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Wave Of UFO Sightings In Victoria B.C.

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COMOX VALLEY – A B.C. UFO investigator says 2013 is already shaping up to be a busier-than-normal year for sightings of unusual lights and strange flying objects.

Brian Vike authors a blog entitled The Vike Factor and has investigated more than 11,000 reports from across Canada and around the world. Vike says there was a spike in activities on the morning of January 11th when triangular shaped objects and unusual lights were seen over Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. The sightings followed an asteroid, which streaked over the skies of B.C. and Washington State.

One report indicates a mother witnessed a large school bus sized triangular object in the sky just after she dropped her children off for school. The witness reported seeing the solid object moving along until it started to hover and had three balls of orange light on each point. The witness reported to Vike that the balls of light went into the centre of the object before it disappeared.

Vike estimates around 90% of what is reported to him can be easily explained, whether it’s by people seeing the International Space Station flying overhead, or Chinese lanterns taking to the sky or flares being dropped from aircrafts. Others he is still struggling to explain.

Vike’s blog can be found at

Strange Sighting In Dashwood

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NEIL HORNER  Parksville Qualicum Beach News

Feb. 14, 2013 6:00 a.m.

'It was very odd' says resident of rural community near Qualicum Beach, but it wasn't a monkey.

Dashwood residents are abuzz about the latest odd sighting in the area — but this time it wasn’t a monkey.

Brian Vike, a UFO researcher in Houston, B.C. said he received a report of a strange light from a resident on Feb. 6.

“I woke suddenly because my bedroom was lit up fluorescent greenish,” the report said. “I went to the bathroom then to the window as the light faded away to nothing. I can’t explain if it was coming from the ground or sky. It was very odd it was approximately over the highway in Dashwood right at Larkdown road.”

Vike said the light could have come from a flare, but suggested it could have come from a meteor. If that’s the case, it won’t be unusual — at least, not this year. “I have received so many reports of meteors and fireballs this year it isn’t funny,” Vike said. “There has been just a stack of them from across Canada and the United States.”

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Flying Object Could Have Been A Helicopter

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By Neil Horner – Parksville Qualicum Beach News.

Published – March 30, 2012 8:00 a.m.

Mysterious object seen by several more people in Oceanside area.

The report of strange lights in the sky over Parksville last weekend could well have been a helicopter, says UFO researcher Brian Vike, except for one important detail.

The object, seen by two witnesses between 9:30 and 10:10 p.m. on Saturday, March 24 night, made no sound.

“When I originally posted this, a fellow in the area wrote and suggested it might possibly be a helicopter,” Vike said in an interview Tuesday. “He said there is a clearing near there where they take off and land — and the lights sound like normal navigation lights on some sort of aircraft — but what bothers me is them being right beneath it and not hearing anything at all. Helicopters have a very distinctive sound. You can’t miss it. It’s loud.”

The sighting was witnessed by three others in Qualicum Beach, who read about it in The News and subsequently contacted Vike.

“I was surprised to hear that others saw a similar object that my son, husband and I witnessed from our back patio,” said one witness. “It was really large, triangular-shaped, with bright coloured flashing lights and very high up to the right.”

The woman said the object appeared to be just over a mile away and there was no sound of a helicopter audible.

“It was definitely not a helicopter, since the flashing lights were far brighter than the market lights of any helicopter I have ever seen,” she said.

Another witness from Qualicum Beach said the object first appeared at around 7 p.m. over Mount Arrowsmith.

“We too saw strange lights on Saturday night,” the witness said. “We were looking at Mount Arrowsmith and saw lights moving up and down the mountain. They were at different altitudes, separated by what looked like, several hundred feet. We saw white and red lights moving and thought it was very strange.”

Vike said he has no explanation for the Parksville sighting, but he’s hopeful that either other witnesses or someone who knows the origin of the  lights will contact him at

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UFOs Reported Over Sarnia

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Shawn Jeffords.

The Observer

It may not be Mars Attacks, but two recent UFO sightings over the city has a paranormal investigator interested.

Brian Vike, an investigator at, said two separate witnesses reported coloured lights hovering over Sarnia earlier this month.

“It’s weird stuff,” Vike said from his home in Houston, British Columbia. “When have these lights come to a screeching halt in the sky, I don’t know what that is.”

The Sarnia incidents took place on October 8 and 9. The first occurred shortly after 11:30 p.m.

“I saw a bright orange object moving fast, then slowed down. It was weird, I thought I was the only one who seen it,” wrote the witness, who’s name Vike keeps confidential.

The second sighting occurred at 12:19 a.m. the next day.

“I live in Port Huron, Michigan and am looking east towards Sarnia,’ the witness said. “There is a small, bright light flashing between red and white. It hasn’t moved for over 5 minutes now and appears to be too close to be any type of star.”

Vike said the sightings don’t sound like aircraft or balloons and are properly classified as UFOs. But just because it’s an unidentified flying object doesn’t mean E.T. or Yoda is behind the wheel, he said.

“When people tell me that they’ve seen extraterrestrials I tell them to slow down. But just because there isn’t a conventional answer doesn’t mean you throw it away.”

This wasn’t Vike’s first UFO in Sarnia. In July 2008, an unidentified flying object was reported by three people who saw a white square-shaped craft fly over an east Street apartment building. It was reportedly 30 feet wide,10 feet high and made no sound as it moved east overhead.

The three witnesses said the object had a black strip down the middle and was flying 300 to 400 feet off the ground.

Vike wades through hundreds of reports annually and only posts those “with a little meat.” The subject amazes some and encourages skepticism and debate from others.

