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Close Encounter With A Disc Shaped Craft/UFO Over Dayton Ohio (Telephone Interview/Graphic/Maps)

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

You can listen to the interview I did with Jim over his sighting and some others he also related. Please click on the following link.

Date: July 1982

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Disc.

Full Description of event/sighting: To whom it may concern, I have had three UFO sightings in my life, all of them being daylight sightings. One when I was around eight years old, another when I was around 35 years old, but the one that I will describe is by far the very best. At the age of 26, I am now 50 years old.

It's been a long time since I made this sighting, but have visited the site approximately every other year to keep it fresh in my memory. The sighting occurred in the summer (July?) of 1982, in Dayton, Ohio within an approximate radius of four miles from Wright Patterson AFB.

I had just pulled up to a local watering hole after work (Filthy McNasty's was the name of the establishment, believe it or not) with my best friend who I worked/carpooled with. I am a tool design engineer and he is a tool and die maker. From our work experience, we both are very well trained in regards to knowing the size of things big and small.

Filthy’s is located approximately 300 yards from the great Miami River and about 100 yards from Rip Rap Road which parallels the river and lies between itself and the river. It basically sits in the middle of an abandoned field, surrounded by flat farm fields and woods.

The time was approximately 6:00 p.m., the weather was good, with a clear blue sky, with little or no wind. A typical, hot, humid, stagnant, miserable summer day in Ohio. (Can you tell how much I like the weather in Ohio)?

As I was saying, we had just pulled up in the parking lot with the car facing west. We got out and started walking north for about 100 feet to the entrance, when something (a movement/reflection?) to our left (south) caught both of out eyes at the same time.

At a distance of 100 yards (I have measured this) and at approximate height of 200 feet (we had trees in the foreground very close to the road that I have measured the height of, by comparing the objects height to the height of the trees which I feel confident of the height estimate) was a dull gray metallic round object. It almost looked like something out of a 1950's bad Sci-Fi movie.

Two pie pans stacked facing each other with a streamlined "dome" on the top side only. The object was directly over the road and following it's course north at a speed of approximately 35 miles an hour. I have also measured this with myself standing in the exact spot and my friend driving the car on the road (and vice versa) at various speeds. We both picked the speed of 35 MPH.

The object was approximately 35 to 40 feet in diameter, I was a draftsman at the time, and had several size/angles of ellipse templates at work. So the following morning we stood at a distance of three feet from a wall which I had taped all of these templates to.

With the object of this being to pick out what we thought the object looked like. Not only the size, but the projected angle (share/profile). We both did this by ourselves, without knowing what size or shape the other had picked.

To my surprise we both picked the same shape, and more to my surprise, we were within approximately 10% of picking the same size. By using a little trigonometry and knowing a few measurements I calculated the size. So unless I am fundamentally wrong with how I did my calculations, I am very confident of the size that I estimate.

We also parked a Ford F-100 pickup out on the road and both of us stood in the "spot" and compared the size of the truck on the ground with the size of the object in the air. We both agreed that the object looked between two and three times the length of the truck, and so knowing the length of the truck, it fit really well with my calculations.

After we first spotted the object, it continued going north, at the same speed, following the path of the road. There were no erratic moments, no change in altitude, or any increase/decrease in speed. We both watched it for approximately 3 to 4 minutes until it was lost to sight in the haze a little above the horizon. After the object was lost to sight we went inside and discussed what we saw over a few cold beers.

What strikes me as odd, is that we didn't talk that much about it that night or after that. Maybe we were/are still dumbfounded by what we saw. This is not an exaggeration, if I saw a pickup truck at that height and distance, I wouldn't be able to tell you it's license plate number, but I damn sure could tell you what color, make and model it was.

There is one other thing that we both thought was very strange. There is a beach volleyball court in front of Filthy's and know more than 75 yards from the road. I would guess that there were between 15 and 20 people playing at the time. The net runs north and south, so half the people were facing east and the other half were facing west, and would have had an even closer view of the object than we did. I can see the half facing east missing it all together, but Ill be damned if I can figure out why no one player facing west spotted it.

We were both watching them for some reaction but there was not so much as a word said. We both were so dumbstruck that we just stood there with our jaws hanging on the ground and didn't raise the alarm to anyone. In fact we didn't say anything at all to each other the whole time except at the very beginning when I said, "What the hell is that !

To the best of my knowledge, all info contained in this statement is accurate and true. I know a fair amount about UFOs and the quality of the sighting/people.

So I have to tell you, this was a sweet one. No mysterious lights at night, and some moron wearing an Indian headdress claiming that he was whisked away to Venus (Maybe you've seen the film clips of this guy).

You have a multiple witness sighting, well trained, credible professionals.

You have a distance of no more than 125 yards away, with perfect viewing conditions.

I wouldn't have even reported this, except for the fact that it's been nagging at me for almost 25 years now. Maybe it will help me get rid of some of the nag. Plus, I like reading about sightings, so maybe someone will find this interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for listening.

In this interview Brian Vike talked with a fellow who gave a awesome description of the Black Triangle UFO he observed. The size of this clip is 67.9 mbs and it is 45 minutes in length.

You can listen to the interview I did with Jim over his sighting and some others he also related. Please click on the following link.

