Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Sudbury, Ontario Triangular Craft With Three Red Lights

Posted: January 27, 2008

Date: April 18, 2007 Time: 10:05 p.m.

Approach Direction: Somewhere between East and Northeast. Departure Direction: West to Southwest. Witness Direction: North.

Description: My girlfriend, two friends and myself had stepped out into my backyard to have a smoke. My girlfriend and me were looking up to the North and I was showing her how to sight the North star by running a line off the ladle of the big dipper. I noticed a moving light enter my right field of vision, and assumed it was a satellite so I focused in on it to get a better look.

As soon as I had focused on it I realized it wasn't a satellite because there was three dim reddish lights in a triangular formation. Confused as to what I was seeing, I quickly spoke up to try and get everyone attention so that they could get a look at it.

The object was moving very fast, at a speed comparable to the Snowbird jets. I know this because when they are in town they have to fly over my neighborhood to get from the airport to the area where they do their show. The craft was also travelling at a very low altitude, probably 300 feet or so.

Since my girlfriend was already looking up at the big dipper and the object was on a path that put it right between her and the dipper she had no problem spotting it as it was passing overhead.

As it passed overhead I scanned every point of the object within and outside the triangular formation of the lights. Outside the perimeter there was nothing. Within the perimeter was an object which my fist held at arms length would have covered. The lights on the craft were dim and blurred, similar to when you look at a small light source through a window screen. As the object passed directly overhead, it passed in front of a star, and to my surprise I could see the star with the same blurry effect, directly through the center of the object. It was also dead quiet outside and this thing made absolutely no noise the whole time.

As it kept travelling west, we did our best to point it out to our friends but it was moving fast and they were not standing in the right place to keep it in view. When it was about a quarter mile away, the three lights began to spin in a clockwise direction. They did one revolution then they began zigzagging in and out from the central point of the object. After doing this 3 times, all three lights merged in the center then vanished. It never reappeared and we stayed out there for about half an hour looking around.

All of this occurred in the span of about 20 seconds roughly. There was no time for me to run in and find my SLR or my video camera. It's too bad because my video camera would have got excellent shots of it.

Color/Shape: Not sure about color since it was dark, but it was black and seemed to be semi-transparent. Shape was triangular with three red, dim lights at the points.

Height & Speed: Constant speed and height.

Speed was comparable to a small jet plane like the Snowbirds.

Height was roughly 300 feet.

TV/Radio/Press: I called the airport and they said there was nothing unusual on their screens. I talked to a guy who works for channel 10 news the next day and he said there was nothing reported. The other local news station didn't have any reports either on their broadcast.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

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