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Visitation To Residents Room In Care Facility, East Vancouver, British Columbia

Date: March 3, 2006
Time: 3:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Man like Visitors.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, as you know my wife works as a care aide at one of the Seniors Facilities in east Vancouver. She just phoned me to tell me that as she was getting one of the residents ready for bed.

The resident turned to her and asked her who the two strange men were who came into her room last night. When asked, what two men.

The resident told her that she woke up around 3 to 4 am and found two strange looking men standing beside her bed, they apparently told her to go back to sleep as they wanted to examine her stomach. She said, she got scared and refused to close her eyes.

The two men apparently got a bit agitated as they wanted her to sleep so they could get on with their examination.

She instead started to get out of her bed, at this point the two men turned and left her room, she was not clear on whether they used the door or just vanished. My wife asked her to describe the men. Apparently one man was extremely tall but average looking.

The second man was fairly short and although she knew he was a man he did not look like any man she had ever seen. My wife asked her what color they were, white, brown, black etc. the resident told her they were not really light skinned but not all that dark.

She said the shorter man really scared her because he looked so strange. She couldn't explain what it was about him, just that he looked strange. I forgot to ask how they were dressed and my wife didn't mention it.

She asked my wife to leave all the lights on in her room as she was really scared they would come back. My wife is working that wing all by herself so now she also is rather apprehensive.

I told her the resident was probably dreaming but she said she had said the same thing and the resident insisted she was not dreaming, from the sound of things she remained awake for the rest of the night.

My wife was not sure off hand just how old the resident was, she thought either 83 or 93. I asked how her mental condition was and my wife said. She has a clear mind and is very alert.

If I know my wife she is going to be terrified for the rest of the night and probably scared to go outside after work.

Anyway just to tell you how your eyes can play tricks, I was sitting here last night and glanced out the window just in time to see a round white glowing ball of light rising into the air above the green tower of central city mall.

For a moment I was really startled, but then when I leaned forward to get a better look I realized it was just a cloud of steam from the chillers up on the roof of the tower.

First time I've seen the steam form into a perfect round ball like that, guess the wind must have caught it just right.

One more strange occurrence, on the morning of Monday the 28th. I was dreaming I was back at my high School reunion and talking to the same classmate I first met that night when I went into the room.

I as trying to find out more about what he had been doing for the past forty six years. Trouble was I woke up before I could ask him everything I wanted to know. Last night I received an Email from the lady who looks after our reunions and keeps track off everyone.

She had received an email from the daughters of the same guy I had been dreaming about. Apparently he had passed away in his sleep on the 28th.

Who knows maybe he came to visit me and say goodbye. All I know is when I read he had died I just felt sick inside and still do. I went to school with him and his twin brother right from grade one to grade twelve.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, I got a chance to discuss yesterdays occurrence a little more. Apparently the resident was sound asleep and told my wife she sensed there was someone in her room and she could hear two men talking but could not understand what they were saying, she opened her eye to find those two strange men in her room.

She asked them who are you, what do you want. they apparently just ignored her questions. She told my wife the two men were angry because she wasn't supposed to wake up and they couldn't understand why she had.

She said they examined her all over especially her stomach. When they were finished with their exam she said her throat was all sore and she couldn't talk for a while. At no time did they speak directly with her but just between themselves.

My wife said she didn't at first realize what the woman was saying and when it sunk in then she got a chair and sat down beside her and asked her to repeat what had happened and to describe the two men.

The resident repeat her story over and over about four times and didn't change a word. I asked my wife why the resident hadn't resisted or called for help, she apparently told my wife she had tried to push the call button and they had stopped her, when they examined her she was unable to move.

She told my wife she had been waiting for her family to come that day so she could tell them but they didn't come, she then decided to tell my wife as she likes her.

My wife told me once again that this resident is not confused and knows what is going on. I asked how the two men left and apparently they walked out the door.

She was scared they would come back and told my wife they were really weird looking and that she had never seen anybody who looked like them before.

She asked to have her lights left on and asked my wife to leave her door open and come by and check on her as much as possible while she was there. This my wife did and found the resident sound asleep each time she came by.

My wife says she is going to talk with her some more when she gets to work this afternoon.

I forgot to mention I asked my wife how they could be in the Hospital without being seen at night and she said there are just two people on at night in that wing, one care aide down and the Nurse upstairs.

Unless they were making rounds and came upon them unexpectantly they would never be seen. I asked how they would have got in, and she has no idea. The front doors are locked at night and they have alarm systems.

The only thing she could think of was aliens. I think my wife was feeling a little apprehensive when she left for work.

Thank you to the person for reporting this story.

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