Monday, March 11, 2019

Military Personal Observe And Pick Up UFO On Radar Adak Island Alaska

 Report received March 10, 2019.

Date:  Spring/Summer 1965

Hi.  I was stationed on Adak from August 1964 to August 1965.  I work in control tower. I don't remember exact date, but believe it was Spring/Summer 1965. I was working night shift. We saw lights over harbor NE of of airfield. No contact. Called down to GCA unit. They checked their radar and had a target. 

The base commander or vice arrived in tower. The weather was good and a arriving P3 Orion said the had it visual and on aircraft radar too. They started towards towards it and it departed NW at a high rate of speed. The lights and radar target had been staying fairly stationary until the P3 headed towards it. 

The guys in GCA estimated speed in excess of 2000mph when it departed. I logged it. I don't know what other agencies documented.  We were just told to not discuss it. 

If anyone else has any information on this sighting, would you please contact me (Brian Vike)

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