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Alert Bay British Columbia Three Flying Saucers Sit Stationary In 1924

Date: Around 1924
Time: Afternoon.

Location of Sighting: Alert Bay, B.C.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Star.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, recently I was talking to my 93 year old father about UFO reports in Canada and I mentioned that I've not yet come across any before the 1930's.

He suggested I tell you about what he and a friend saw in the 1920's. He was 9 years old at the time.

Dad attended school part of every year in the small community of Alert Bay just off the east coat of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The other part of his schooling was in Vancouver.

Late in the school year, probably early June, dad and his best friend decided to enjoy the sunshine and have their school lunch break outside on the nearby beach.

As soon as they finished eating they lay on the beach behind a log and looked up at the sky, as school boys might do.

Other than a few small clouds rapidly moving in the prevailing west wind and an occasional seagull the sky was clear, blue and empty.

Then directly above them they saw three very bright stars in a triangular formation. They didn't twinkle as night time stars often do. Dad and his friend were intrigued. Neither of them had ever before seen stars in the daylight.

They looked at them for a while but as the stars just sat there they soon lost interest. A few times during the lunch hour they took another look and they were still in the exact same position in the sky.

Several hours later, when school finished for the day, dad looked up and the stars were still there. By the time he got home and went in for dinner, they still had not moved.

He mentioned to his parents that he had seen stars during the daylight and their only comment was to say "how nice, weren't you lucky".

The next day the sky was again a clear blue and the boys looked for the three stars. There were none to be seen.

So what had they seen?

Being just a child at the time, dad truly believed he was looking at stars. Flying Saucers and UFO's were unknown.

Although weather balloons did exist they were not deployed in the remote regions of the B.C. coast and even if they were, they would not have remained completely unmoving for at least five hours. 

The thousands of war time balloons from Japan were not sent for another 20 years. The natural movement of stars would have moved the three lights across the sky, if they really were stars. If you look at the stars in the night sky they "appear" to move quite quickly.

 They would never be in the same place after several hours. The field of aviation was not advanced enough in those days to have aircraft that could just sit there and I doubt that anything so experimental would be found several hundred miles from the nearest airfield anyway!

Dad is not saying, and neither am I, that the "stars" he saw were flying saucers. However they definitely were Unidentified Flying (or floating) Objects.

 Whatever they were, they made a lasting impression on him as I recall him talking about the "stars" when I was just a child. Apparently over the years he often tried to see more daylight stars but never did.

There is just one more part to this story. Perhaps it is just a coincidence. April 2007 I sent you the missing time event you titled something like "92 year olds missing time Vancouver Island".

Well, the missing time event took place a very few miles from where dad saw his three star like UFO's. Only the missing time took place over 50 years later.

Thanks Brian, for all the work you are doing in sharing all the interesting stories from around the world.

Thank you to the person for the historic sighting seen by her Father in the 1920's.

If anyone has witnessed the Flying Saucers/Objects, please send me an email with details of what you saw. Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

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