Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bright Light Lit Up The Entire Sky Near Black Diamond Alberta

Date:  2017 ?
Time:  Evening.

I did have one other encounter back when I was around 18 while camping with 3 friends near Black Diamond Alberta. I think the river we were camping by is called the Sheep River.

We were playing cards at the pick-nick table, (it was private land, we had permission to camp on it). 

We heard something go through the river so we got into the camper for some safety in case it was a bear. Not long after we went into the camper and continued playing cards it was pitch black night outside. All of a sudden the sky lit up super bright white, I looked out the window and it was blinding bright.

It was lit for from what I recall for a couple minutes roughly. Then just as quickly as it came it was gone completely. There was no sounds outside when the light was shinning.

Not sure what it was. No alcohol or drugs were ever involved.

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