Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dakorn The Gray

By Daniel Merkley (Author)

"The bright blue funnel of light had fallen on her from a star brighter than any she’d ever seen before.

The giant viscous eyes invaded her thoughts soon after, bringing apprehension to her and inciting a peculiar and puzzling longing, too, as the overwhelming eyes had before, when she was so small she could not remember clearly when it had occurred.

Had it only been an owl outside her window, peering in with its penetrating eyes, and she’d thought it was something else?

But nothing could have eyes like those she’d seen.

The memories of those eyes and the blue funnel that almost killed her they should have left her horrified, traumatized, but instead they brought her an ironic hope when loneliness and darkness came to her."

A strange flying machine crash leaves the lone surviving Gray One to complete a vital mission begun decades in the past.

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