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Ontario UFO Sighting Confirmed From Across The United States Border (More Witnesses)

Posted: November 6, 2008

Date: November 2, 2008
Time: From Dusk to 7:30 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: This report below is sure welcomed as the folks are confirming the sighting for November 2, 2008 of a triangular UFO seen between Fort Erie To Niagara Falls, Ontario. Although these witnesses were a distance away and was not able to make out the shape of the craft, they still believe they witnessed the same as the other folks. The two below links are from other witnesses to this sighting.

Black Triangle UFO Witnessed Between Fort Erie And Niagara Falls, Ontario

Black Triangle UFO Fort Erie To Niagara Falls, Ontario (Second Witness)

Hello Brian, I am emailing you a second time as I am not sure the first one went thru. I do not see it in my sent box. I was searching the web for info. or reports on any sightings from Sunday night, Nov. 2nd 2008. I seen your site and this report. Me and my son were fishing along the shore of the Niagara river in Buffalo NY shortly before dusk and up until about 730pm.

Living in the Riverside section of Buffalo all my life, I am very familiar with the night sky and layout of the Canadian shoreline. Sunday night was a very clear, calm night at sunset with a nice orange horizon. Once it got dark, while we were still fishing, I happened to notice a bright light slightly to the left of the West River area which is along the Canadian border between Grand Island, Niagara Falls and Canada. The light was not a light I had ever seen in this spot and at the time I had been watching it, my son was also watching it.

The area where this light is, definitely sounds to be the same spot the other guy wrote about. No doubt. As we were getting ready to leave our fishing spot, my son mentioned to me as to what is that light, and is there maybe a fire over there? Referring to the glow on the land/trees in the area below the light. I thought maybe it was just ground light from a shopping mall type area?

I mentioned that the light is no way a star, as it appeared a little bit before it was actually completely dark. I mentioned as to look up and see that it is hard to see many stars from our vantage point with alot of city lights, and the moon was out (1/3 moon) with a visible planet above the moon to the left side. This light was to the right of the moon below it and about 100 feet minimum from the ground.

There was also a plane about 1/4 mile from this bright object, it was coming out of the West flying towards us. This plane had to have seen this object also. This light was approx. 2 - 3 miles from us. It was directly across from us and clear and crisp. We noticed once we really started to look at talk about it, a red flickering color from the bright light also.

At the distance we were, if there was three lights, of course it would only look like one to us. There is not doubt, that we seen red within this bright light. It just stayed in this one spot, without ever moving for at least 30 minutes, or even longer. As we kept watching it and talking about it, all of a sudden, it quickly dimmed, and then it was gone. It turned off like a light switch would turn a light out.

Like I said, the distance would not enable us to see a triangular pattern with the naked eye, but this is no doubt the same thing that everyone else seen. It was not a plane, tower, star, planet, flare, etc. etc. No way!

Feel free to email me and let me know what you think about this sighting of ours. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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