Sunday, December 18, 2011

Four UFO Sightings Over Fort McMurray And Edmonton Alberta

First of four sightings from areas as (Fort McMurray and Edmonton).
October 1984. My first sighting while on my way home to Fort McMurray on Highway 63 with my girlfriend, her brother and another friend-four university students on their way home for Thanksgiving October 1984 and driving my dad's old station wagon.
Strangely enough we were debating religion and suddenly we were all quiet looking out the car window at an object hovering above the tree tops just off the hwy. It had 2 beams of light (white) scanning the ground for something.
As we drove nearer, the object turned off it’s beam and zipped away without any lights and into the darkness and low clouds. You could see the misty low like clouds lit up slightly as the object went into it. The whole sighting lasted about 10-15 seconds. We all have no answer what that was even years later.
You have to understand that the site on the highway is a long narrow road with endless trees on the both sides that goes on forever. The drive is monotonous and the terrain is relatively flat. There are no planes and or helicopters that would be flying that low or hovering in the middle of no interesting site.
No one tried to rationalized that the object was a plane or helicopter because we know it was something completely different and unusual and the lighting scheme pattern of that object is out of the ordinary. We never described that object as a UFO until years later. While I began to read documented cases and view videos that I realized that it was a UFO we saw that night.

January 18, 2008 in Edmonton, my second sighting in Edmonton south. While on my way to work (7:50 a.m.), I saw a bright object in the dim lit (blue) morning. I was stopped at the traffic light and I watched it.
It caught my interest slightly because of its unusually bright silvery white and blue lights. Then when I looked closely at it, the pattern of the flashing lights was too quick and too bright for that distance. I am guessing that the distance was about 1-2 km away and height was about a telecommunication tower high.
The reason for this comparison was that the object flew towards the tower at a quick speed and hovered above the red slow blinking lights of the tower. Then the hovering object turned a bright orange glow in sync to the red light of the tower.
It was directly above it (lasted about 5 seconds). Then it stopped glowing orange and proceeded back towards the east in a straight line. It then continued the strobing silvery white and blue lights (sort of like a police car lights in the sky)and during the flight you can see a small light encircling the object. It was too far away to see a distinct shape.
It travelled east very quickly (maybe 1-2 km in about 45 seconds seconds). The reason it was so noticeable was because the flashing lights were so bright and sharp at that distant away. If one was not carefully paying attention to the object and its lights, one would think it was just a plane in the sky.

July 2008 in Edmonton on the Anthony Henday, third sighting. That sighting was the summer of 2008, the bright silvery light was quite sharp even at that distant (2-3 km) and strobing very quickly in the bright daylight. It flew then hovered near a telecommunication tower. The lights were only silver and white. It was too far away to be sure if it was a manmade craft or not.

January 13, 2009. My 4th sighting and this was also near my work in the south side of Edmonton. I was leaving work at about 5:10 pm. The bright silvery white and blue lights returned again. I could not believe it was there at about 1 year after I saw a similar type. This object had the same strobing lights and flashing in sync as the one I saw January 18, 2008.
It travelled at the same spot where I saw the first time. It headed very quickly going west to east at a very rapid rate. It must have covered 1-2 km in about 30 seconds and out of sight in the northeast direction. I could not believe it. I tried to get on the main road so I took another exit and saw another object but the silvery lights were flashing differently than the first. It did not have any bluish lights.
The flashing sync was different as well. It flashes like a bright strobe and very sharp (I mean it did not lit up the sky) but in strobed for about 2 seconds and then it went dark for about 1 second and came back on for another 2 seconds. It went south over west of the south common and towards Anthony Henday south (towards Calgary). It was moving at a rapid rate and covering such a large distant. I was astounded to see these two objects at the same time.

I am sure that these objects were not manmade because they looked extraordinary and were not a common sight such as planes or helicopter. The speed they travelled was too fast and the lights were displayed too sharp and or distinct given the distance away. The strobing lights were not that of a plane due to its very rapid on/off flashes.

We should open our minds and really envisioned that our planet is just a molecule if this planet was the universe. There are more stars in the universe than all the sand of all the beaches of the world. Statistically speaking even at a small percentage such as a 0.000000000001% chance of one of those infinite stars to have intelligent life, then we are not alone.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:


  1. i see ufos over the city of edmonton almost everynight ,actually i had just witnessed a white orb floating across the sky in front of our house then it turned red and zipped off ,we see these things all the time and we know the difference between a satalite and an unidentified flying object,,i wish there was an astronomer here i could talk to about these things ,,

    1. Bright orb moving east over Edmonton, 11:45 pm. June 10, 2014. above 156 st and 107 ave flying east. A very bright white orb that appeared to be below the clouds. Watched through binoculars from both my front porch and then back yard as it flew over top of my house for approx. 2 minutes as it disappeared to the south east. I noticed near the end of the sighting it was above the very last cloud for a brief second. Flying almost at the same speed of a small aircraft, no strobing lights, just a very bright white orb. Brightest thing in the sky. From my vantage point it was about the size of a pea, hard to discern any shape to the object as it was very bright. No tail, not a comet...way too slow for that, not an flashing lights and dead silent, not a satellite...seen many of them high up in the sky. Single craft with a straight line tajectory, will watch the skies over the next few nights to see if they are coming in clusters. Again, no noise what so ever and it looked to be low enough that if it was any conventional aircraft I surely would have heard something.