Thank you to the eyewitness for their amazing sighting report.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Police Officer Observes Huge Cylinder Craft Hovering And Smaller Disc UFO Lands In Northport Florida

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  February 4, 1991

Time:  Around noon.

On February 4, 1991 at about 12 noon while traveling north on route 41 in Northport I saw a huge cylinder UFO hovering above an intersection of I think Jacobean Road and a 4 or 6 lane highway with a divider.

I stopped at a light at the intersection behind a car carrying 3 women. There was also a Northport cop working an accident at that intersection. As I (and by the way I was also a Lee County Sheriff Department in a patrol car) was about to turn right into the highway, the woman in front of me swerved and went off the road.

They were all looking up and seemed to be panicking. I then looked up also and saw a huge UFO. Other cars across the road pulled over and watched too. While under the thing, I noticed  a smaller disc at about 100 feet high moving across the road.

It stopped and hovered, then did a falling leaf kind of thing then disappeared momentarily then reappeared  at a lower altitude and then landed in the woods off the highway. I continued to Fort Myers for my meeting.

When returning off RT75 I went to that area where I thought it landed and found nothing. The next day I returned to the area and searched for landing gear impressions and found none.

I noticed that this place was a large area with a grid of over grown streets as if it were to be a subdivision, so it could of landed anywhere. I might add that the UFO looked at first like a blimp, but when I got under it I saw that it was metallic in nature and very big.

I'm thinking the disc came out of the UFO which I actually didn’t see happening. At that time I heard nothing of other witnesses and never heard of anyone else seeing this.

To this day it's always on my mind. I have over the years contacted several UFO organizations to no avail.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Thank you to the officer for their sighting report.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

A Silent Three Angled Chevron Shape UFO Halifax Nova Scotia

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  November 2, 2004.

Time:  Approximately 11:15 p.m.

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Chevron, of sorts.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was out having a smoke on a balcony over looking the Bedford Basin and the Mackay bridge around 11:15 p.m. I was looking up into the sky as usual, and it caught my eye.

It was a 3 angled chevron shape, it is hard to describe. It was completely silent, and dark. It didn't appear to be lit up, but I did notice red sort of diamond shapes on it.

Maybe they were the lights, but they weren't on? I don't know, but it's movements were very unlike an airplane. I see airplanes flying both low and high every night, and this was nothing like it.

It flew in half an arc, then it appeared to do a barrel roll and then it disappeared. It was nothing like your typical UFO sighting.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Glowing Object As Large As A Locomotive East Of Gregore Mills Ontario

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  December 14, 2005

Time:  6:45 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Not sure.

Full Description of event/sighting: I'm sending you this report for my sister as she doesn't have a computer, and it is with her permission. This sighting took place at 6:45 pm on December 14, 2005.

They live on a side road that runs off highway #11 near a small village named Fauqier in Northern Ontario and they live five miles east of there in a small kind of hamlet called Gregore Mills.

She was sitting in living room beside the sliding glass doors she saw a bright light across the road. The distance was about 150 feet from her house, in a field that was used for a small plane.

She stood up to see, and asked her husband what is that ? This is in her words is what she saw.

What looked like huge windows or lights as large as a locomotive with the bright glow of an oil lamp. The colors were beautiful, like gas swirling on water. The light was moving down the field and the height was about half way up the trees, very close. She said she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

She said she counted, 1001, 1002, 1003 and it just blinked out.

Since it wasn't quite a black night, the yard light was the only other light. This they use to keep wolves and bears away. Everything otherwise is not influenced by light pollution from any- where if you need to talk to her you can contact her through me.

Thank you to the sister for passing along the information from the witness.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

UFO Shadowing Witnesses Car At East Northeast Murphysboro Lake Illinois

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  August 1994

Time:  8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Brian Vike's Note: In this report the witness did provide a lot of names, which I either removed or changed.

Location of Sighting: Back roads approximately 4-7 miles east-northeast Murphysboro Lake continuing to approximately 1 mile west of Cambria.

Number of witnesses: 6

Number of objects: 1, 2, or 3 depending on if they could morph or camouflage their appearance.

Full Description of event/sighting: Coming home from fishing at Murphysboro Lake one hot summer dusk (August 1994) my friends and I came within extremely close proximity to a very large pyramidal type black ship. 

The first strange thing started when I was gazing out the window into the eastern sky as we had just decided to take the back roads back to Herrin from Murphysboro Lake. I believe it was myself who first piped up about the strange "star" that seemed to be shadowing us from a sort of strategic defense posture. 

It was hovering over a field in the east 200-300 feet of the ground, 100- 200 yards away. The object was spherical, pulsating, "orbing" and began to shift to an orangish, yellowish, goldish "orbing". I notified my friends that something strange seemed to be keeping pace with us for some reason.

That's not a star. My friend says, yeah I see it too. My two other friends are also in the car. Sam is the driver. As we approached a "T" in the road up ahead we decided we should attempt to cut off the pulsating light ahead by making a right turn to the east. 

As we made the right turn I was transfixed by the object of light and ever so unexpectedly the light turn right exactly when we did and maintained an exact parallel course to us after "shadowing" us for one minute or two more the object seemed to be advancing on our position.

The light became brighter and went out of sight for a moment. We realized in a second or two that it went over our heads ever so silently. At this point we stopped the car on the side of the road and got outside. We looked north in to a wooded valley, 100 yards away or so. We could clearly see that something had landed in the forest.

