Monday, May 26, 2008

Between Saskatoon And Dundurn, Saskatchewan 12 Orange Orbs

Posted: May 26, 2008

Date: May 11, 2008
Time: 3:00 a.m.

Location of Sighting: Between Saskatoon and Dundurn.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 12
Shape of objects: Orb like, disappearing and reappearing.

Full Description of event/sighting: Driving along grid roads about 3:00 am. Orange orbs begin appearing in sky, 3 or 4 present at time, when one disappears another would appear went on for about 15 to 20 minutes. I called a friend living near Clavet and my friend could see same lights in sky, he was over 15 kms away.

Seemed to be fairly high in sky but not that far south of where I was. Lights seemed to disappear until I could see one hopping low above fields a few miles to the south.

Lost sight of it. when I went down in that direction about a mile or two later. There was all kinds of dust that was blowing around from the grid like a wind storm had just gone through minutes before.

did not see anything else that night. I realize I was quite close to the army base but they were not flares, they held there presence in the sky for minutes at a time without movement, and the second one disappeared another would appear. the most we remember seeing in the sky at one time was probably 10 to 12.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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