Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stoney Trail, Calgary, Alberta A Rectangular Shaped UFO

Posted: December 13, 2008

Date: November 30, 2008
Time: 3:30 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Central light point outlined by four perimeter light point in a (rectangular?) shape.
Weather Conditions: Calm, no wind, cool, clear.

Description: At approx 3:30am MST an object appeared about NNW from our location roadside. The object at first appeared to be the Calgary Police's Hawc helicopter, but very quickly I - and the two other people in my car - realized this was not HAWCs at all. We also quickly ruled out conventional aircraft due to the objects relative size, speed, and light patterns. The object was high enough that we could just make out 5 lights, a blue in the center and four lights in a rectangle around the object. The last four lights were continuously strobing rapid patterns of red and white.

Even though the lights were small enough to indicate the object was at a high elevation, the span of the lights covered about 1 cm x 0.6cm of my vision, making it significantly larger than any plane I had ever seen. The object was also closing distance toward us visibly fast. What stands out about this speed is that the object was coming head on our direction, but we could still determine that it was moving quickly.

Within about 10 seconds a second, identical, object separated from what had originally appeared to be one object. One of the objects continued its trajectory toward us, and the other object headed (banked?) to the East. Once we saw the lateral motion we were able to reinforce our belief that these objects were moving exceptionally fast. The oncoming object was lost to our vision as it passed over the car - this occurred within about 30-45 seconds. In the time it took to open the door and look for it, the object was a smallish speck hovering far behind our position. In this same time the eastbound object had reached a distance that made it, too, a smallish speck. The east object maintained visible color pattern strobing while it hovered ! in position, occasionally strafing left and right by small amounts.

I attempted to use my camera phone to capture an image or video of the objects, but I could not locate them on my screen. The only video oddity was that a reflection-looking green "sunspot" would appear on my screen when it was facing the object but angle to a mostly level trajectory (pointed roughly at the horizon rather than the object) I believe the surrounding streetlights may have been responsible for this abnormality. While the east object continued strobing softly (though no longer continuously) the object to my south began to dim.

Just as I thought it might disappear from sight altogether it suddenly glowed very bright again. The diameter of the yellow-orange glow was such a distinct increase in size and brightness (to beyond that of any star) that it gave the impression that the object was speeding back in our direction. It quickly faded again, strafing ever so slightly as it did. This dimming and brightening recurred again and again for maybe 30 min - I do not know if it was simply that the object was advancing and backing off or if it was actually pulsing with light - before we finally lost view of both objects completely.

Two final points of interest. We never heard any sound from either object. I do not know whether this was due to there high altitude or some other reason. Also, when they changed direction, the size, shape, relative location, color etc of the lights remained constant. ie: they looked like the points of a face-on rectangle regardless of their direction of travel.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

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