It appeared to be a large pyramidal structure that was very much stable. It seemed impossible that such a large structure could exist in those woods, because the trees were to dense 80-100 year old oak and hickory trees. You could see that the forest was dense, but the object was not. 

There was a silver strobe light at the apex of this pyramid structure flashing at a quick rate as if charging up. The light was lighting up the entire forest. We were observing this from about seventy to a 100 yards away and about 20 30 feet from the north side of the road. My friend pipes up and says, lets go meet the aliens. 

We thought about it for like one second and decided unanimously that we should leave considering that we know that there was a large pyramid type craft. The size of which could be the size of a large house or more. We decided we had to at least tell somebody about this and see if we could make any sense of what it is and what it's intentions were.

We were very worked up about this but in a very solemn, oh heck sort of way. We knew a friend who lived in that area of those back roads named John. I don't know his last name, but I do know that he is a well known mechanic in the area and we went to his place sort of at the beginning of Cambrias western back roads, so about a mile or two west of that is where the craft landed.

We raced off to John's place, he has a pond outside his country auto shop. We tell John he's got some crazy stuff flying around his backyard, and that a UFO just landed a mile or two that way in a wooded valley.  Another man was present and we told them both that we should go outside to check it out, because they would for sure see one or it.

So all six of us are standing out by his pond facing the north western sky in the direction it had landed. For 3-5 minutes we stood scanning the sky, I was looking east when I felt a presence on the left side of my head northwest. I turned and looked up at an object about 100 - 150 feet above our heads and about 200 feet NW of our location. The ship was a triangular shaped craft when viewed from the underside as it floated silently closer.

There were three amber, yellow colored lights. One at each apex of the triangular underside of the ship. There was one large diameter circular bluish white light in the center of the underside, which cast light directly down in a tube. There was what I call a search light scanning the area and lighting up the surrounding trees as the craft lit up the ground, trees, and us in a sweeping grazing motions. 

The craft came to a pause directly above us at about 75 feet, it was completely silent and the size of about 3/4 of a football field. Looking up the side of the craft, it ascends at peak about a 75-100 feet above the base of the craft. The craft seemed to lack solidity while at same time being solid halfway to the top of the craft seemed to be a slit that appeared to be windows.

I could see light in the windows of an amber color and shadows moving within. I knew there were "people" of some kind in that craft. There was a red light zinging around the pyramid structure, approximately 50 feet above the base of this triangular pyramid dark metal, but dull as if sucking in light. At the apex of this structure I could see the silver strobe that had been lighting up the woods. It is my opinion that this ship can somehow shift, or phase from place to place and can exist in the same place at different times.

I don't know exactly how long the craft hovered above us, it could have been 20 seconds to a couple minutes. We couldn't really believe what we were seeing, but we were being forced to. This thing had intentions for us that night, I am sure of it, just by it's behavior alone. 

This event changed my life forever. I would never look at the world the same again and the contacts kept happening in the area for over 4 or five years. I had a few more sightings, not as close as the others but still the same triangular craft near Herrin cemetery year or two later. A gentleman was ahead of me in his car and I saw a UFO, same type triangular floating above us a 100 feet or so.

I pull him over, he gets out and says he doesn't know what that is and it fly's away  ever so silently and darkly. Anyway there were many incidents that multiple witnesses were either chased or shadowed by these type of UFOs. I have waking dreams were I am paralyzed by an invisible presence in the room and could feel a sensation of being pulled off of the bed I was sleeping on.

 I have been attacked in these waking dreams frequently at my mother and fathers residence in the past.  My grandfather who built the house said in the forties or so he saw something fly over the yard in broad daylight and did not make a noise. My grandmother said a glowing ball of "fire" came into her living room through a closed window and went back out that same window after buzzing around the room. My grandfather on my mothers side would curse "demons" at his bedside and was thoroughly obsessed with the devil.

P.S. - The exact dates of these occurrences  are unknown but possibly could be ascertained or delivered through research and interview if needed (main event occurred in August 1994, all of my sightings occurred from 1993 - 1998 or so) waking dreams occurred more frequently in mother and fathers house around May - August 2000 Grandpa dads side flying house sighting 30's or 40's can be corroborated by other family that said he told them about it as well--grandpa moms side took mom and dad to weird people 1977 or so --- cursed "demons" at the foot of his bed for sure in the 80's and probably his whole life.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Eyewitness To The Kecksburg UFO Crash (Audio Interview)

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

You can listen to the interview I did with the eyewitness at the following link:

On December 9, 1965 hundreds of eyewitnesses watched an amazing object streak across the sky, the object was witnessed from Canada all the way to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania where the object crash landed. Soon after it was reported to be a spectacular meteorite by military and other officials. Eyewitnesses who saw the object, claimed what they saw sitting in a ravine was certainly no meteorite, but rather an unknown object.

I received an email from a gentleman who told me he had been witness to the crashed object at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. What I didn't realize was that this fellow, who was 15 years old at the time, and out hunting with his brother and a friend may have been the first eyewitness to actually see the crashed object.

