Saturday, February 27, 2010

Man Films UFO Over Whitby Ontario Canada

Date: June 7, 2009
Time: Evening.

Hi Brian, the weekend of June 7th 2009, I was shooting footage for a promotional video. On the Sunday night it was a full moon and I was talking video of it. Several objects flew across the moon, at first I thought they were meteors, but one acted erratically. I'm about to post the footage online and I was looking for the correct date using Google, and came across your site. Now I see there were others seeing things that weekend too. I will send you a link once posted.

Additional Information and video footage: (click on the YouTube or Blip.TV below to watch video)

Here it is on YouTube, but I also posted it here on Blip.TV. I think the quality it better. It is best to watch in full screen mode. Unfortunately the objects are not as dynamic after compression for the web, but if you watch it several times, you can see them. Some are pretty obvious. It was shot on a professional camera. I had Panasonic technicians look at it. They could not come up with an explanation. Bugs were ruled out due to depth of field and the light emitted by the objects. Whatever this was, was clearly up there, likely higher than altitude of planes (25,000ft) and maybe below satellites but the one you can see doing a 90 degree turn is clearly unreal.

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