Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Many UFO Sightings Over Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Date:  Canada Day, 2009
Time:  After dark.
I've seen it all. l have lived in Stoon my whole life. Right now I'm located in a industrial area. I've seen ''stars'' shoot out smaller ''stars'', cylindrical UFOs, balloon UFOs, string of balloon UFOs, lights falling from the sky, multicolor lights, fake stars fading when you catch them (these ones like to play with you.) clouds behaving like UFOs and many, many more.
My first sighting was Canada day 2009. We were at Broadway bridge before the fireworks started, finding a view to see them. Started toward University Bridge and saw the reddish-orange triangular formation lights following behind quite low.
That's what did it for me. Now I not only see them daily and nightly, they like to play with me. I'm waiting for actual contact. I'm thinking they don't think I'm ready just yet. Its been a great process for me...Email back if you have any questions. Ill give detail to each story the best I can. Thanks Brian.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:


  1. Last year approx 10pm I was driving on circle drive going towards college drive from 8th street, upon driving there in the sky there was a blue glowing object I say long as a small plane, it was still then started moving forward it picked up a little speed and then these flare like almost sparkles fell from it and then it took off.

  2. One time I saw a bright light heading West out of Saskatoon. It was not a plane as it was too fast, had no het stream and didn't make a sound. I have seen other lights in the exact same place.

  3. Cool! I have been living in Stoon my whole life. Witnessed UFOs probably at least 5xs. One was red green blue and white it was flying low and silently over victoria ave that myself and 2 others tried to take a pic of from my digi camera and 2 cellphones. They all started to malfunction and we got no pictures. It was dissaponting because it was flying so low and was quiet. Another time in the Sutherland area me and my brother witnessed a low flying white and blue craft it took off with a gold stream behind it, another time I witnessed a low flying object it was orange and had a smaller white object following close behind. I reported it to mufon and sure enough many other witnesses started to see it from Alberta too Ontario all in the right timeline order. Amazing!