Thursday, April 1, 2021

UFO's Spotted Over Barrhead

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The Daily Record Newspaper.

Those spooky unidentified flying objects are at it again – this time in Barrhead!

The Paisley Daily Express has already revealed how eagle-eyed believers have reported two separate UFO sightings – one in Elderslie and another in Renfrew.

Now every Buddie’s favorite newspaper can reveal that a report has been posted on a top UFO-spotting website detailing a sighting in Barrhead.

The shocked eyewitness told the UK UFO website: “When I was out in the garden, I could see two luminous blue objects from a distance. They flew overhead silently and at speed.

“As they flew above me, I could see the bottom of the UFO, which looked like it was in segments and they were a very bright blue colour.

“As they passed, the nearest UFO was of a luminous red colour as if it had changed its colour. They were both too fast and too silent to be planes or helicopters.”

The sighting is the only one on this website from the Paisley area.

Previous sightings in Elderslie and Renfrew were posted on the Canada-based HBCC UFO Research website.

In Elderslie, a couple saw two strange objects flying high in the sky near to Glasgow Airport.

One of the believers told the website: “We saw the orange objects quite far apart outside the front of my home and went to the back of the house to watch them.

“They were about a mile from Glasgow Airport and we were able to observe planes arriving and taking off from the airport at the same time but these two objects were much higher and moving quite slow.

“These did not have landing lights on them, just an orange glow.”

And, in Renfrew, two UFOs were spotted close to the town’s police station.

A man who reported the sighting said: “At first, I thought they were helicopters but there was no noise and they emitted a bright, almost off-white light.

“They didn’t move and, when the bus came, I kept looking at them. The bus travelled for about four miles and they stayed in the same place.

“The height must have been about 200 feet and, as it was a clear, cold night, the stars were visible but these lights were an awful lot closer to the ground.”

UFO expert Brian Vike is urging Buddies to be on the alert amid suggestions that aliens could be keeping an eye on Paisley and neighbouring towns and villages.

Brian, who is director of the HBCC UFO Research organization, told the Express that sightings of unidentified flying objects are becoming more common in Renfrewshire.

And he believes the truth is out there.

Brian said: “There are still many people who do not have the use of a computer to search for a UFO investigator.

“ A lot of times, people will see something odd and keep it to themselves or maybe talk about it with their families and we miss this valuable information.” 

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