Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strange Looking Bright White Light Over Ottawa Ontario

Date: September 5, 2010
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

Hi Brian, found your sight while doing a little Googling to see if anyone had seen a strange sight in the Ottawa night sky recently.

Here's what happened:

On Sunday, September 5th, at approximately 10:00pm (really not sure about the actual time), my girlfriend and I were sitting on our balcony overlooking the Ottawa River, facing north. We noticed a bright light approaching Ottawa and we both naturally assumed it was some type of aircraft approaching Ottawa's airport (as we are on the flight path and see aircraft all the time).

However, I quickly noticed that there were several strange things about this particular light. The light was approaching rapidly from an unusual angle (heading southwest instead of southeast which is usually the case as this is the direction of the airport). It was moving exceptionally fast compared to other aircraft that I have seen from this vantage point. There were no audible sounds, nor any flashing lights. Just a solid white light. It was not foggy, but there were some clouds scattered about in the sky.

It seemed to me that the speed (which was obviously impossible to estimate or relate) seemed to be extremely fast, but not as fast as watching a satellite passing overhead which would be hard to see from this vantage point as we're not outside the light pollution of the city. I remarked that if it were a commercial jet, it would not have appeared to have been moving so fast as it approached Ottawa unless it was really low in the sky and yet, there were no visible flashing lights nor any sound). I know what an approaching commercial jet looks like, and this one did not appear to be a jet.

As it approached, the light became more brighter, but it still remained a solid white light (no flashing). After about a minute, or so, observing the light as it came closer to our position, it rapidly adjusted it's course (and began heading southeast) and as it turned, the light quickly became less intense. It seemed obvious to me that the vehicle had picked up speed and was now climbing. I was fairly sure that the aircraft had just banked to it's left and was now climbing rapidly. Within a few moments, the faint light disappeared behind one of a few clouds in the sky. I tried to watch for it amongst the cloud and thought that I may have caught a glimpse of it again as it passed near the lower section of the cloud but looking past the cloud and estimating its speed and last known direction, the light did not reappear anywhere.

I am not saying it was a UFO, but it was unknown to me because I'm used to seeing flashing lights on every aircraft I've seen moving rapidly in the night sky. I'm working on the hypothesis that it was a military jet which changed course and climbed when it neared Ottawa airspace, but it was definitely a strange sight. I assume that military aircraft also have flashing lights however.

Would love to hear if you have any insight as to what it might have been. Regards.

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