Thursday, April 1, 2021

Group Seeks Down To Earth Support

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Newspaper Article

By Desmond Murray.

Kelowna Capital News.

Kelowna woman eyes venue for help with UFO encounters.

A Kelowna woman is reviving a support group for people with UFO experiences, despite all her own bad experiences surrounding the subject in the past.

She is willing to face up to some possible ridicule to try to provide a venue for people to talk about their experiences among a group of people who will not judge them harshly for their beliefs.

She also hopes to attract a counsellor and a hypnotherapist to help provide some answers for those troubled with experiences like abductions.

“It is not for looky-loos and people who are interested in the subject, it is for people who feel they have been abducted or had UFO sightings and weird things have been happening to them for a long time,” said Cynthia. (not her real name)

She wants to keep her anonymity to avoid the problem caused when a mentally disturbed man joined the last group she coordinated about five years ago. The man stalked her home and forced an abrupt move away from her children and from the club’s meeting place.

Prior to that dissolution, she said the group provided some much needed relief for a group of about 20 members who met regularly for about a year.

“We are normal, regular, average everyday people that are sane. We had all kinds of people – registered nurses, carpenters, homemakers, a councilor, hypnotherapists,” she said.

This time, she plans to meet in a neutral location like a library, where personal danger could be minimized.

Yet this would still allow the potential to discuss unfathomable experiences similar to her own.

“This is happening to everyday people and happening in our own backyard right here in Kelowna,” she said. “In the last three or four months the sightings have been unbelievable in this region.

“UFO*BC in Vancouver and Brian Vike in HBCC UFO Research in Houston, B.C., have had more than150 phone calls of sightings and things that are going on in this area.” An experience she had on July 31 of this year scared her enough to take the bold step to revive a support group.

“It was petty heavy duty stuff,” she said, unwilling to give details of the event over the phone, however, she said it did coincide with six eyewitness reports that night.

“After July 31 I said, That’s it, I have got to make my fear and anger work for me and not let it paralyze me,” she said.

“I have had things happening to me since I was four or five years old and now it is with my children,” she added, describing a triangular shape that showed up on her son’s back one morning with what appeared to be radiation burns.

Outside his bedroom window, one tree had suddenly shown burning signs around it’s leaves.

“There is no help here in Canada like there is in the United States.

“They have all these councilors, psychiatrists, lab technicians that will do these tests that will help these people,” she said.

Here you are supposed to live with all this stuff, all by yourself, all alone and wondering if you are going crazy.

“Their emotions are in chaos. They wake up with marks on their bodies and bleeding noses and they are angry and they don’t know why,” she said.

While taking out problems with other like minded people can provide some relief, it doesn’t address the issues as deeply as many would like.

So the group is looking for a professional with experience in hypnotherapy and counseling to help out.

“It is like someone who had a severe trauma, and they block it out because they can handle it. Like sexual abuse or whatever, it is the same thing for abductees,” she said.

“We need someone with an open mind who is really truly going to help them with these experiences.”

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