Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surrey, British Columbia Circular UFO Hovers 60 Feet Above Witnesses

Posted: October 23, 2008

Date: 1989
Time: Early evening.

Location of Sighting: 104 Ave and 140th street. (Removed some info)
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular.

Full Description of event/sighting: My then boyfriend, now husband and my girlfriend rented a movie. My husband and I were laying on the couch and he jerked with this expression of fear on his face looking up and outward through the sliding doors. I thought somebody was there outside looking in on the fence surrounding the townhouse front yard. My husband said nothing and jumped up toward the sliding door and went outside. My girlfriend and I followed. What we saw was unbelievable, it was a craft of some kind circular in shape with many lights on the bottom in which we were looking up at. It was hovering about 60 feet above us. We all stood and stared and said nothing its as if we weren't seeing what we were seeing, it started to move west slowly then proceeded faster that we could no longer see it.

I looked at them and them at me and I said we have to do something what the hell was that there has to be a number to call I ran in the house confused on who to call in the phone book and how insane I'd sound and who would believe me. The next day and years past before we even actually spoke of what happened it was really strange when my husband and I talked about it years later. I said why did we never even bring it up to each other again its as if for some reason it was gone in our minds. My husband if I tell anyone the story denies it still, says I'm a kook, but screwed up once while I described the craft to someone after saying he saw nothing and interrupted me and explained that the lights were arranged different than I'd described.

Thank you to the witness for their very interesting report.

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