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Hope Princeton Highway Mystery

Posted: October 19, 2008

Date: October 15, 2008
Time: Daytime.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, I'm not sure exactly what to call this event. It wasn't missing time so much as mixed up time and missing roads!

A couple of days ago, Wednesday October 15th I was on a road trip back to my home town of Oliver in the Okanagan Valley. My two brothers, both retired school teachers, were with me. We left the Tsawwassen ferry terminal near Vancouver shortly after 11 A.M. for what is normally a slightly more than a five hour trip. After driving for about an hour we stopped to get some coffee. Since they wanted Starbucks and I wanted McDonald's coffee it took us a while to find the outlets and get back on the freeway. We chose to go the southern route to the interior via the Hope Princeton Highway. All three of us know that road very well. As children with our parents and later individually as adults (we now are in our 50's and 60's) we have traveled it too many times to count. My brother is a good driver and knows that the Hope Princeton highway is not built for speeding. Although there was not much traffic we did get behind some slow trucks several times. We were not in any hurry so it did not matter.

As the road goes into the mountains from the small town of Hope it becomes mostly two lanes wide with the exception of passing lanes. I was aware of, but not actually looking for, familiar landmarks. At one point I remember wondering when we had passed the area of a big forest fire. Although the area has re-grown it is still easy to identify. I assumed I'd missed it while talking to my brothers. I also realized I'd not seen a particular corner that I was looking for. I was going to show them where I'd almost been hit by a car spinning out of control many years ago. Eventually we reached Manning Park where the road becomes four lanes for the complete length of the park. There are numerous camping and picnic sites in the area. We decided to watch for a pull out area by the river so we could have a picnic lunch. Although we were looking, none of us saw any of the picnic spots and very soon we were out of the park and back on the two lane road.

However I knew that a short distance ahead, down a steep twisting hill and around a corner we would come to a wide flat area right beside the river. I've stopped there many times. It is one of the few wide spots on the road with large gravel parking areas on both sides. The road then goes up a long straight hill. I assumed that is where my brother was going to stop. He didn't. When we went around the corner everything was different. It was not there. We kept driving up and down hills and around corners that confused me. I did not know exactly where we were. I wondered if something was the matter with me! I didn't say anything. Neither did my brothers.

Eventually we came out of the mountains and passed through the town of Princeton and shortly after that we stopped at a picnic site for lunch.

I then asked my brother why he had not stopped beside the river where I'd assumed he would. His answer disturbed yet relieved me. All he said was "It wasn't there. When we went around the corner that whole part was gone" He wasn't scared, but was confused and uneasy. My other brother then commented that he had been watching for the forest fire area but never saw it and all three of us mentioned that we had traveled the four lane road in the park very quickly. It had seemed about half as long as usual and none of us had seen the camping and picnic sites we were looking for.

After the half hour lunch stop we continued on our way. Everything seemed normal for the rest of the trip and eventually we arrived at our destination. But we were at least an hour earlier than we should have been. Considering the speed my brother was driving and the length of time of the two stops, the trip should have taken over five hours or even closer to six. It took just a tiny bit over four hours.

When it came time to go home we went another way.

Just for the record, there was no road work being done in that area and since that is one of the better parts of the road I doubt that they would change it anyway. Plus, even if they made artificial hills and needless corners how would they manage to hide a river in such a narrow valley?

So Brian, you receive a great many accounts of possible missing time. I realize this one is more like disrupted time. It is as if we jumped over at least four sections of the road and never noticed. Any ideas?

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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