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UFO Close Encounter Between Burns Lake And Houston, British Columbia

Posted: October 7, 2008

HBCC UFO Research put out an interview which is an audio recording I did with an eyewitness who resides in Houston, British Columbia. Since I mentioned the sighting and had not a lot of time I put the audio portion of the sighting up on the website for folks to listen to. I finally got around to writing up the entire event that took place on August 3, 2008 between the towns of Houston and Burns Lake, British Columbia. There were two people who were involved in this frightening experience. One of the eyewitness by the name of Lawrence came to my home on August 5, 2008 asking if I was the alien fellow. Of course I had to chuckle to myself just hearing I was the alien guy.

Lawrence introduced himself to me and we sat down at the patio furniture and he told me what he and a close friend had seen.

Lawrence and his friend were a little bored so they thought for something to do they would take a drive out to Burns Lake from Houston. It was a beautiful day as they drove along highway 16. They arrived in Burns Lake just around dusk, looked at the lake and drove around. Seeing it was getting late they decided it was time to head back to Houston and they proceeded on the hour's drive back home. Everything was going fine as the two men traveled along until they got just about to a rest area at Decker Lake.

Looking down the highway and up into the sky they noticed a light which appeared to look rather odd. In the seconds as they watched, the light grew closer to them and grew in size and brightness until it was hovering just over highway 16 and in front of their vehicle. Lawrence had already slowed the vehicle down due to watching the light coming so quickly in their direction. Both men sat stunned, not to mention being frightened at what they were seeing and weren't about to make a dash in the vehicle and try to drive underneath the craft. The fellows had no idea of what may happen to them.

Lawrence pulled the vehicle over to the left/east side of the highway as the event took place right at the Decker Lake rest area. *Photo of the Decker Lake rest area*

Both men sat staring at what they came to realize as a Unidentified Flying Object. Lawrence describes the UFO as being a cigar in shape, the craft was of a large size, approximately the size of a Greyhound Bus and had lights on it. He described the lights to be more like florescent tubing as they were long in length and ran down the side of the UFO. The colors of the lights were red, yellow and green. The men said there was not a sound from the object, no buzzing or any type of motor noise. The craft sat hovering and the lights on the craft were so bright that they lit up the highway and surrounding area.

Both fellows still sitting in the rest area, kept an eye on the craft which hovered over the highway for a short period of time. Then the UFO moved a small distance ahead/east and made a "U" turn over the highway and came back to a hovering position over the trees on the opposite side of the highway from where the men were parked. Again the objects lights lit up the trees and surrounding area and just sat there hovering just over the tree tops for a couple of minutes or so and then Lawrence said the craft just shot off at a incredible speed, like if someone shot a bullet from a gun.

*Photo looking down the highway where UFO hovered above*

*Photo of where the UFO hovered over the tree tops*

They were still able to keep an eye on the object as it was well lit up and as they watched, the UFO moved off into the distance up into the night sky. It then looked like a small ball of light. Although the object moved towards the west, it had to have traveled back towards the men as it was seen as a little ball and directly over top the vehicle, but at a great altitude. The fellows kept their eye on it, watching it blink the different colors that they reported seeing on the craft.

Seeing that the UFO was still high in the night sky, Lawrence thought it might be OK to continue their trek towards home. Lawrence drove out of the rest area and onto the highway. The passenger in the car was able to look up and out of the windows of the vehicle to keep an eye on the object. The fellows drove a number of miles down the highway, feeling at this point all was going to be alright and they would get home without any other incidents.

Well, it didn't take long before their worst fears were coming true. They just arrived alongside the Burns Lake airport, still driving on highway 16 when the same object came at them and once again they were forced to stop the car in the middle of the highway, not wanting to risk driving under the UFO. The craft hovered just in front of their car and around tree top level with the lights shining brightly lighting up the highway and entire area.

*Photo of the Burns Lake airport*

After a short period of time, but to the men it felt like a lifetime had passed by, the UFO moved away in exactly the same fashion as it did with the first encounter. The only difference was that the craft did a U turn on the left side of the highway and sat hovering over the tree tops lighting up everything around it. The men still parked just a little off the highway observing this, wondering what was to come next. The craft shot off towards the west/Houston, B.C. and the fellows watched it move into the distance at a great altitude where it appeared to look like a small ball. As they kept an eye on the ball of light, Lawrence started driving again along the highway. They passed Rose Lake and they were still able to see the small ball in the sky. They passed Duncan Lake, Six Mile Hill, Topley and eventually over these many miles they arrived home in Houston and the ball was still visible to them.

Seeing this was such an unusual experience which freaked the guys out, they stopped at the Houston RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) detachment to make a report on what they had seen. However there was no one on duty at the time. (this is normal late in the evenings in Houston). A short while later they made a telephone call to the RCMP as the men wanted to make sure a report did get filed.

(When Lawrence called the RCMP, he would have got the dispatcher who would have been located in Prince George, B.C.) The RCMP told them if anyone else saw this that they would officially file a report on the sighting. That was about the end of the story in regards to the sighting and the RCMP. Eventually after this frightening event was over and done with, and they had not received much "interest" from the RCMP the guys went their own way back to their homes.

Lawrence told me he was still able to observe the object from his home, although it was very high up and looking the same. He thought he had enough excitement for one night. He got cleaned up and went to his bedroom. He laid down on his bed and the window happened to be facing in the direction he last saw the object. Well there it was, the UFO still there. He got up from his bed, turned on the TV and every so often would glance out the window and would see the object stationary in the sky. As Lawrence told me, he was still scared after all that took place and was having a hard time settling down. Finally he managed to fall asleep.

If you haven't listened to the audio interview over this sighting that Lawrence and his friend had, you can listen into the eyewitnesses statement about what took place by following the link I have provided.


Also I should add a reporter from the Smithers Interior newspaper came down to the home and interviewed myself and Lawrence for a story for the newspaper. Although I have not seen the story come out as of yet.

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