Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Unknown Objects Observed Over Jasper Edson Alberta

Date: October 1, 4th and December 1, 2010
Time: Night, night and daytime sighting.

Location of Sighting: Jasper, Edson, Hwy 16.
Number of witnesses: 3, 1 and 1.
Number of Objects: Many, 5 and 1.
Shape of Objects: Lights, lights and a disk.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: Dear Brian, I'm still seeing some things, though I don't go out side anymore due to the cold, if I see something out the window, I will run outside.

About the October 1st sighting, I was in Jasper with my hubby and at night we went out for a smoke, and the sky was filled with orange and greenish orange colored objects floating around over the mountains and stopping. They'd stay stationary in the sky for about a minute and then they would move again.

They were travelling in all different directions, and some would flash. Upon arriving home my neighbor stopped me and said, did you see them from where you were? He saw the same thing from two hundred kilometers away, so they must have been either pretty high up or they were just over the whole Yellowhead county and Jasper Park areas.

On October 4th here in Edson, I dressed warmly and took a flashlight out. Around 11:00pm two came over parallel to each other, the one closer to the east moving faster than the one in the west. They were orange in color, and I tried shining a light at them, but they didn’t respond.

Then about a minute or two later another set of orange globes came moving over from the southwest to the northeast and were parallel to each other following the two I had just seen.

I shone the light and still no response, so finally a lone orange ball came directly after that set of them, moving in the same direction as the others and this time it shone back at me. I would flash at it twice, and it would flash back twice, then I would flash one long flash, and it would copy my actions with the light.

I played with this one for a bout ten minutes, before it took off after the others. I didn’t see this one again as it snowed and turned bitterly cold a few days after this. Now yesterday I was on my way back from Hinton and was about half way home at 4:00pm, and down the highway quite a ways up in the sky was a cigar shaped dull grey disk (the sideway view was that of and elongated oval.) It didn't move like a plane and I wondered if it was an Ultra light aircraft ?

But who would be flying one in this very windy and quite cold weather? Its movement was strange almost like it was bad computer graphics in the sky for a movie. I couldn't stop to film it due to the volume of traffic and the fact that it was moving too fast. I also didn't get the others on video because at the time I just knew I’d see them again anyway.

So that's all from here for now though I'm finally in touch with others in my area who are seeing the same things, the more eyes the better. You take care and keep in touch.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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