Thursday, February 28, 2008

Toronto, Ontario Object Flashing Red And Blue Lights

Posted: February 28, 2008

Date: February 28, 2008
Time: Approx 1:00 a.m.

Location of Sighting: 18 Floors up, look southwest to northwest.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Couldn't define shape but flashing red and blue lights

Full Description of event/sighting: I think this may have finally been the first time in my life I spotted a UFO. It's 1:30am as I write this and I don't know what this was. I started to watch in the sky, but I can tell you, it wasn't a plane or anything I have ever seen in my life with my own eyes. I came home around 11:30pm with my girlfriend. My office, 2nd bedroom has a great view looking from south to almost north exposure of the sky with only 2 buildings that somewhat block out a bit of the view more to almost dead south, but still you a great wide view of the night sky. But tonight was different than any other night since I have moved here in the last year or so. When we came home I noticed this type of pulsating light in the sky at a very low angle to the earth due west (looking straight out from our balcony), I would say perhaps at like 30 degrees or so.

Now, I can tell you I work from home and I am looking at the sky every night since I have the nightshift and I can tell you that I have seen the movement of the moon and stars, planes lining up for their landings since I'm not that far from the airport. I see helicopters all the time and I know enough to know that this light was something unordinary to me. I got my girlfriend to start to take notice of it for she doesn't really believe in UFOs coming to see us, but she believes in the possibility of them existing. Where I believe it for there is too much proof once you dig into the subject enough, there is too much evidence that proves compared to disproving it. But we kept comparing this light's movement (or lack there of) to the movement of the other stars for the course of a little over a hour.

This light from the time I came home that was flashing, not flickering and at times its lights would strobe in almost a Morse code type pattern, I couldn't tell if it was spinning but I went to my other room to get a monocular I have that's good to about I'd say 2000 meters and what I saw was just this tremendous white light with a red and blue light strobing. From around 11:30pm to about 1:10ish this light stayed in the same position while planes would fly by. I thought it might be Venus, but I am not versed with knowing if it could of been a planet for it just was so bright. So as me and my girlfriend compared it with the other stars, we could tell in the timeframe mentioned that the 'other' stars only slightly moved, while this light stayed in the same spot in the sky.

Then around, I'd say the last 13 minutes or so of watching this for the last hour or so this light started to move diagonally in a northwest direction and started to get fainter and fainter until it was not visible anymore in about the last 10 minutes. Now here is the clincher for me, those other stars I was comparing this flashing/strobing/Morse coding stars movement to, were still in generally the same spots from my view and I made sure not to move and stay seated and stay still and just watch this while my girlfriend would casually take a look too, and those same other stars have moved only slightly from my view now and are still visible and are still there as I write this. That whatever it was, is now gone, or rather it took off. I believe that this might be either something in NEO that the Canadian Gov't hasn't told us, maybe it was Venus, maybe its something from the USA's weaponization space program, maybe it was the ISS, but more than anything, I feel very strongly that it was an UFO for the simple reason as I said before, I work from home and since its the cold season night comes quicker and my afternoon/evening/morning shift I see the sky every night and I don't ever remember seeing something as weird as this.

I can tell you its not like anything I have seen that would be comparable to a plane's movements or a helicopters just hovering, but obviously its for privileged ones to know. Either way, after years of trying to convince her to realize that they do exist after this experience tonight she can honestly say with me we say something that did not fit with what we know about what we have been taught by the mainstream about what's in the sky. If we did indeed maybe see something that is typical, please let us know. For again, it was a very interesting pulsating light, low on the horizon looking west. Thanks for your time. I would like to know a professional opinion if we did see our first UFO, I always believed, just wanted to finally see it.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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