for the woman who lived in Milford.

In her interview, which is available on the Vike Report Web site, Kathy said her first experience with UFOs was as a teenager in 1970 near Pueblo, Colo. She said she was driving alone on a highway at night when a brightly-lit object came up quickly behind her on the roadway, lighting up the inside of her car before disappearing into the night.

“It was almost as if it singled me out,” she said, saying her next experiences were when she and her husband moved to Milford, where they lived in a farmhouse “in the middle of cotton fields.”

It was a summer’s evening when she said she stepped outside to look at the stars and saw a low-flying light coming toward her.

“It was flying about as low as a prop plane would fly but there was no sound,” she said. “I watched it and as it got in front of the house, it made a 90-degree angle turn, and when I saw that, I thought, ‘That’s not right.’ ”

The object went to the left and then as it got to the left of the house, it made another 90-degree turn and went toward the back of the house on an “absolutely angled turn,” Kathy told Vike, saying that’s when she asked her husband to come outside.

The two watched as the object made another 90-degree turn and headed back in their direction, and that’s when they decided to get back inside their home, she said.

“We’re watching it from inside at this point, (it’s) heading to the back of the house and it stopped. It was stopped and was just sitting there, still, and a little light shot out from it,” she said, saying the “big” light disappeared and the little light started making “jagged, straight-line movements.” She couldn’t recall exactly how the incident ended, but did relate other instances where she and her husband were returning to Milford from Waxahachie and she would notice out the passenger window a light on the horizon that appeared to be following or paralleling their travel. It was usually about 10 p.m. when this happened, she said.

“It was just a white light, following us on the horizon,” she said, saying the last experience the couple had before moving from Milford was their being at home one evening when they heard a strange vibrating sound above their house as they were watching television.

They turned the television off and heard what Kathy described as a “vibrating, pulsing sound” that “vibrated the whole house.”

She said her husband offered up an explanation that it was probably “electricity going through the wires” - and neither of them ventured outside to see if there was another cause.

In her final recollection, Kathy said there was a calf born with a birth defect about that time in a nearby field. She said she saw the rancher, told him about the incidents she’d experienced and asked if he had ever seen anything strange. She said he ignored her, though, and turned around and walked away without a word.

Besides Kathy’s report, of the UFO sightings on Vike’s Web site, the nearest one to Ellis County is a report of a single, triangular-shaped object in the sky at about 9:45 p.m. March 25, 2007, on U.S. Highway 175 between Seagoville and Crandall.

“Basically I could see the shape and the direction it was moving because it was darker than the clouds behind it,” the person’s report indicates. “It was just below the cloud line and I got the impression that it was very large. It was also completely silent. It didn’t seem like it was going very fast, it was kind of just cruising along. The location was about a mile from the Wal-Mart on 175 outside of Seagoville.”

Vike said he welcomes comments or reports at his e-mail address of or through his Web site at

He said he’s personally experienced about three sightings he has no explanation for, saying his area of Canada was a major source for sightings around 2002.

“We were the UFO capital for two years running,” he said. “It was just a concentration of bizarre sightings (but) my area is dead right now. It seems to move around. All of a sudden, you’ll have a concentration (of sightings) somewhere.”

It’s not just current sightings on which he receives information. As with Kathy, Vike also is receiving information from people’s past sightings. He attributes this in large part to the Internet and its ability to bring together people reporting similar type experiences.

“With the Internet, it’s so open, it’s nonstop,” he said, noting the topic is of definite interest, with a Google search Monday evening yielding almost 5 million results.

Vike said he posts the reports he receives and - with rare exception - leaves them open as to what may or may not have happened.

“I believe people are intelligent. They can read it and figure it out for themselves,” he said, saying the sightings can often be explained away as a planet such as Venus or an aircraft. Through his work, he said he’s developed a number of sources, such as in the military, who are able to help him identify what someone may have actually seen.

“While I believe that though, I wasn’t there to see it, so I leave them ‘as is’ mostly,” he said as to why the majority of the reports he’s received remain in an open status.


Many films have been made of alleged encounters with beings from another world.

One of the more famous is director/writer Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” described by as a “soulful, beguiling, magical and benevolent look at ‘close encounters.’ ” The Web site remarks on Spielberg’s film’s unusual “optimistic, loving portrayal of alien encounters” that “set it apart from most science-fiction alien-encounter films of an earlier era.”

The film was almost called “Watch the Skies,” the closing words from the 1951 science-fiction classic “The Thing From Another World,” according to, which notes that instead, Spielberg went with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” relating to three levels of encounters. A close encounter of the first kind would include a UFO sighting, while one of the second kind would be finding physical evidence of an alien landing. A close encounter of the third kind would involve contact with aliens. One of the publicity posters for Spielberg’s film declared: “We are not alone,” notes.

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