Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Large Star Like Object Seen In The Sky Over Brentwood Bay British Columbia

We live in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia a few blocks from the water. We have often seen a strange light that resembles a star. The first time was after church during Easter week one evening about 15 years ago. I was looking out towards Willis point and noticed a star-like light and told my oldest daughter to take a look.

She said maybe it was the "American star", but I replied it was to low over the mountain. After five minutes or so it started to move north over the Malahat. I quickly phoned my sister in-law for them to take a look through their telescope.

Once the light reached the area of possibly Mill Bay it started to fly southeast towards us on an angle. It flew over our house so low I thought it was going to crash. It was a huge plane like shape, black other than the lights, made some noise, but not enough that I couldn't hear who I was speaking to on the phone.

It was flying slow enough that when it flew over our home I had enough time to run from our back patio to front and still see it flying over our home. I was totally amazed. I later heard of someone else seeing it and they thought it was going to crash in the fields on the top of Stellys X Road.

Since then we often see strange lights, maybe because we are looking for them? Last summer about 20 of us saw a lighted rocket fly by and incredible speed. Lots of action around the bay!


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