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RCMP Officer Shoots At Unknown 1967 Kitimat British Columbia UFO Incident

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Date:  1967

Brian, are you aware of the 1967 so called UFO incident in Kitimat? I was involved in this incident during the winter of that year.

Me and a few friends were walking on the outskirts of Kitimat one snowy dark evening when we heard a strange beeping noise out in the bush. Within a half an hour a large group of local residents gathered along with us to listen to this electronic beeping noise.

Shortly thereafter, the RCMP showed up and formed about 12 of us into 2 groups. Each group was to walk along one side of this ravine that went into the bush towards this blue light. It was the dead of winter and there was a lot of snow in the bush.

I was with one of those groups accompanied by an RCMP officer. There was a blue glowing light off in the bush along with this electronic beeping noise.

After about 20 minutes, we heard 4 or 5 gunshots, and our RCMP officer told us all to get out of the bush. When we got back to the road, the other group that had traversed the other side of the ravine was already out on the road.

Everyone in that group was very scared and apparently, the RCMP officer in that group shot into a tree at "something?" They all saw something in the tree, but no-one wanted to talk about it! This RCMP officer was as white as a sheet and saw something in the tree apparently with the rest of them and felt compelled to shoot at it?

Well, before one knew it, there were electronic and UFO experts coming to Kitimat from all over the world. The beeping noise continued for many weeks and the electronic experts from Vancouver stated that it was an electronic source of some sort.

The local Natives just laughed and stated that the beeping noise was a rare Owl. They could not however explain the blue glowing light out in the bush that night. It was what we were trying to see when our two groups went into the bush.

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