Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two Or Three Strange Lights Seen Flying Over West Ottawa Ontario

Date:  July 9, 2012
Time:  Evening.
We just saw two or three lights travelling at same speed over West Ottawa sky July 9, 2012. I made sure to bring family out to verify what I saw.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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  1. My wife and I saw about six of the 'lights' but it looked like it may have been rockets. We saw a parachute come down in our neighbour's yard (Kanata).

  2. Ive been watching some lights brighter than other stars in the sky flickering.
    At times i will see different color lights light under the main light source flicker for a couple of seconds and vanish. strange to see. Deff not a plane could be a star i guess...wish i had a telescope arrrgh.

  3. I just saw a really strange light fall from the sky over Pineview. It was like a star that got bright, fell at a weird speed and unnatural angle and hen the trajectory curved towards the south. It made a strange loud rumble, not like a plain, but a bit like an approaching train. So weire. This was at 10pm, Tuesday the 16th of October.

  4. were watching lights in the sky right now...a friend on fb asked if anyone else can see them so i went out and looked...i never seen anything like that before and i checked where the space station is and it's over New Zealand right now..this has a row of lights that seem to flicker different colors but are mostly bright white...were watching them from Vancouver island...

  5. Saw an orange/red, mostly red light over Ottawa 13th July, 2014. No sound, no flickering. Travelled at steady pace from west to east. About 5 mins previously saw a white light travel from wnw to ese direction. No sound, no flashing lights. Both lights travelled faster than a satellite - which I spotted half hour later moving from south to north and almost immediately spotted another satellite moving in the opposite direction.

  6. I can' remember if I already emailed you with this but here it is again as I am just starting to realize that what I saw so many others have as well. My sighting to place in the summer of 2013 or 14 - sorry time is a blur these days. Anywho, I live along the Ottawa River overlooking Quebec and this was the first of two sightings I have had of UFOs, one being about 3 months ago now. The first one I saw was 2 large orange orbs but there was only one to start with that appeared out of nowhere - didn't fly or float there - just poof and there it was. It wasn't too too high from the land and it just sat there. I was only about a mile from it but it was over the Quebec side - Ottawa West - I kept watching it cause you couldn't take your eyes off it was so mezmerizing, and all of a sudden an exact duplicate of it appeared - poof - right under the first one and just sat there too. I ran to get my neighbour who witnessed the first one still in the sky but the second one looks like it was descending behind the treeline. Then all of a sudden they both fired a beam of some kind of light that hit the ground in Quebec and we both heard the loud bangs when they hit. I was so glad I had a witness or I would have locked myself away at the sight. It was unbelievable. Now this happened around 8 or 8:30pm on a nice summer night right in sight of the McDonald Parkway which is a very scenic route along the Ottawa River - tons of cars were out driving around and so many had to see them. Then the first one sunk below the trees too or they both disappeared there don't know. I reported it to a local TV station but nothing in the news that night or the next day. Come on the freakin things shot beams that exploded for heavan's sake. Unbelievable.