In the interview I have done with him, he goes on to tell of an amazing story and notes that later in life while serving in the military he came across a pilot who was scrambled to intercept the Kecksburg UFO. Because I feel that this is such an important piece to the puzzle I have decided to post the audio clip to my website where visitors can listen to the actual audio interview which can be heard at the link below.

I would like to give my many thanks to the eyewitness for his excellent report. Also I would like to encourage any other folks who have been witness to this event, or have any information to please contact me at:

I have written up the report which I have taken from the audio interview I did with the eyewitness today, October 22, 2005. The full report is below.

As mentioned above I called the witness on October 22, 2005 and took his statement of the events that he remembers happening in  Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. The man was very aware of what he saw, although this event took place so many years ago. So he went on to explain why he was in the area at the time of the amazing experience and of course described what he saw.

The witness said it was a particularly warm night for December, by local standard it was rather balmy he told me. He, his brother and a friend decided to go raccoon hunting. They gathered up the three dogs and drove out to an area called Freeman Falls. From there the fellows all split up and had  agreed to  meet back at the truck.

They were walking through the woods with quite a bit of space between them.   Larry, the man I spoke with, was at the lowest end of the line, which had him closer to where the crash site was going to be. At one point, as he was moving through the woods, he looked back in the direction of Kecksburg because a bright light happened to catch his eye.

His first thoughts were that it was a plane with a orange landing light on it, but quickly realized that the light was just to bright to be on a plane, and seemed now to be a plane on fire or in trouble. All of a sudden whatever it was, changed course 90 degrees very abruptly.

At this point the object was heading directly towards his position but again it made another course change, moving away from him. Then suddenly its direction changed once more and  seemed to be heading straight for him. 

He stated that it appeared to maintain a certain altitude then all of a sudden made a sharp dip downwards from roughly 500 to 600 feet in altitude to approximately 300 feet and at a high rate of speed. Standing rather in shock, he assumed his brother and friend had also seen this due to it's brightness and flying at such a low level. But he told me that the other two people had not seen it, which  may have been  due to them being a distance away from him. From this point he watched it come down.

He moved quickly threw the woods with one of the dogs to the area where the object had crashed  and scrambled down into the ravine, thinking he might be able to help someone from the crash. He immediately noticed a small brush fire had started around the crash area.   Once in the ravine and close enough to the crashed object, he quickly figured out that what he was looking at was not an airplane that he knew of.

The object had partially dug itself into the ravine and he could see that  approximately two to three feet of it was buried into the ground. He noted the back side of the object was flat and approximately five feet in diameter and the sides looked textured/rippled.

Larry had with him a six volt dry cell light that he was using for raccoon hunting, he shone the light on the object and could see that it was steaming due to the intense heat it was giving off, plus some smoke due to the small brush fires that had been started.

With his light, he tried to see if there was any kind of opening or identifying markings on it, but saw a metal band about one foot up from the base. Larry could clearly see some kind of drawings or lettering on the band. It was maybe two inches wide. Still looking at the lettering or figures, to him they made no sense or were not any written language he had seen before. He said there were a series of dots, swirls, triangular shapes and some looked like crosses with two lateral lines running across them.

At the time, he was only about 15 feet away from the bronze colored object and seeing Larry was looking at something very unknown to him, his next thought was to go back to get his brother and then to seek or get to the phone to call for help. He climbed back out of the ravine, couldn't find his dog anywhere, then whistled and his dog did finally come to him.

Running through the bush and yelling out his brothers name, he finally met up with his brother and the friend. The first thing out of Larry's brother's mouth was, "my god, what was it"? Larry took his brother and friend to the area where the object was embedded into the ground to show them, all of them at a bit of a distance and the other two could not figure out what it was either.

Then the fellows all heard the fire engines coming in their direction from Kecksburg. Seeing the fire department was on the way, Larry's brother mentioned that there wasn't much they could do, so they left and took the dogs home.

(Note: Larry thought it was important to note that when the three of the fellows were standing looking at the object, and having their dogs with them all of the dogs were certainly agitated and had the hair standing up on their backs and sniffing the air. The dogs also kept trying to hide behind the fellows as the leashes were getting caught up in the guys legs).

After the brothers arrived home they told their parents about what they had seen and that got the boys father's curiosity going and they decided to go back for another look. Larry said at that time alot of folks were driving up to the area to see what had happened.  Of course by this time the Mount Pleasant Fire Department was on the scene as they thought they were heading to a plane crash.

Of course when the general public and Larry and his family arrived near the location where he saw the object, the Sheriff's department had already erected a barrier across the road and not allowing anyone to get close to the crash site. When Larry's father asked the Sheriff what had happened, he said he had no information other than the Fire Department was dealing with the incident.

Eventually they left and went back home, and watched the news later that evening but didn't hear anything really on what happened. But the next day Larry went to school and the teachers told the classes that they were not to talk about the event that took place the night before. Actually Larry went on to say that the teachers mentioned that what people saw, was no more than a meteor/meteorite that has crash  landed. As Larry said, he found that rather odd that they weren't to talk about a meteor. Well he knew it wasn't a meteor as he had witnessed it up close and personal, and told his friends about what he witnessed.

(At this point in the interview Larry stated the reason why he was coming out with this now was he hoped that by telling what he saw in the ravine that night, it just might mend the rift that was dividing the community. He also stated that what hit the ground was certainly not a meteor, he wasn't claiming it to be a UFO as he just didn't have any ideas to what it was he saw. He even had thoughts of it being a Russian Space Capsule).

