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Two Lights Vertical In The Thin Clouds And Contrail Over Edmonton Alberta (Pictures)

Date:  February 25, 2015
Time:  2:34 a.m.

Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: I am not at all sure what the witness and his girlfriend saw. They talk about two lights that were vertical in the sky. He doesn't believe they were the northern lights, and I was not able to see the vertical lights myself in the pictures, other than an optical effect, but if what they saw was a vertical shaft of light, it may have been “Pillars of Light”. You can read the report on the "Pillars of Light" on my page and view pictures at:

Shaft Of Orange Light Seen In The Sky Over Edmonton Alberta (Case Solved – Light Pillar Ice Crystals)

Also, these Pillars of Light can be an amazing sight, and very colorful. The link below takes you to Google Images and you can view a lot of pictures of these lights.

As for the contrail, I don't what to think about this either, in one of the pictures it appears that something made a pretty tight turn. Of course was this contrail looking thing an aurora.

Witnesses report starts here below with his pictures:

Hi, my name is (name removed) and I'm just writing right now at 2:34 a.m. on February 25, of 2015.

I live in a high rise apartment over looking the entire downtown section of Edmonton, Alberta.

My girlfriend and I went outside to have a cigarette and I noticed two lights that were vertical in the thin clouds.

They were at my guess at least 100 feet long, and almost looked like the northern lights.

They would expand vertically then disappear as other would show up in white, red and a light blue in colors.

I counted at least 12 at the same time, which spanned at least 3 kms along the skyline.

They would appear and disappear, they changed the cloud formation from a solid cloud formation to a perfectly formed cloud strips that were identically spaced apart.

It almost looked like spot lights being shot into the sky. They were not the northern lights, as I've seen them many times.

I cannot explain what I just saw, more than what I have described.

I do not do any kind of drugs or drink, and neither does my girlfriend who witnessed exactly what I just seen.

If you would like any further details, feel free to reach me through email or phone.

Additional Information:

Hello again, I just went back outside after seeing the lights and notice contrails in the sky, that went perfectly 180 degree turns.

I did not hear a jet or plane. I happen to take pictures of these contrails, and I'm send you some.

I don't know, but to me it was almost as something was chasing after whatever I saw.

Here are the pictures, I put filters on them so you can see them better. The first 4 images have Instagram filters on them, and the rest are all the pictures I took.

I hope you can investigate further and hope these can help. I've never seen contrails like this before ever.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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