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UFO 2,000 Above Park Trail Near Thames River West Of London Ontario (Diagram)

Date: August 27, 2010
Time: Between 6:00 and 6:10 p.m.

Three of us were walking the trails, we split up when the trail divides into two at the island. So two of our party took the path close to the river, I took the one higher up through the meadow. (both of these paths actually join up eventually, so it's a loop).

This spot where I'm headed is a pretty special spot, I picked it years ago as a place to leave offerings, where I face the four directions, give thanks, ask for help you get the idea. I had done just that, turned around and taken two steps and I had a thought, turned around so I did and wondered to myself why I'd thought of that.

There right in front of me, about a thousand feet or maybe two thousand is this aircraft. Beautiful pure shiny silver, no writing, no numbers nothing, but it and a blue sky with the usual puffy normal looking clouds. At first, I thought what kind of plane is that and why is it flying so low? I remember thinking it looked a bit like a space shuttle. It was pretty big, and I wondered if that was because it was so low. The thing that got me was the package or appendage that was on the back end of it, like a hump or one of those roof top carriers you see on cars.

Honestly, I just stood there looking at it and yelled out to my husband and our protégé to hurry up. I whistled for the dog and then I thought, what if my protégé is scared, maybe that would be a bad idea. Then I thought, say it's an airplane, and maybe that's exactly what it was anyway. Here's the thing, I was so taken by this sight I didn't realize for a while that it was dead silent. That's when I got afraid, I figured I had just been facing all four directions and saw no approach and neither had I heard anything that sounded like an oncoming aircraft when my eyes had been shut however briefly.

By the time the other two came up the path, this craft was gone, and as you would expect, my husband was pretty intrigued, but dubious that it had been anything unusual. We went back the way we had come, upon returning home I drew everything I remembered. I am attaching this for you to check out.

Two days later I was describing what I saw to the fellow that photographs my artwork and he said that maybe it was an AWACS plane. I had no idea what that was, so I looked up images and tried to determine if that was what I had seen . Lo and behold the pictures I found did have a bundle or package on the back end bit with a kind of projectile thing and the package sat on top of it. So I figured that was probably what I saw, just fore shortened because of my vantage point. Either that day or the next, I can't remember for sure that I read about the terrorist taken in to custody and brought to Ottawa from London Ontario, and I figured that must have something to do with what I saw.

I have no way of knowing if those AWACS are silent, are they? Could this be a logical explanation do you think, I was eager to think so. Then last night's occurrence, a repeat of the same? After my email to you I was, where else back out on the porch and I could hear this whiny humming from the south through the trees. I looked and sure enough, the white ball of light had moved.

I called my husband out, had him close his eyes and listen. He's a pretty easy going guy and he agreed, and I asked him what he heard. He said, "What's that hum?" Then I asked him where it seemed to be coming from, he pointed to the exact spot the light was.

When he opened his eyes, he said I'll be damned it moved. Despite all this he continues to say, repeatedly, "it's just a light, a humming light don't worry about it." I want there to be a logical explanation for all this, like the people from B.C. who had a similar experience and it was logically explained by that big derivable a couple of days ago. Surely we're not the only ones who saw this. Surely it was picked up and investigated on radar.

I'm not sure what I believe right now, and I'm sending you this because out of anyone I know you're the one with the sort of experience who I believe would either dismiss it outright or at least would consider the possibility that it has a basis in reality, or if in fact it fails to warrant any further consideration. Just tell me what your take on this is, really. I would greatly appreciate and respect your input on this Brian, regardless the outcome.

Once again thank you for your time.

Additional Information:

Location: In a designated Park trail, near the Thames River just west of London, Ontario.

Time: between 6 and 6:10pm (it was 6:00 when our group split up and 6:10pm when I remembered to look at my watch when my husband and I hooked back up after.

Duration: From beginning to end, it lasted not even 5 minutes

Direction: When I turned around I was facing north, the aircraft was directly in front of me, just slightly to my right in the east. It flew slowly west in a straight line not changing altitude. I turned away from it twice, once to call my husband and whistle for the dog, and lastly to gesture to him to hurry up as he came up the trail behind me. When I turned around the second time it was either gone or I couldn't see it for the trees.

This park borders a residential neighborhood. The direction the aircraft came from being east, the location of London airport. Directly on my right or immediately to the east of where this occurred is the river. Then a 5 to 8 hundred foot cliff which is Komoka Provincial Park.

The area on this side of the river trails is the lowest point of a moraine, a small abrupt valley of sorts bordered by a floodplain at one end of the trail and the water/pumping station. I understand this whole area sits on top of an underwater spring or glacier. Directly or immediately to the west of where this occurred, in the direction the aircraft was headed is a pumping station and hydro lines, then gravel pits. It (hydro lines) run from east to west across the Thames River.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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