Larry spoke about the reproduction that was made of the object and which was placed on top of the Kecksburg Fire Department, it was very similar to what he saw in the ravine that evening.

As the months and years passed by and things settled down over the event that took place in Kecksburg, it was a few years later when Larry enlisted into the Airforce as a aircraft fighter mechanic, and was stationed at Hamilton AFB which is located in Marin County, CA. He was in the barracks one evening when the alert siren went off and some F106 jet interceptors were scrambled and had intercepted something over the Pacific ocean.

He mentioned that this was common as the Russian and American aircraft would play this cat and mouse game. Over some time the aircraft mechanics and pilots became rather close, and they became good friends. Larry told me that one of the pilots stationed at the base was a very seasoned pilot, did two tours in Vietnam and the next day Larry asked the pilot who was a Major, you guys were scrambled last night, the pilot said yes. Larry asked were the Russian playing games again, and the pilot replied: Quote: "I don't know what the hell it was"!

Larry then started talking to him and related his story of what he saw in the ravine at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Larry said the pilots jaw dropped almost to the ground. And asked, you actually saw it ? Larry said yes and assumed he was the first person to see the object. Well it ended up that the pilot had a good friend who served with the Michigan National Guard back in 1965 who actually intercepted the object which fell in Kecksburg on the same night Larry saw the object.

There were a number of fighter aircraft that had followed the object, or from their aircraft could track it. Larry assumed that the fighter jets had tracked the object for some distance before it hit the ground, but he said he had heard no aircraft on the night the object crashed.

Later on after the Michigan National Guard pilots who followed the object returned to their base, they were told by base commanders that the object had landed in Western Pennsylvania and was nothing more than a meteorite. End of story!

Brian Vike asked Larry if he roughly knew when the military showed up in the town of Kecksburg. He said approximately one hour after the object crashed. I also asked how far away any military base would have been from the crash site. Larry said the nearest base was not all that far away. (Brian Vike is wondering how the military was able to arrive so quickly after the object crashed, and in force by the sounds of it.

Then one looks at the fighter aircraft already being sent out and following the object, the military knew ahead of time where the unknown had come down, or at least the approximate location where to look. Of course Larry believed the military were also already on their way as well as they had to have been tracking it as it came in).

Larry said another thing he felt important to mention was, that night of the crash when they came back with their father to the crash area, the Fire Department were there along with the police who did have the road blocked off so no traffic was able to pass by as I mentioned in the report above. But then the next day  the family traveled back to the area where the object came down, Larry said the military were everywhere!

And in another hamlet called Mammoth the military were walking all over the area and with a barrier set up, and on the barrier there was a sign which read, "deadly force authorized beyond this point", "no admittance" and the soldiers were carrying M-14's weapons and Larry said they were pointing the guns in the direction of people. And of course the military still telling everyone in the community that all the object was, was a meteorite.

As Larry said, why all the fuss and pointing weapons at folks if all it was, was a meteorite.

Larry also remarks, when the military really lost credibility, is when they said nothing had landed.

Anyway he went on to say it was the night of the second day of the crash, or the night after the crash the military removed what ever it was on a flatbed truck covered with a large tarp and rumors were saying it went to Wright-Patterson AFB.

Larry also said folks living at the junction at Media Road (?) witnessed the military trucks (a number of them) moving into the area, one appeared to be a mobile command unit and pulling a trailer. A perimeter was set up all around the crash site.

Larry said about a year or two after the crash, and them still hunting in the area when his brother was coming over the top of a hill and walking through a hay field he came across a K- ration can. After his brother found the one K- ration, he kicked the ground a little bit and discovered a few more cans, of course military issue.

The fellows investigated a little more to see if they might find any more trash left behind by the military, and Larry said nothing else was found. They swept the area in a circular pattern, but he thought it might be interesting if someone was to go to the area with a metal detector to see what, if anything, they might be able to find, which might provide an answer to how the area was cordoned off to the general public by the military.

So there we have an interesting report from a person who had an incredible experience, one I am sure he will never ever forget.

You can listen to the interview I did with the eyewitness at the following link:

I would also like to thank Larry for allowing me to do an interview with him for the audio portion, and also for a fascinating report.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Large Hovering Orange UFO Shoots Red Beam Of Light At Witness Continuing UFO Encounters Frederic Wisconsin

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date: Events started at the end of July, beginning of August 2004

Time: Events started roughly at 10:00 p.m.

Brian Vike was contacted by way of telephone late one evening. A fellow by the name of Shawn, asked me for some help as he and his family were going through a number of unusual experiences, seeing lights/objects which were happening around them on a non stop basis. Shawn was extremely worried for his families safety as any parent would be.

This is Shawn’s story is below.

Shawn said he and his family have property approximately 30 miles north of Frederic in Wisconsin. But this first incident took place before they had moved into their new home.

One night Shawn decided to drive to the local bar to pick up some pizzas for him and his family for dinner. When returning home on the one and a half mile drive he noticed a strange light which was bouncing and zipping across the sky. Shawn knowing this was really unusual, pulled his vehicle off the road and into a gravel pit, turned off the vehicles headlights and sat and watched the light for a short while.

