Friday, April 2, 2021

Little Green Valley Men

Brian Vike's Favorite Cases.

Newspaper Article

By Todd Hamilton

The Interior News.

There must be something in Northwestern B.C.’s water.

Seldom does a week go by without the phone ringing and some anonymous person on the other end asking|: Has anyone called you this week about seeing something?”

A year ago, we ran a full page story on the Houston-Smithers-Terrace UFO triangle.

According to Brian Vike, a ufologist based out of Houston , this area is alien-sighting central.

So much so, Vike was named one of the 100 most influential people in ufology today by Fate magazine.

Fate, which is subtitled True reports of the Strange and Unknown is a full colour monthly that has been published since 1948.

“I guess it’s quite an honour,” Vike said. “I don’t know exactly how many researchers there are around the world, but it must be thousands.”

As explained sightings in the Bulkley valley go, thousands may also be the number.

Back to the phone call, “Mr. Fox” I’ll call him, wanted to know about strange light he saw above Hudson Bay mountain in late August.

The sheepishness of his voice suggested he was genuinely perplexed and not a potential wing-nut who just finished last call at the neighbourhood pub.

“Have you seen anything,” he asked. “Well,” I replied. “Back in early August ….

I then recounted my own little Bulkley Valley-little green men story.

Briefly, myself and a couple of other people were standing on Broadway Avenue amazed at a bright, orange light crossing the sky.

As a skeptic, it looked like a jet contrail illuminated by the setting sun, but there was no jet and the contrail didn’t extend back much of a distance. To top it off, there wasn’t that tell-tale trail of white smoke as a jet passes overhead.

I hurried into the newspaper office and grabbed a camera… and snapped off a bunch of shots.

For 20 years I’ve been pain to take photos, and even won an award or two, but now I understand why all those “photographic proofs” are so bad – photographing aliens is tough work. We stood there for at least five minutes in the middle of the street gawking and collectively wondered what the hell it was.

Then it was gone.

So when Mr. Fox asked me if I saw something, I had to tell him yes, then I gave him Vike’s phone number and told him, that was the guy to talk to – either to join the legion of growing Valley believers or at least as a catharsis.

Are we alone ?

For myself, I’ve seen an object flying overhead and I was unable to identify it. Does that mean little green men are landing out near New Hazelton and playing in the hay fields? I doubt it.

But if we’re not alone, and you have proof--- phone Vike, not me. Not unless the photos are clear and publishable. And by the way, get the alien’s name, hometown and keep your submission to under 250 words in length.

Live long and prosper.

The Interior News -

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