Monday, August 11, 2008

Houston, British Columbia UFO Incident (Eyewitness Interview - Audio)

Posted: August 11, 2008

Well lots of things have been happening, first of all I have not been able to do the write up over the major UFO event that took place here between Burns Lake and Houston, British Columbia. I have not been well enough to get the report written up.

Also a reporter by the name of Quinn from the Interior News was here yesterday, Sunday August 10, 2008 to do an interview on UFOs and this UFO event that took place on August 3, 2008. The nice part to this is the eyewitness for the UFO incident also came down to the home and related what he and his friend witnessed to the reporter and has given the news reporter permission to run his full name in the newspaper article which should be out not this week but the next. Also pictures of the eyewitness were taken for the article as well. Just so you understand, this was a close encounter with a UFO not once, but twice on Highway 16 between Houston and Burns Lake in a very short time period on the same night. I guess one might say the craft had the two eyewitnesses stopped on the highway twice. It hovered right in front of them at two different times almost preventing the driver to continue along there way.

Also, lots of reports to get added, so I will be getting at some of these hopefully later today if I can sit here long enough to get at some of what has come in. I should also note that I received some very interesting photos of a unknown craft as well. So lots to get done.

Sorry for the delay. Thank you Brian.

Clip #1 - Lawrence speaking about his and his friends close encounter with a UFO on Highway 16 outside of Houston, British Columbia. The sighting took place on August 3, 2008.

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