After watching this weird light maneuvering all over the sky he decided to drive home quickly to tell his wife, also thinking if the light was still visible he and his wife might get some video footage of it. The couple grabbed the video camera and headed back outside, and sure enough the light was still moving about the night sky.

They managed to film it, but later on after reviewing the video on the TV, Shawn told me the light shows up as only a speck. He mentioned that what he used to shoot the footage wasn't professional equipment so the object wasn't showing up very good at all. Plus capturing night footage isn't that easy to begin with.

They recently had purchased the home and it wasn't long after that, that strange lights started showing up in the skies. It was only approximately three weeks after the family settled into their home when Shawn was out on the deck and he again saw this strange light. He said it was primarily white and then would flicker a range of colors, red, blue and green and running all around the white light.

He says it would zig zag through the sky and come to a dead stop. He also mentioned that at one point he grabbed a strong flashlight and blinked it off and on in the direction of the weird light. All of a sudden the light flashed back, or Shawn said the light seemed to respond to him actions. He thought, no way, this wasn't happening.

He was totally surprised and went back into the home and asked for his daughter's laser pointer. He brought the pointer outside and shone it across the road to where he could see the beam clearly on the trees. Shawn then moved the laser up the trees and just above where the strange light was sitting in the sky.

When the red laser light hit the object Shawn tuned the pointer off and on a couple of times until he saw a reaction from the mysterious light which immediately turned a solid red and flickered off and on just like what Shawn was doing with the lazar pointer.

After seeing this, he told his family that it was time to head into the house as this was getting just a little freaky for them. I asked him what distance he felt the light was away from his location at the time he pointed the laser at it. His best "guess" would have put the light at maybe four miles away. Seeing the light was so far from him Shawn was asked if he believed it had actually responded to the laser. He said yes, as later that night the object came down over the property.

While going about their business inside the home Shawn and his wife noticed that something orange was illuminating through their picture window at the east side of the house. Normally it is pitch black and you can't see anything. Shawn went to the window to see what was causing the whole area outside to be lit up.

Just outside was a large circular orange ball of light. He described it as being similar to a ball of Jell-O that someone may have punched, as the object was wiggling and oscillating. He said at arms length the object would have been roughly the size of a bowling ball.

He gave a description of the area where the orange ball of light was sitting. He said they live on a pine plantation and his home sits in a notched out area amongst the pine trees. On the east side from his home are six or seven rows of pine trees which have been spaced to allow for better growth. On the back side of the rows of trees there is a pond.

This is where the circular orange object was sitting stationary, just over top of the pond, behind the rows of pine trees. He and his wife were looking through the spaced trees to see the object, it was that low. Another point Shawn made was since it was a plantation the lower branches of the trees are limbed which exposes the trunks and this gave them a great view of the object.

He said the "thing" was really close, maybe 500 to 600 feet away at the most. The couple were observing this at approximately 11:00 p.m./midnight. The entire area had been lit up due to the object's brightness. Shawn grabbed his video camera and his wife grabbed her digital camera and started taking photos.

With the object still stationary over the pond Shawn looked through the view finder on the camera, but saw only blackness. He looked up with his naked eye and the object was still sitting there shining brightly.

His wife took approximately twelve photos of the orange object that night but later after looking at the photos, nothing showed up. It was almost as if her camera stopped functioning properly.

Shawn said all of a sudden he felt a large jolt of electricity surge through his body which almost knocked him backwards to the ground. Both him and his wife panicked after this took place. He asked his wife did she feel that, she said no. At the same time his wife asked him "did you see that?" Shawn said what? She replied, "that thing shot a red light at you." He'd missed seeing the shot of red light because he was busy trying to look through the view finder of the camera.

The frightened couple ran back into the house. As Shawn and his wife made their way upstairs and being visibly shaken up their daughter woke and saw her distressed parents and she got upset. They finally got their daughter settled down and back in bed and to sleep. They were still thinking about what had happened and Shawn decided to have a peep out the window.

There, again was the same light. While he was watching it Shawn said it looked as if someone was striking metal with an arc welder as the flashes from the object were extremely bright. Also beams of bluish colored light were shooting out from the object and across the families yard. As they watched, looking off to the side of the home they observed what appeared to be at least ten of these similar but smaller lights sitting in the air.

Shawn said at this point the wind blew up and literally shook the house and for a while they thought they were going to lose their home due to the strength of the wind. When they saw the ten lit up objects they had no idea if they were all separate objects or one large craft with the different lights on it. It was just to hard to determine Shawn said and he was getting more concerned and scared by the minute.

Shawn said the beams of light were so intense that they lit up the valley. It was approximately 4:00 - 4:30 a.m. when this was taking place and he said three cars drove by on the highway past their home and under the beams of light which were lighting up the entire area.

None of the people driving the vehicles seemed to notice what was happening because Shawn said not a brake light came on, nor did the cars slow down even a little. He was concerned and mentioned to his wife, "don't these people see what is going on".

The whole episode with the wind, lights and beams lasted for approximately three hours off and on during this time. It became so bad that Shawn, his wife and daughter covered the window in their daughters bedroom and huddled in the corner because they were so scared to look outside.