“A good portion of the people these days believe that there is a possibility of life out there,” he said. “It’s the big question, is there alien life in the universe?”

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Street Art Star Trek Live Long And Prosper Overlanders Bridge Kamloops British Columbia


                                      The photo was taken in Kamloops, B.C. on June 21, 2021.

Outdoor photos from around British Columbia. Photos by Brian Vike.

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All photos are © Brian Vike 2016-2021.

Photos From Around Kamloops British Columbia Canada.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Photo Of The Film Crew Discovery Channel’s Alien Mysteries


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Here is a photo I took of the cameraman, sound person and the director is around there somewhere for the Discovery Channel’s Alien Mysteries TV documentary which I was part of.

I was flown down to Vancouver and put up in the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. As always it was a lot of fun.

File your UFO sighting to Brian at:

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

UFO's Over Nairn - The Story Continues

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Regular readers will remember the Valentine's Day UFO story that featured in the Gurn last month. The story continues yet again in the Highland News. A Culloden man has come forward to say that he has seen the UFO four times now:

'But Mr. Jackson has now come forward to dismiss this theory and even has his mum as an eye witness to strange goings on in the night skies along the Moray Firth coast.

"I know what I saw but it was definitely not a love lantern or a Chinese lantern. It was far too big and it did not flicker from the centre. It was shaped liked a helicopter or truck cab and it travelled at between 150-200mph, so it could never have been a lantern," Mr. Jackson told the HN.

"I am just an ordinary guy and am not a crank. I felt after reading these silly stories about the love lantern all I want is verification. I can't believe this was seen by myself and nobody else."

He said the love lantern was set off in the Cairngorms at 6pm and the light he saw was at 8pm.

Mr. Jackson, a self-employed bathroom fitter, said he has now had FOUR sightings of the UFO. And the second was witnessed by his mother Anne.

Last month we described how the Valentine's Day sighting was reported on the website of Canadian paranormal researcher Brian Vike.

Mr. Jackson had sent an anonymous blog to the website describing how he spotted the UFO approaching Nairn from the east on February 14.

He turned up the Grantown Road to get a closer look to see the fireball-like object travel in a north north-easterly direction.

He was so amazed he phoned his girlfriend and mother before reporting it to the local police station. '

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Monday, June 14, 2021

Strange Lights Seen In Sky Over Dundas

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(January 13, 2010)

Did you see something strange Friday night?

A British Columbia UFO chronicler and paranormal expert is reporting eyewitness accounts of strange vertical lights in the sky over Dundas and Waterdown.

Brian Vike, who heads his own HBCC Centre for UFO Research, says on his blog The Vike Factor the lights were seen around 8 o'clock.

One witness told Vike he and five friends were out for a walk and watched vertical lights in the sky for 30 minutes, a throbbing orange one which faded in and out and a second red vertical one.

The witness says one light had a circle opening in it which looked like an eye. Then the red lights faded after five more minutes, he said.

"As we looked down the escarpment, we could see a curved line of vertical white lights in the sky above us leading down," he said.

"Also around the same time there was white flashing light in the sky.

"It was a flash of bright white light (which) looked as if it was in mid air but because it was dark, we couldn't tell if there was an actual source or not, (because) if there was it'd have to be in the harbour."

Hamilton police were not aware of any calls reporting strange lights in the sky over Dundas Friday night.

Another witness tells Vike he was driving between Waterdown and his Dundas home when he saw three orange vertical lights that seemed to originate from a source close to the ground, go up through a clouded area and on up into the sky.

The witness thought they could be "light pillars," a visual atmospheric phenomenon created by the reflection of light from ice crystals from a light source such as the sun or moon, but they are not usually seen from several viewpoints.

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That’s No UFO . . . It’s A Space Station

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Advocate Staff.

July 7, 2010 1:25 p.m. News.

A UFO investigator says there is a perfectly logical explanation for a set of strange lights being reported in the night sky in Central Alberta.

A handful of people from the area, including one person from Blackfalds, have contacted him after seeing a bright light moving across the southern sky. Adding to the intrigue, a dimmer light was seen following it for awhile, as if attached, and then suddenly darting away.

No worries, says Brian Vike, a self-taught UFO researcher from Houston, B.C., and creator of the web blog, The Vike Factor, Into the Paranormal.

Conditions have been perfect for watching the International Space Station and, from time to time, the space flights that deliver its supplies. That is most likely the dimmer light that was seen following the space station and then seeming to dart away, Vike said on Tuesday.

People living close to Red Deer can see the space station for themselves on Thursday.

The station will appear lightly over the west-southwest horizon at 10:35 p.m. But make sure you’ve got a good angle on the horizon and don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Information posted on the NASA’s Skywatch website has it up for only three minutes, reaching a maximum height of 27 degrees.

Depending on where you’re watching from in relation to the space station’s orbit, it can be directly overhead on some nights, said Vike.

Internet users interested in finding out when the space station will be visible can go online to for an interactive menu based on the country and city in which they are located.

Vike also noted a separate investigation recently after receiving numerous reports, dating back to New Year’s Eve, of bright orange lights in the sky.

“Think about it. They’re on days like July 1,” says Vike.

He has determined that the lights are actually Thai or Chinese lanterns, alternately called UFO balloons.

Commonly lit during the same special occasions that call for fireworks, the devices work much like a hot-air balloon, with a candle lit inside a globe.

The unit rises as the air in the globe warms up. From a distance, it’s quite bright and could be difficult to identify, said Vike.

For up-to-date sightings and links to Vike’s blog, please visit

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