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Inside The Mind Of Brian Vike

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

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Main Entry: para·nor·mal

Function: adjective

* Not scientifically explainable*

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" - William Shakespeare.

Brian Vike, Director of HBBC UFO Research, has kindly taken the time to answer a few questions for our PROOF readers. A web search on Brian reveals hits in the thousands. He isn't a ghost hunter,  if your home has a spirit, contact PROOF.  But, if you have seen some unexplainable lights in the sky, or perhaps a large hairy beast strolling in your back yard, he is the man to tell. Virtually everyday, you will find him at his keyboard, typing as fast as his fingers can type.

Getting reports filed & online. Folks from literally all over the world, find their way to Mr. Vike. He has provided a safe & well ­ established site for UFO reports. Everyday average folks like you & me, as well as a vast number of reports from the military & government officials end up on his site. From Argentina to Nova Scotia, & everywhere in between. A regular guest on the Jeff Rense show, The Wayne & Jayne show, and has made appearances on countless others.

Proof Tracey:  Brian, I would like to thank you for taking the time to let our PROOF readers get to know you better.

Could you share a little bit about & what you hope to see accomplished from it?

Brian Vike: HBCC UFO Research was formed due to the interest I have in the UFO topic. This going back many years from watching Sci-Fi movies, etc. I later got into astronomy and belonged to two different organizations. One being in the United States called the American Variable Star Observers and the other The Royal Astronomical Association of Canada. Actually I was going to focus mainly on investigating UFO sightings from here in British Columbia, Canada. But due to the large amount of sighting reports that came in, I soon moved HBCC UFO Research to covering sightings worldwide. Of course the idea is to try to solve the many cases that arrive here. Most are explainable, and then there are the ones that leave me scratching my head. Right now I am taking HBCC UFO Research International with hopes of offering people a better service.

Proof Tracey: At this point, all we can do is offer our opinions, theories, thoughts on life beyond this planet. Keeping that in mind, & going through your archived reports & comparing that to more recent years, it seems the UFO reports are on the rise. Do you think UFO activity has increased in current years, or do you think it is just a matter of more people coming forward with what they have witnessed, as when in earlier years, they might have seen something, but not come forward in fear of ridicule?

Brian Vike: I certainly do believe UFO activity has increased and is increasing every year. I guess the population is growing each and every year by millions, more folks to possibly observe something. Also I do believe that people are becoming more open minded to the idea that there may be life out there somewhere. But of course, if there is life, do they have the means to travel the great distances to get here? Always more questions than answers it seems. The internet has become the tool of choice by many filing reports, it is easy to file a report, plus they still can keep in the shadows from others, who may ridicule them, but the ridicule factor is still here and we loose a lot of reports due to people not wanting to get involved.

Proof Tracey:  Brian what advice would you give to someone that has encountered a UFO, but is hesitant or embarrassed to report it?

Brian Vike: My advice to anyone who has been witness to a UFO sighting would be, look around for someone in the field you can hopefully feel comfortable with. Someone who will protect your privacy at all costs. Not passing your personal information "to anyone" for any reason. Matter of fact I have run into just this, other UFO people believe my privacy policy is wrong to some degree and believing I should pass a witnesses private information along to them so they can look into each reported sighting, this of course without a witnesses prior permission. But due to my privacy policy, which is strict, I will not give out any witness's information. I state this on my site and follow my own guidelines. If we want people to file a report, then we better respect these people and get permission from each of them to pass their personal information along to someone else. I believe this is one of the most important areas of UFOlogy. Speaking for myself, anyone who sends their UFO report to HBCC UFO, they can be assured that their personal information will stay here with me. Also people shouldn't feel hesitant or embarrassed about filing a report, if you see something then I would suggest reporting it. Like yourselves, I am looking for the answer to what you saw, and I am sure you also would like to have an answer. Plus millions are seeing unusual sights, you're not alone.

Proof Tracey:  Indeed excellent advice & a wonderful policy Brian!

Proof Tracey:  Could you give us your personal definition of UFOlogy?

Brian Vike: I guess my definition for UFOlogy would be trying to solve the large question, is there life out there and are or were they here.

Proof Tracey: What got you interested in UFO research?

Brian Vike: My love for astronomy and the unexplained is what pretty much got me into UFOlogy, I like a good mystery. Plus if hard evidence could be provided to say they are here or visiting our planet, this would be earth shattering news.

Proof Tracey: Have you ever encountered a UFO?

