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Did You See The Ahwatukee Lights?

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By Allison Hurtado. 

Ahwatukee Foothills News.

Just over a month after the anniversary of the Phoenix Lights some mysterious lights appeared over Ahwatukee Foothills.

I didn’t see the lights myself, but Ahwatukee Foothills resident Laurie Elle did and she did her best to snap photos and video before the lights disappeared.

Laurie said it was Saturday, March 24 when she saw the lights. She was sitting in her front room working on Facebook and getting ready to leave for the night. When she opened her door she saw some strange moving lights near Pecos Road.

The lights were flashing red and moving from west to east in clusters of about 10. Laurie says the lights were very close but they made no noise.

As someone who grew up with a dad in the military and later married an airplane technician, Laurie said she would be someone to recognize an airplane or helicopter and that’s not what this was.

“I just cannot figure it out,” Laurie said. “How could something be so low and so close and make no noise? It was just incredible.”

Laurie wasn’t the only one to see the lights. A posting on tells the story of several orange-red lights seen moving from west to east over Ahwatukee around the same time.

The poster saw six to eight lights in a formation first, then more lights lower on the horizon in no apparent formation moving much quicker.

“In all, I believe I saw approximately 18 lights moving around the sky,” the post said. “What we saw did not seem to fit with anything that any of us had seen before. These lights did not match the videos of the original Phoenix Lights… These objects weren’t following any of the usual airline traffic patterns and did not have the same lights as commercial aircraft. We could see other aircraft coming in to approach Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and other regional airports at the time of this sighting, and these lights were in a very different area, displaying different colors, and behaving very differently.”

I asked the Federal Aviation Association about the lights and Ian Gregor, spokesperson for the FAA, said they had not observed any unusual aircraft in the area.

He didn’t offer any guesses of his own as to what the lights could have been.

Brian Vike, who runs his own blog documenting strange sightings (, said so far in his research he hadn’t seen anything about the lights over Ahwatukee on March 24, but that he’s seen a rise in sightings recently.

“I might have something in the inboxes, but I am so swamped with sighting reports it isn’t funny coming from worldwide,” Vike wrote in an email. “Seems we can post anywhere from 10 to well over 20 sighting reports per day.

“So far in 2012, this is for January, February and March, we have posted 1,179 and there is still close to 70 to 80 reports to get to. For some unknown reason, sightings are up over every kind of object you can think of.”

Vike encourages anyone who has seen something to tell him about it through his email,

So with a rise in sightings worldwide, is there something going on or just more paranoia?

Laurie said if it was something strange flying over Ahwatukee on March 24, it was nothing to be feared.

“It was peaceful,” she said. “If it was them, then they didn’t do anything. They were in a hurry, they were quick, checking things out, and then they were gone, and I just watched. There was nothing scary about it.”

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