Tuesday, December 4, 2018

She Won’t Forget The Night Of The Hovering Blue Capsule Shaped Object/UFO

Date:  Late August 2008.
Time:  After midnight.

Report received August 26, 2018.

I found your site while entering a description of what  saw in Google search.

It was late August of 2008 when this occurred. I was up late watching "The Bishop's Wife" an old black and white film. Usually, I would fall asleep when watching it and had never seen the ending. The film ended and I was congratulating myself on having finally seen the whole thing.

I turned off the TV and took a plate into the kitchen, rinsed it off and put it in the dishwasher. I say all this to illustrate I was wide awake. It was about 1:30 a.m. and I put the leash on my little dog to take him outside. I looked across the street that winds through the community of condos at a neighbor's house and there was a glowing lavender-blue capsule-shaped object, roughly the size of a door or telephone booth and suspended without any support in mid-air, with the bottom of it at the level of the gutter of the two-story condo. The roof of the condo was a hip roof.

There was no noise emanating from the capsule and I had the feeling that whatever had been inside it was not inside, but outside. In the area where I live at the time of year in question, there is a lot of summer night noise, crickets, tree frogs and katydids etc. at night, but it was absolutely silent. I had an eerie feeling and while part of me wanted to explore further, you know, walk up closer and get a better view, I was so creeped-out that I just wanted to go back inside.

I had the distinct feeling that if I was watching it, then it was also watching me. I locked the French door and closed the blinds. I thought briefly of turning out the lights and going out the front door to be less noticeable, but it was so eerie that I decided against it. I did turn out all the lights and went upstairs to look out the window that was directly above the French door (the side of my building that faced the object).

I half-expected it to be gone, but it was still there. I watched for several minutes and then went to bed. But I set my alarm for two hours so I could check and see if it was still there. When I got up, it was still there so I set my alarm for another 2 hours. I wondered if I would be able to see it better and identify when it got light outside.

When I got up 2 1/2 hours later, as it was just becoming light out, it was gone.

I moved from the condo two months later (to Ireland for a few months), but have since driven by that spot (I've even used Google street view maps to revisit where I saw the capsule, estimating the height of it, reliving in my head the strangeness of that night. At times there seems to be an influence to forget about it, to "go back to sleep", but I know it was real. I was wide awake when it happened, I felt it's presence,-as if someone had come quietly into a room, but you still know they are there. There was also the sense at the time that I should just let it get on with the business of why it was here.

I have tried Googling glowing blue capsule shaped object, but cannot find any photo of what I saw. It looked rather like a "bug zapper" without any housing or hanging apparatus--- but it was exactly that color.

Has anyone else reported anything like this? Sometimes I feel obsessive or anxious about it, wanting validation that this really was a sighting and alternately there's the feeling from outside myself to forget it, like something wants me to forget about it.

Thank you for allowing me a forum to share my story.

Brian Vike, Director KBCC UFO Research. Email: b_vike@telus.net

The Vike Factor Blog: https://canadaufo.blogspot.com/

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