Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UFO Sighting Over North Vancouver, British Columbia

Posted: August 26, 2008

Date: Around 1994 ?
Time: Early morning.

Okay, thank you for replying. She was living in North Vancouver at the time and she got out of bed to get some milk and peanut butter cookies. She looked out the window and in her front lawn was a silver ball with weird, extremely thin poles coming out of it everywhere and a really long pole coming from the top of it shooting into the sky. She said she stood there for several minutes just staring at it, then she ran to this window in the ceiling to see if she could see what the pole was connected to, unfortunately she couldn't. So she woke up my cousins and ran back to the front window, but the sphere was gone and left no trace on her front lawn. She said this happened about 14 years ago in the summertime and early in the morning. I asked about the weather and she said it was just a normal day in North Vancouver. She never told anyone outside of family and close friends because she was scared they would put her in some institution. She also says (which kind of makes me feel funny) that she got the strange feeling they were being scanned or 'probed' as she put it. Now I'm extremely interested in aliens and UFO's.

Now I think would just like to say my opinion of UFOs. I think that the saucers are the ones being manually controlled and are rarely reported because of this. So the other shapes like triangles and spheres are remote controlled or something. That's just what I think. Oh and my great aunt saw a sphere over my home town Mackenzie, she said it was there for like a second the shot away really fast over the town.

Thank you for listening. Good luck with your discoveries.

Thank you to the person for relating this sighting to me.

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