Eventually the wind died down and Shawn felt he just had to have a look out the window and he noticed all of the lights had disappeared. It looked as if whatever was out there had finally gone. Feeling a little relieved the couple sat in their daughter's room discussing and wondering about what had just taken place. Both weren't able to sleep due to their nerves still rattled, and not wanting to leave their daughter's side they remained in her room.

It was finally silence around them and after about forty five minutes Shawn decided to take one last look out the window. His wife said "please don't". He slowly pulled the curtain aside and saw an object in the shape of a half circle, filled with tiny lights heading off towards the southeast. The family was thankful it was all over and finally they could get some sleep.

On another evening one of Shawn's friends came over for a visit, this friend of his has been witness to a number of unusual happenings around this families home. But on this one particular night Shawn was inside talking with his friend's girlfriend and his buddy was outside watching the sky. Finally his friend walked into the house and said you have to come outside and see what is happening in the sky.

When they all went outside and to the west of the home they could see something strange which had a red ball of light at the top and on the bottom. The body of the object was white which extended out leaving the red balls of light sitting in the middle of whatever it was.

Shawn's friend told him to look towards the back of the object and a bit in the distance. Looking through a good pair of binoculars Shawn looked, and could see a red colored pyramid shaped object and the object they first observed seemed to be towing the pyramid behind it.

As the objects moved towards the east they dropped down behind the tree tops and they all could hear what sounded like a jet aircraft for a brief period of time. Whatever these things were, both had been silent the whole time they were traveling across the sky.

Shawn's wife Robin added her comments to what has been going on at and around their home over the weeks that have gone by. She said they have gone through the process of shock and being overwhelmed to acceptance and as she told us, they will never be able to understand what has been going on. Robin said it is just really bizarre !

She added that being a Christian lady, the unexplainable chain of events has really rocked her world. You think all that you have learned, been taught and believed and yet we don't know what is real anymore. Robin said this was the hardest part for her, not knowing.

Shawn also said that he asked a few people around the area if they have ever witnessed any strange lights and all of the people he spoke to said no and walked away. One person did say he had seen some unusual lights, but went on to say that he doesn't even bother looking up anymore. Shawn didn't want to pursue it any further as he did not want to be known as the crack pot in the community as he was the new fellow in town.

Brian Vike’s Note: There is a lot more to this experience than I have written here. So much in fact that a fellow investigator by the name of Sam Maranto and colleagues (Illinois, MUFON) will be driving to the families home and spending a couple of days with them to carry out interviews and an investigation. We all are hoping that they will be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what the family is witnessing. I am sure once they finish up their work with the family they will have a full report.

My deepest thanks to Shawn and his family for coming forward to tell their story and sharing it all with us.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

A Cluster Of Lights Moved In Unison Franklin Tennessee (Graphics)

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  October 15, 1973

Time:  8:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 20

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Dome of many lights in the sky that outlined a top-like design.

Full Description of event/sighting: Lights from an unknown source hovered silently in the night sky over Franklin, a small rural town located approximately fourteen miles from Nashville, TN. 

The cluster of lights moved in unison vertically and horizontally at tree top level above small hills that lay beyond a field with several trees I estimated to be about forty feet tall.  And beyond the field, near the base of the hills, was a long white wooden fence next to a road where many cars stopped to view the lights. 

I saw the same lights the night before from my house, which was about four miles away from the lights. The following evening, October 15th, 1973, I decided to drive to  toward the lights. People gathered around, but no one knew the source of the lights. 

The newspaper reported strange objects were seen numerous times during the day and at night.  The objects were reported to be seen at different times and at different locations, approximately 33-miles from the previous sighting, which formed a triangle in a systematic path that formed other triangles.

When a person plotted the sightings on a map the triangle measured 33-miles from point to point. The lights and objects were sighted several weeks before they disappeared. 

People reported that the lights caused unusual behavior in  their dogs and cows. These accounts are documented in the Franklin and Nashville newspaper (see October 1973 issues). I was a nonbeliever of UFO's prior to these sightings; however, that experience has changed my attitude about UFO's. I never reported the incident at the time because I was in the Navy on recruiting duty. 

My experience of seeing the lights left me feeling like I was seeing something; and yet, not actually seeing something, as I reflect on this experience more than 30-years ago! The experience was real. The lights were real. There were reports of laser-like orange lights beaming to and from this large object in the night sky.

I saw only the top-like object that was outlined in several rows of white strobe-like lights that resembled port holes in an airplane.  There were at least four layers of lights with nothing noticeable holding them together as they slowly hovered up, down, and side to side.  I estimate the object to be the size of three football fields.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the very interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Huge Disc Shaped UFO Observed At Dorrington Brisbane Australia (Graphic)

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  January 1965

Time:  Around 12.00 - 12.30 a.m.

Hi Brian, I've attached a composite with my limited ability on computers. The exterior paneling goes go all the way around the object and this was what was causing the bright light blue/ white glow, the inner circle of lights is close to what we saw with the only colors being red, green, yellow, and white, all of these were constantly flashing and the black interior occasionally flashed similar lights intermittently here and there. The exterior paneling was constant light.

On a Saturday night in January 1965 my wife and I were getting ready for bed 12.00 - 12.30 a.m. after seeing a movie at the local theatre at Ashgrove, a suburb of Brisbane Qld.

At the time we had only been married a year and I was not long discharged out of the army and we were staying at my wife's parents home at Dorrington. A suburb next to Ashgrove. It was drizzling rain with low dense cloud cover.