Brian Vike: Yes I have been witness to a UFO; certainly it was and still is an unexplained event. This sighting took place here where I reside, in Houston, British Columbia and was witnessed by others and excellent video footage was taken. When one watches something such as I did that is so unusual, it really can be a life changing experience.

Proof Tracey: Amazing!!

Proof Tracey: Looking back on some reports sent to you, & taking into consideration, that there are several different types of reported UFOs, what are your thoughts on whether there may be more than one type of life beyond our galaxy?

Brian Vike: There is the possibility of there being more than one kind, or type of life form out there. We hear stories on just this topic all the time. But once again, these are stories related to us and as it stands right now, I have no proof to back up any of these claims people make. Until we do receive the hard evidence, we will still wonder.

Proof Tracey: Brian, are there any current projects you are working on that you would like to share with our readers?

Brian Vike: I haven't anything big in the works; I am slowly putting together a yearly magazine which will carry only the best of the best cases. I am also trying to put together a documentary, having the best of the best cases told. Other than this, just keeping busy with looking into the many reports I receive.

Proof Tracey: In all the years of reports you have received, what are some consistencies & similarities that you have found within these reports? I.e. no sound when UFO was present.

Brian Vike: Of course there are a number of different objects/crafts being observed, but still there are similarities. You noted about the sound, most unknowns witnessed seem to not produce any sound. Lights on objects are similar in color or shape. Many objects around airports and military bases look close to being the same shape and having the same features. I guess there is a good variety of them out there, but still many carry the same similarities.

Proof Tracey:  In the past, I have watched documentaries that have dealt with USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) Have you received reports of USOs?

Brian Vike: I may have received maybe two reports on USOs, many above water, but not much has come in where a craft is observed going in and out of a body of water.

Proof Tracey: What drives you to keep going with your research?

Brian Vike: Basically trying to find the answer, are they here! Also I really do enjoy listening to someone tell their story of what they saw. This can be amazing.

Proof Tracey: Can you tell us a little bit about The Vike Report?

Brian Vike: The Vike Report is the actual eyewitness retelling what experience they had, either a UFO sighting or a Missing Time event. I placed 127 of these audio reports onto two CD which I have for sale on my website. I had them free for everyone at one point until there got to be so many MP3 clips that I had to remove them from the website due to the clips taking up a ton of bandwidth. But these are the eyewitnesses telling me their stories in a telephone interview.

Proof Tracey:  Any advice for the avid sky watcher?

Brian Vike: Any advice I would give to a sky watcher would be when observing something strange, make notes. Try to remember as much detail as possible about what you saw. If others are with you, please have them file a report as well. Someone always sees something just a little different and their information is so helpful. But the main thing is to have the date, time and as much detail as possible. Anything that may be left out, I will write the witness back to see what other information they may not have provided in their report.

Proof Tracey: Excellent advice Brian.

Proof Tracey:  Do you have any reports that have really stuck with you, & why?

Brian Vike: Gosh yes, I have a number of report or cases that I am still baffled over. One for example is the * Missing Time case out of Kelowna B.C. It really is frustrating when one spends so much time and can't get the answers to solve the mystery. There was and still is lots of physical evidence to say something weird happened that night. Many witnessed watch objects in the sky that night and even in the area where the missing time took place.  But to this day, this has to be one of the most frustrating cases for me, all due to never getting answers from the ones who would know. If it military or some other official. There are also many more cases like this I haven't a clue over as to what happened, or I should say what caused the event.

Proof Tracey:  Many of our readers might be intrigued to know, that in addition to UFO reports that you also deal with Bigfoot sightings as well. Along those lines, you yourself have taken an active role in the past in the hunt for Sasquatch. Have you collected any significant evidence?

Brian Vike: I really enjoy the Sasquatch/Bigfoot topic. I will certainly investigate a report if it should come into me. I do have some good reports from different areas. But as for significant evidence, no I really don't have this. I do have photos of areas where the critter was alleged to have been seen, alleged droppings of the critter. But no hard evidence.

Proof Tracey: What are your thoughts on whether or not, a Sasquatch species might possibly exist?

Brian Vike: Sasquatch like UFOs, they have been seen for years and years. Our native people talk about the Sasquatch for generations. Same goes for UFOs, I guess if I am to believe in the possibility of UFOs, then I should have an open mind to Sasquatch.

Proof Tracey: Well said Brian.

Proof Tracey: Mr. Vike, in closing, I would like to give my sincere thank you. This has been an enjoyable, & a learning experience.

Tracey H.

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The photos shown in the missing time case in Kelowna B.C. may be graphic to some of our readers, & viewer discretion is advised.

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