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Hundreds Of Lights Revolving In Line Around The Babine Mountains Seen From Smithers British Columbia

Date:  1979 (?)
Time:  Evening.

Hi Brian. I'm watching the 1970's movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. As every UFO movie I watch it reminds me of the various unexplained encounters I've witnessed in my life. One in particular I want to share with you is from what I recollect as the late 1970's in Smithers B.C. My guess 1979.

I have searched online and found nothing of what I recollect. First about me, I'm currently 47, I was born and raised in Smithers, British Columbia. I was somewhere between 8 and 13 at the time of this event.

To my recollection it was winter time, I recall going home after playing outside with friends and as we got nearer to the houses we saw people coming out of their houses, all looking to the east, away from Bulkley mountain towards Babine mountains. Yes this was a big event, was even in the paper, the Interior News.

There were even photos if I recall correctly. There were multiple lights far off in the distance, high up like above the tree line on The Babine mountains. As far away Babine mountain is from Smithers the lights where miles long, all parallel and seeming to circumnavigate the mountain peak, it's along time ago, I recall hundreds of lights and they were revolving in line around the peak. In the days following and in the local paper" Interior News" there were pictures and an explanation that it was a snowmobile party.

There were snowmobiles in them days but the likelihood seemed odd, far away, limited roads, multiple lights? Anyway I was hoping in your stories you've heard, you may have heard this or may have a contact to verify? Again I believe multiple residents, hundreds witnessed this with it hitting the paper. Thank you.

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