Just as I was about to get into bed the bedroom window lit up like someone had turned a huge spotlight on. My wife said what is that so I opened the window  and I could see this bright light coming up from the south just above the clouds.

I told my wife what I saw and I remember issuing an expletive (holy bloody hell) quick Noela, look at this. The object had come below the cloud cover and we couldn't believe what we were looking at.

This huge disc shaped object with very bright light around it's circumference. It was travelling very slow (about 20 miles an hour), then the noise started. It was a screaming high pitched sound which had my wife in agony, hands over her ears and crying with pain.

It didn't worry me as much except it was irritating headache material. As suddenly as it started the noise stopped as it went over the house. We raced out to the front patio and looked straight up at it.

That's when we saw the other coloured lights on the inside. It was only about 200 feet above was, moving slowly north and would have been somewhere between 200 and 300 feet wide. All up we observed the object for between 5 and 10 minutes as it eventually disappeared in the northern sky.

It was not spinning either. The funny thing about this is that no one else heard anything in the house and no mention of it appeared in any paper. We decided to keep quiet about it at the time. We moved to the next suburb out which is The Gap were we are still living.

One sideline to this is about 3 years ago I was having a few drinks with a friend of mine at The Gap and I mentioned that I had seen something strange  in the night sky back in 1965 when I was living at Dorrington. He looked at me and said January 65 ? yes I said, about midnight on a Saturday ? yes, I said, drizzling rain ? yes, I said.

I was watching it, he said, It came across Mt. Coot-tha above the clouds, very bright then when it got to about Ashgrove it dropped lower and continued north. I said to him did you tell anyone at the time, he replied why bother, no one would believe it.

Thank you to the gentleman for the great report and diagram.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.

Disk Shaped UFO With Small Portholes And Dome Santa Clarita Valley California

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Date:  Summer (Year N/A)

Time:  Approximately 10:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Size of Object: 75-100 feet in diameter.

 I thought you may have interest on the experience my wife and I had. We not only know for a fact but this also proves to us that many governments are withholding the truth. If we saw this, we are confident thousands of other have seen such crafts and probably large numbers of military personnel.

My conclusion is that it alters many sociological beliefs such as man invented religion and many others aspects of life and even environmental factors and our impact on it.
This altered our reality. We continue to search the skies and hope to have an opportunity to see them again.

It was one warm summer Friday around 10:00 pm in the evening in California's Santa Clarita Valley, located north of Los Angeles. I was brushing the swimming pool with a long pole and attached brush so that the kids could swim the following day. The pole requires you reach up to push down against he walls of the pool.

I was standing on a high platform next to the pool about 4 feet over the rest of the pool area. As I reached to the upper end of the pole, I saw a craft approaching the house from the west and heading south east direction. It was about one block away at a low altitude.

I knew right away that it was not a helicopter or plane. It seemed flatter and wider and with lights in a circumference of the main frontal area. I ran towards the house (about 60 feet away) and called my family to see it. Only my wife came out.

By that time, it was directly over our house and pool. It was approximately 75-100 feet above us. We stood along side of pool. It made no sound whatsoever, and it was at a complete stopped over us for about 40 seconds.

The only motion was a slight wobble and when it moved downward at an angle. During that time, we were frozen in disbelief. It is a strange sensation knowing that what you are seeing is not supposed and very foreign. 

The craft was about 75-100 feet or less in diameter. It had small porthole and lights around it in the upper dome section, it was solid, metallic and shiny.

There was a dome above it and attached to the body with no visible separation, as if it were molded as one solid craft. The under section was concave towards the center and had two rectangular shapes along side each other and the length of the concave diameter. The rectangular shapes was about 7-10 feet in width and as along as the craft's concave underside center.

I also noticed ski like devices on the front and on each side of the front leading edge window. What caught my attention was that the devices were not in the center or the center of gravity for the craft's design but very forward. The skis were S shaped with the top of the S facing forward. Upon the craft leaning in a downward motion we could see a window or cockpit like glass that was situated in the underside of the front leading edge. It was on the front lower edge of the round craft.

The rectangular window was approximately 4 feet in height and possibly 12-15 feet in length. There was a glow of soft orange and blue lights from the inside but we could not see anyone or any controls. 

It remained at a forward and downward angle for about 10 seconds. We both had the sensation of being watched. As it was angled, I noticed that light was reflecting from the upper section that was not facing the swimming pool lights. Thus, it seemed to generate light through the skin of the craft as the lights that first attracted me faced forward and were much lower than the upper section of the craft.

My wife and I did not say anything to each other during the experience but she kept saying "oh my God" over and over again. The craft then left slowly at 30-40 mph. I jumped on a wall around our property to continue seeing for at least 7-miles. I instructed my wife not to discuss it, to draw what she saw and then we would compare drawings. They matched, although mine had more detail and accuracy.

My background include Group Propulsion Systems and later as an executive with several major computer companies. What we saw was close, real, solid, and a beautiful designed craft. I know from my aeronautical engineering background that mankind has no such technology.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the excellent and exciting report. Brian Vike has left out some of the witnesses personal background. Let me tell you, the witness does have some excellent credentials.

Brian Vike, Director Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research. Email:

The Vike Factor Blog.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada UFO Research.